• Machine learning on imx6ull

    Hi NXP team,   I want to run TensorFlow trained model on imx6ull based custom board for the anomaly detection. I have gone through the NXP website and found there is one "eIQ machine learning software" provided ...
    prabhunath Gupta
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  • PCA9545 (correction: PCA9554) digital inputs damaged caused by long high rise times?

    Correction of the chip number from Alois Lang (Author of this article): PCA9554 Text changed from PCA9545 to PCA9554 (January, 3th. 2020)   We use a PCA9554 I2C Port Extender Chip. In our application, we use t...
    Alois Lang
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  • How to build ppc32 firmware image for T1024RDB using LSDK?

    I use a custom board based on T1024RDB. Can I create a 32-bit image (u-boot, kernel, rootfs, etc) with LSDK 19.09? I ran the following command on Ubuntu 18.04, but only flex-installer was created in ./build/image. &#...
    kenji takahashi
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  • i.MX6Solox with EPD Display

    Hi,  I would like to interact with an EPD raw display, 4.7inch 800x600 pixel,  using i.MX6Solox SoC, NXP Part number = MCIMX6X1CVO08AB. The SoC has 24-bit display interface , but not EDP. Does NXP...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • S32K146 How to Tristate UART TxD Pin

    I'm trying to work on a serial bus with more then one member connected to the same Tx output line. Regarding to the reference manual of the S32K the TXD pin is tristated after the transmitter has completed his activi...
    Daniel Reinwald
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  • MPC5604EKIT Freescale video loop

    I have recently purchased MPC5604EKIT development kit. I followed the Quick Start guide and i can't see any live video stream at VLC media player. I can only see the same video of Freescale "Running with Freescale Sof...
    Dekel Gilboa
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  • Unavailable file links in old NTAG I2C plus documents

    Hello I am designing a prototype that uses NT3H1101 chip. For this, I use your AN11276 antenna design guide. This document contains sample file download links for class 6 antennas. But these links do not work. Can you...
    OmerFaruk UCAR
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  • Where to find latest SDMA firmware for imx6ul?

    Hi,   Looking for the latest SDMA firmware for the IMX6UL.  I have 3.3   Thanks
    Jim Brooke
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  • 2 LVDS screens on imx6 - How to get one fbdev device per screen?

    Hello, I've found many questions that looked similar but still could not find an answer for my problem. I'm trying to set up 2 screens on imx6q. I want to be able to display different applications on each screen. &#...
    Fabien Pollet
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  • Shutting down the Cortex M4 core on the iMX7d processor

    Our device is currently not utilizing the Cortex M4 core on the i.MX7d processor. Is there any means (GPIO, SMBus,etc.) to power off the Cortex M4 core?
    Cameron Napolitano
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  • ResetISR() before main()

    Dears,   I have trouble with debugging projects for MK82. I used some of SDK example. Running is immediately stop in ResetISR(), before main(). I tried different examples, I get same results -> ResetISR() bef...
    Vaclav Rojik
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  • SDK_2.2.0_TWR-K60D100M generated code does not compile

    I've updated my MCUXpresso toolchain to release 11.0.0 I generated a new TWR_K60D100M SDK package from the NXP MCUXpresso SDK builder (https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/dashboard ) I import this new SDK into MCUXpr...
    Terry Biberdorf
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  • New Board not connecting to Debugger!

    Hi All, Donnie Garcia   Its new board , 1st time connecting to the PC and trying to run the hello world example. getting error as below,   I also updated the flasher with latest one "lpc4322_mimxrt1...
    Ashok Ra
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  • How does the DSPI driver of the R41Z work?

    Hello community, I am trying to communicate a R41Z-TA-A to a Serial Flash device (SST25VF040B) which uses the SPI. I've got an example library for the Serial Flash and I want to do my own driver for the flash but wit...
    Cristina Alvarez
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  • Building later Opencv versions in Yocto

    I am following the NXP eIQ direction to build some machine learning based platforms based on IMX8M. The Linux 4.14.98_2.0.0 Yocto build just fine and works. My issues is it looks to build and include OpenCV 4.0.1. I...
    David Vescovi
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  • G2IM+ SOT886 impedance at 866 Mhz

    Hi,    I'd like to know Impedance at 866 Mhz for G2IM+, SOT886 package,  in normal mode (no external supply, read range reduction OFF). Datasheet declares it at 915Mhz but not in 866Mhz, see attachmen...
    Fabrizio Bottazzi
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  • imx8qxp Android BSP change dts issue

    Dear Expert:    I changed dtb file in Boardconfig.mk  as the below and rebuild android image  modify code in line 213 : # imx8qxp standard android; MIPI-HDMI display #TARGET_BOARD_DTS_CONFIG += ...
    Penny Lin
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  • Inquiry i.MX28 internal DC-DC converter function architecture

    Dear Sir,   Customer used i.MX28 and have some power question. They want to know internal DC-DC converter function architecture likes TPS5430 functional block. I checked and don't find it  on i....
    Andy Chien
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  • E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_SetReportableFlag and eZCL_ReportAttribute

    Hi,   I am trying to report an attribute through a function call of eZCL_ReportAttribute as described in JN-UG-3115, but I am stuck with an E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_ReportAttribute and (eZCL_S...
    Pierre-Luc Drouin
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  • microSD Card not working in custom imx7d board

    Greetings! I am using micro SD Card in my custom imx7d board in accordance with the reference of the imx7d Sabre board. The issue I am facing is I am getting the initial pulse of SD card detection on SD1_CLK pin, whe...
    Vikrant A P
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