• Problem of the EmbSys Registers of S32D when debug the FlexPWM

    Hi,   I'm trying to debug the FlexPWM of MPC5744P with S32D 2017.R1, I want to see the registers about FlexPWM, so I used "EmbSys Registers" to check those registers, but I found something wrong, following pictr...
    Max Lee
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  • CodeWarrior Verison MM9Z1_638

    What version of CodeWarrior supports the MM91Z1_638 and is there a link to the correct version?
    created by RICK JOHNSON
  • imx6ul burned the rootfs.sdcard file into emmc failed by using uuu

    Hello ,      I'm leanring the imx6ulevk and using the L4.14.98ga. I wanted to burn the u-boot and rootfs.sdcard into eMMC, but it failed. I don't how deal with it. I used the uuu according to the refer...
    Ida J
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  • Reduces the size of the yocto generated file system

    Hi ,    Firstly, thank you for coming here, please help solve the following problems.    Yocto version : fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga    Linux Kernel  Version:4.1.15 ...
    last modified by ZHANG YING
  • ixm8M mini evk camera

    Hi  all;            I have a set of ixm8M mini evk development boards,I want to test the camera on this development board, Where can I download a test camera image(linux and Androi...
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  • imx8mq-evk add a new partition

    imx8mq-evk boot from emmc , How to add a new partition ?  I have downloaded the UUU.pdf and msgtools, but can not found that how to add a new partition. Could you please give more advice ?  I am de...
    li zhi
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  • i.mx6 solox for dummies

    Hi i am noob,  and I want to start working with i.mx6sx.  but do not understand how to create a program and load it into linux to run from the cortex m4. exists a guide for dummies? hehe   My intention...
    Juan Jose Perales Serrano
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  • pcie打开内核不能启动

       imx8mq板子android9.0.1.0系统,dts中设置pcie0是okay,clk、en、rst引脚都配置正确,内核就起不来了,具体查看代码是卡在这里,打印日志如下: [ 3.259858] ak4458 2-0010: ASoC: failed to probe component -6 [ 3.260418] imx-ak4458 sound-ak4458: ASoC: fai...
    ma qiang
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  • can't fetch gstreamer when build eIQ

    Hello,   I followed the document  "NXP eIQTM Machine Learning Software Development Environment for i.MX Applications Processors" to build eIQ, and found the errors as bellow on the step "bitbake fsl-image-q...
    Terry Wang
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  • 诺丁汉大学毕业证购买,诺大文凭,微:jiying1616,诺丁汉大学文凭,诺丁汉大学成绩单定制

    诺丁汉大学毕业证购买,诺大文凭,微:jiying1616,诺丁汉大学文凭,诺丁汉大学成绩单定制 留信网虽然是一个第三方认证平台 没有中留服的含金量高 但是还是有一定的含金量 在回国后的面试工作及落户等一系列都会有很大的帮助 。留信网是北京留信信息科学研究院指定的留学生服务信息网站,目前提供的信息服务主要有留学生专业人才入库、学生留学期间的成绩单查询、毕业后的就业托管、海外毕业资料遗失申请和内推就业。 这里需要强调的是,有些同学...
    wefvcu wefvcu
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  • i.MX6q Linux SATA problems

    We have a custom i.MX6Quad board with a SSD connected via M.2 SATA running a mainline Linux 4.14.x kernel. Some SSD are not always detected during start. With others we see random CRC errors during read tests.  ...
    Joerg Albert
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  • MIMXRT1050 __disable_irq() Not Working

    Hello,   I am working on a project using the MIMXRT1050 board with Kielv5 Pro Edition. I am using Keil RTOS2 and when I try to use the __disable_irq() function, nothing happens. I have went into debug mode ...
    Kamal Nasif
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  • SRAM Data Retention during VLLS2 Power Mode

    Hi Team,                     I am using MKW40Z160 controller in my project. The controller will  initially do all the configurations and it will go into she...
    last modified by SARAN V S
  • The interface firmware failed FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU Using QSPI Flash

    Board: MIMXRT1060-EVK  OS: Linux SDK: SDK_2.6.2_EVK-MIMXRT1060.tar.gz Program sample: evkmimxrt1060_hello_world.bin (imported directly from SDK)   When we dragged hello_world.bin file in mount directory...
    Sarveshwar Bajaj
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  • Tool for BEE encrypted data

        Dear sirs, we're wondering if there is a tool similar to elftosb for creating encrypted images for the BEE module. If we have not misunderstood, elftosb supports the verification of authenticity, but i...
    Daniele Pagani
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  • Cannot change Access Rights

    Hello     I have an NTAG 424 tag and seem to be having a problem changing access rights with TagXplorer.   When experimenting, I changed access rights on all 4 accesses (read, write, R/...
    last modified by templars
  • LPSPI on S32K144 timeout problem

    Hello, i have a question to lpspi on s32k144. I am using the eval board and connected a nxp ncj3320e nfc reader chip to lspci on ptb0=ss,ptb2=sck,ptb3=miso,ptb4=mosi. Calling a transfer LPSPI_DRV_MasterTransferBloc...
    thomas erdmann
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  • LPC55S69 : Casper and ECC521 support

    Hello !   I have taken latest SDK and IDE for LPC55S69 MCU and try to execute mbedtls benchmark test.   It seems to me ECC521 cryptography doesn't supported by CASPER accelerator at all. I have expected i...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • S32K142 SRAM ECC problem

    Hello,   My project needs to capture the SRAM non-correctable ECC event when the SRAM is corrupt for function safety. But now I have two problems when I use ERM to implement it.  My solution is as fol...
    David JIANG
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  • Philips 67023561 Missing Technical Datasheet

    hi everyone .  its like i'm unable to find the required datasheet of mentioned part number(Part # Philips 67023561). this part number is available everywhere but i'm unable to find its datasheet. may be some one...
    farhan hanif
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