• Can SEGGER access SDRAM (0x80000000)?

    Hi, I am currently working with a 1060-EVK board.  I have a working application that accesses SDRAM with no problem; but when I attach a SEGGER Jlink and attempt to read from that space J-Link says "Could not re...
    Ed Sutter
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  • 怎么修改摄像头分辨率

    开发板:imx8qm 摄像头:mipi ov5640 我使用opencv打开摄像头。当打开摄像头时,摄像头分辨率为2592x1944。我想使用640x480分辨率。我应该怎么设置呢?使用opencv设置。而不是gstreamer命令
    song zhiyuan
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  • I.MX8M Revision Register?

    Is there a register on the I.MX8M that distinguishes between Silicon Rev. A and B (rev 1.0 and rev 1.1)? EB00870 (i.mx 8m Mask Set 1N14W to 2N14W Migration Guide) refers to a "Silicon version register address" at...
    Mike James
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  • iMX RT1062 Qtimer configuration

    I have two GPIOs that I configured as Qtimers so that I can generated a PWM with different duty cycles per channel:  IOMUXC_SetPinMux(        IOMUXC_GPIO_B0_00_QTIMER1_TIMER0, ...
    Andre marcus
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  • A question about adc and dma for RT1052

    hello,everyone.    I have been making a example that ADC value transfers from DMA channel to memery. My idea is to trigger ADC sampling via software trigger, and then transmit the data via DMA to ...
    植渲 周
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  • Debug iMX8M with Dstream

    Hi,   Is there a tutorial or guide to debug an imx8m board with Dstream?   Thanks.
    Iñigo Vicente
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  • Gap_ControllerTest packet period

    We can specify channel, payload length and payload pattern for Gap_ControllerTest. However, we are not sure how much internval packets are sent. We can only get the number of packets received, but we want to know how...
    Kojiro Kaizuka
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  • iMX8MM: FreeRTOS and QSPI

    Hi, referring to FreeRTOS releases 2.5.x I cannot find a sample reference code for iMX8MM. I can only find it for iMX8MQ. I'm planning to use QSPI_B functions: is there any know limitation? Thanks BR Pier
    Pierluigi Passaro
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  • yocto的一些疑问

    bitbake生成rootfs后如何删除?每次执行bitbake xxx-image后在deploy目录下都会生成一次rootfs.xxx的文件,如何清除它们? config/local.conf中IMAGE_INSTALL_append添加的内容无法保存?每次进入编译都需要修改append宏才能生成我要的rootfs? IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " e2fsprogs" 无法将属于e2fsprogs包的...
    luo yaojun
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  • iMX6Q/S CSI capture from FPGA

    Hello all, I have a question a little bit on a silly side. I have a FPGA unit which outputs pre-configured 1080@30 fps video (with typical parameters one can see in such signals), and I want to capture it with gstream...
    J G
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  • i.MX6ul ECSPI DMA conflict

    We are using rel_imx_4.1.15_2.1.0_ga version kernel. And enable ecspi3/4 with spidev.   &ecspi3 { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_ecspi3>; cs-gpios = <&gpio1 20 GPI...
    Bob Lu
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  • kernel panic when booting the s32v234sbc

    Sorry, i'm not good at using English. I have a s32v234sbc package and i am trying to boot it with yocto image. (* VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_5_0_img_yocto.tar.gz) Used image is yocto origianl image(Image, fsl-s32v2...
    namsu kang
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  • mcuxpresso IDE and complex numbers

    What do I need to do to be able to use complex numbers in my mcuxpresso project?  I am setting up an interface right now to an AFE I have and I need to be able to calculate complex numbers.   I am currentl...
    Dennis Hicks
    created by Dennis Hicks
  • i.mx6 Solo PCIe Endpoint device without DDR

    Hello!   I use a congatec conga-QEVAL debugging Board with the qseven conga-QMX6 module installed on it (NXP i. MX6 Solo ARM Cortex A9 1 x 1.0 GHz, 512kB L2 cache, 3W) I have a task to use conga-QMX6 as a PCIe E...
    Azamat G.
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  • i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Release

    Important: If you have any questions or would like to report any issues with the DDR tools or supporting documents please create a support ticket in the i.MX community. Please note that any private mess...
    Oliver Chen
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  • Correct device settings for display Tianma nl10276bc13-01c

    Hello all! I want to create correct device tree for Tianma nl10276bc13-01c with BSP for imx6qp (TQMa6x platform) . I've built OS image and currently try to use imx6qdl-mba6-lvds-tm070jvhg33....
    Maksim Mel
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  • mc9s08sg8 go to stop3 mode

    hello:    I think in the Mc9s08sg8 HCS08 series chips into stop3 mode to achieve low power consumption, according to the data manual configuration, program without error, but through the equipment test...
    丽平 李
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  • On-line live presentations by NXP & related

    I didn't know where to put this question...   I sometimes, see on Linked-In NXP announcements about some on-line tech presentations. Such as, latest I saw something about MCUXPresso coming up, and you could regi...
    D. RY
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  • FRWY LS1046A TP NFC demo

    Introduction The FRWY LS1046A comes with the mikroBUS connector that enables the capability to connect different peripheral depending on the application's requirements. The mikroBUS intends to be used for prototyping ...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • FRWY LS1046A TP Video Vault demo

    IntroductionThe LS1046A MPU capabilities to manage data are one of the cornerstones in its design, this makes it a perfect choice when the end-application is related to data network management. The Frame Management fe...
    Fabian Ramirez
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