• temperature_monitor example

    Hi,   I use imxrt1052 evkboard (SDK version 2.5.0) I test the temperaturemonitor example but it's a little bit strange.   1. when the temperature is higher than DEMO_HIGHALARMTEMP(42U)   &...
    Andy Dong
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  • PN7462 vcom doesnt show up after flashing Flash.bin/EEPROM.bin

    Hello guys   After flashing my device over the mass storage it doesnt show up on the pc.   I also have an evalboard but there is no Problem with the connection and the Vcom on the desktop. Do I have to in...
    Raphael Werner
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  • Problem with PN7462-00 firmware 03_04_00_flash.bin

    Hello guys.   I am using the PN7462 on my application. The problem ist that i can´t get the firmware version 03_04_00_flash.bin and 28_00_00_eeprom.bin running on my chip. But when i use an older Version f...
    Raphael Werner
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  • MPC5566: Why does flash erase code hang?

    I'm working on a bootloader that loads using CAN messages with the BAM. Once the bootloader starts running, it listens for other messages on CAN that it uses to program the flash memory. I'm trying to add support tha...
    Ryan K
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  • Where can I find project file for WPR1500?

    Hello,    I want to use Freemaster along with WPR1500. UG (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/WPR1500BUCKMPUG.pdf ) says that I need to open "WPR1500_REF.pmp" from Freemaster. Where can I f...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • USB Host Audio Stream Receive Data Corruption

        Description of problem The audio data received when operating the NXP RT1050 as a USB Host with the Audio class does not represent the audio data spoken into a connected USB microphone device. &#...
    Austin Wilhite
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  • S32R274 Spinlock abnormal

    I use the instruction lwarx & stwcx. implement the Spinlock function on S32R274。 After a lot of test whitch between Z4 core and Z70 core,I found Spinlock fails sometimes。Z4 core and Z7 core enter the protect area...
    yadi zhang
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  • Incorrect behavior for FIRC Fast IRC Regulator settings in Processor Expert ?

    Hello,   When "Fast IRC Regulator" check box is checked (in below figure the checkbox is not checked) bit "FIRCREGOFF" from register "FIRCCSR" in System Clock Generator (SCG) module is SET (=1). That means the r...
    Ciprian Salageanu
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  • Bootloader for MCF56F83763 VLH

    Any one have the source code of bootloader for MCF56F83763? I am also interested in its 'processor expert' setup
    Fasih Ahmed
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  • How to use encrypt and decode

    1.  About cesc, how to connfig mcu to encrypt and decode for  can communication or uart?  2.  whether can config can encrypt  , uart not .  and in cesc what's function of random dat...
    kui wu
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  • Interfacing of MPC8358E to Micron DDR SDRAM

    Hello All, The following clarification is required in interfacing MPC8358, Power QUICC II Pro Processor to a 256Mbit DDR memory device of MICRON (PN: MT46V16M16P) through the Primary DDR controller block of MPC8358 &#...
    venkat d
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  • LPC55S69 : cmse_nonsecure_entry privileges

    Hello !   I have FreeRTOS tasks on non secure side what running with user privileges. Sometimes the should use cmse_nonsecure_entry calls to secure side and it is not so clear with what privilege this call...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • Problems renewing my CW floating license

    Hello,   My company's research center is moving and trying to renew my floating license. The problem appears when I try to return my old license, to generate a new one. (Server IP is changed!!) The me...
    Lee HeeSung
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  • What is the reference voltage selected for ADC polling example application adc_12b1msps_sar_polling in IMXRT1050 SDK ?

    Going through the application code for adc_12b1msps_sar_polling for imxrt1050-evkb, I was puzzled by the config for ADC.      *  config->enableAsynchronousClockOutput = true;   &...
    Abhiram D
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  • Ld error: 299

    Hi, I'm getting a strange error "Ld error: 299" when building any project. This appeared all of a sudden and did not show up 3 days ago. The executable is still generated and things seem to work fine. I'm using: - ...
    Wolfgang Bihlmayr
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  • [Failed] notification of LSDK19.09 on LS1028ARDB

    Hi all, I deployed the LSDK19.09 by flex-installer successfully. But after I start the system from SD card boot, it continuously report errors as below: " [FAILED] Failed to mount Mount unit for core, revision 6533...
    Yi Yu
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  • LIN Stack Problem with Processor Expert Mode

    I am facing issue while using LIN stack with processor expert mode.   If directly added LIN stack then getting issue ISR redefined.   If I allow macro redefinition   then not able to flash the pro...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • DEVKIT MPC5748G S32DS download problem,blocking at Verifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges

    It is worked before. but now it has some problem and blocking here when debug every time.  CMD>VCVerifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges ... block 00FA0000-00FA0003 ...   Here is the all co...
    He Xiaotao
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  • se050 i2c no ack when read

    SE050C1HQ1/Z01SCZ SE050 sometimes don't response READ command, NO ACK when running se05x_Get_Info. i2c clock 360KHz. Is that normal situation?
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  • Unable to start debug session on MPC5748G board. download stops at 98%

    Hello, I am using the MPC5748G board and I am facing an issue while debugging the code. I have compiled the linflex example provided on the website and earlier it was running fine. Currentlywhile starting a debug ses...
    veeresh ambe
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