• device is secure. erase to unsecure?

    i was performing memory erase task and then suddenly my s32k144 board is also not working. its showing the prompt of 'device is secure. erase to unsecure?', even if i choose yes or no from the options, still the same ...
    shivam chudasama
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  • Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market

    With safety being omnipresent in automotive development today, a scalable portfolio with dedicated power management solutions means that NXP makes fulfilling safety requirements easy! Learn more about t...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • imx8mmini sd/mmc manufacture mode

    Hello, i have a weird situation with the sd/mmc card recovery mode on my custom imx8mmini board. When i don't burn the efuses for boot selection, it boots normally from the sdcard. When i burn the fuses (to nand + b...
    Darko Komljenovic
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  • fast boot with eMMC boot mode in i.MX8

    Hi everyone,   i.MX8x use SCU early boot+M4 freeRtos/Autosar to achieve 100MS CAN message answer time from power on when boot with eMMC(not nor flash).we have test the latest released MCU BSP(SDK_2.5.2_MEK-MIMX8...
    zhao shuangpeng
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  • How to dump camera data on i.MX8

    hello,   How to dump camera raw data  that not pass through ISI to verify pure camera data correct or not on i.MX8?     Thanks
    Xu Ji
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  • why print 'cpu cpu0: _opp_is_duplicate: duplicate OPPs detected. Existing: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1. New: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1'

    u-boot: 2016-03 kernel: 4.19.35 board: imx6ull     chip id:   xxxxx08aa i use my config boot the kernel, in last it print duplicate OPPs detected,it's that:  Starting kernel ... [ 0....
    he lun
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  • How to modify OpenWRT-19.07 linux kernel defconfig of ls1012afrwy

    How to modify OpenWRT-19.07 linux kernel defconfig of ls1012afrwy? ex. modify CONFIG_MTD=y
    Paul Young
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  • I want to divide BootLoader into Boot + Loader

    For the security reason, I must divide BootLoader into Boot + Loader in S32K144 CPU. The Boot is stored in PFLASH. If  Application is needed to update, First Boot receive the Loader. Then  Loader...
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  • SPI driver enable

    hi   i added spi driver all configration made enabled but my driver is not loading what is problem with this?   ecspi1: ecspi@02008000 { #address-cells = <1>; #size-cells = <0>; compatible ...
    Pooja Todakar
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  • Communication data transfer fails on OpenSDA

    Hi, I am working with the SDK_2.6.2 version for the MIMXRT1062xxxxA processor on a MIMXRT1060-EVK, and I am trying to receive and send characters via FlexIO UART. The peripheral configuration is made inside the MC...
    Irina Costachescu
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  • Dual Audio Codec configuration in imx6qpsabresd

    Hi, We have setup Yocto project 4.9.11_1.0.0 on a imx6qpsabresd based custom board which has two of wm8962 audio codecs. We have customized device tree file imx6qdl-sabresd.dtsi for dual audio codec configuration...
    devika R
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  • S32K Flexcan can continuous send data

    I use S32K evb  to send can message;when I use can continuous send  like this question;   how to program to let Flexcan can continuous send data on s32ds.    if(FLEXCAN_DRV_GetTransferStatus...
    xia bin
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  • How to modify U-boot environment variables from OpenWRT-linux on ls1012afrwy?

    Board: ls1012afrwy OpenWRT-19.07 linux-4.14.143
    Paul Young
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  • Read SRIX4K from PN532

    Hello there. I wanted to know how could I read a SRIX4K tag by using a PN532 reader. I know SRIX4K is a ISO 14443 Type-B  (part 2 and 3) tag. I'm trying to use InListPassiveTarget (D4 4A) but no devi...
    Gian Marco Barbato
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  • IMX8QXP How to use jpeg decoder in M4 SDK

    How to use jpeg decoder in M4 SDK。I want to use the jpeg format image to do boot animation,but  I don't know how to configure it. thanks.
    优悠 宋
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    Hi Sir: Our design has the system performance issue during high temperature, our BOSS would like to explore replacing the current part MCIMX6X4CVM08AC (industrial version -40C – 105C) with MCIMX6X4AVM08AC (...
    Samuel Hsieh
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  • booting problem of New i.MX6Q SABRE board

    Can you help me to boot new i.MX6Q SABRE board? When I turn on the IC, it won't be booted and displays below error message. (Please refer to the attached full log file.) Please let me know how to fix it.   ...
    Bokyong Oh
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  • Has anybody here successfully used overlay to redirect writes on the root partition of a Grapeboard or any other LS1012A based board to a tmpfs partition?

    Has anybody here successfully used overlay to redirect writes on the root partition of a Grapeboard or any other LS1012A based board to a tmpfs partition? I am using flex-builder to make my BSP.
    John McAuley
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  • Which linux device driver is used for MCIMX-LVDS1 10" display

    Hi,    We are using custom board which have LVDS output and I have to interface MCIMX-LVDS1 display with it. In kernel source code i found imx-ldb.c driver under /driver/gpu/drm/imx/ directory.  I...
    Jagadeesh Kumar
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  • LPC55S69: how to check if RTC is initialized ?

    Hello !   Looks like RTC dosn't have so much status flags. But what is proper way to check if it initialized already ?   Just  enable clock and check year value for example:   CLOCK_EnableClock...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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