• LPDDR4 settings for iMX8M

    Hi,   We have changed LPDDR4 part from MT53B512M32D2NP-062 WT:D to MT53D512M32D2DS-053 WT for iMX8M design.   We are getting below error log.   U-Boot SPL 2018.03-imx_v2018.03_4.14.78_1.0.0...
    Anirudha Chougule
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  • MCUX on RT1050 - MMC stack won't initialize

    TL;DR -- When starting the MMC stack by calling mmc_disk_initialize() which calls MMC_Init(), a possibly incorrect switch() statement causes a subroutine to generate an assert().  (EDIT 9/16: The assert() occurs ...
    David Rodgers
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  • What is the current recommended parts for upgrading the Sabresd (imx6q) board to 2GB of memory?

    Hello,   We'd like to do some tests with upgrading our development board from 1GB to 2GB of memory.  Is there a recommended part or list of compatible parts somewhere?   For reference, the board comes...
  • KBOOT for KDS3.2.0 with SDK2.0

    Hello,I have to integrate a bootloader on a MK22FN512, For an important finished application developed on KDS3.2.0 with Eclipse and SDK 2.0 I want to load application firmware via UART0 interface. We bought 2500 parts...
    Didier JEANJEAN
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  • PCIe reset for T1042

    Hi All  I am referring QorIQ T1040 Reference Manual  for my board T1042 where I want to reset the only pcie . But I could not able to find out how to reset the pcie . Then I referred QorIQ T1040 Refer...
    utkarsh rawat
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  • Flashing ECU with preexisting .elf file

    First i have to state that i am new to CW. I searched the forum and skimmed available pdf instructions but was not able to find the precise information i am looking for. First of all I am using CW MPC55xx and MPC56xx...
    Pascal Christ
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  • Issue initializing USBFSD on LPC55S69

    I'm trying to write a Rust USB FS device driver for the LPC55S6x chips, using the LPC55S69-EVK board. I'm using gdb to connect via JLinkGDBServer to a J-Link OB.   Following section 41.3 of UM11126, I...
    Nicolas Stalder
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  • pulseaudio bluetooth

    Hi, I am working with IMX6ULL EVK. Now I want start pulseaudio on bluetooth, I follow the examples in BlueZ5 and A2DP Sink on Freescale i.MX6Q/DL SabreSD  or in Add tutorial: setting-up Bluetooth - PulseAudio by...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • Problems with demo projects in NXP studio (Rapid IoT Prototyping Tool)

    Hi,   I try to use some demo projects in nxp-rapid-iot-studio. For example; Weather station demo, out of the box demo, control LED over BLE demo etc. If i compile those examples and download the file and drop i...
    Hans Volbeda
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  • SNVS general purpose registers

        Dear sirs, we're wondering if it's correct to use the SNVS module for temporary storage of some variables, in order to keep their value even after a Reset Software.  As example...
    Daniele Pagani
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  • STMP3780 SDK

    I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I have got some old MP3/MP4 players that use a Freescale, originally Sigmatel, STMP3780 SoC. Sigmatel and Freescale are both out of business, and I am trying to find the ...
    Allen LaBarge
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  • T2080 Linux.uImage binary

    How can I get a Linux.uImage for a T2080qds system? The image resides at flash address E8020000 and EC020000 and is approximately 7 MB. The flash there was inadvertently erased. If I can get a binary image that I can ...
    Clay Brice
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  • What is the purpose of TSENSOR?

    Hello,   On the 8M Mini processor, there are two pins I'm curious about, TSENSOR_TEST_OUT and TSENSOR_RES_EXT. What is the purpose of these pins? Do they need to be connected to anything? The datasheet, referenc...
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  • Routing PCIe traffic between RCs (PEX)

    I've got a board with a T2080 processor on it and it is configured to use 3 PCIe ports, PEX1, PEX2, and PEX4.  Is it possible in HW (no additional SW required, except to configure registers) to route end point tr...
    Brett Wilson
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  • LPC55s69 LPADC  Calibration code

    S hDear LPC55xx support, Customer : I-Blades.     I-blades was looking at the lpadc sample code to figure out how the calibration code works .After stepping through the code they realize that the sample c...
    Hy Mai
    created by Hy Mai
  • an efficient way to count tire turns with FXTH87

    Hi, I'm developing a TPMS application and I need to count the tire turns (around the axis). My client want to know the distance traveled by the tire. I'm trying to read the value of the Z-axis in main loop with the...
    Luis Felipe Kunzler
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  • Purpose of Stainless Steel cover on MPX5999D

    I assume the stainless steel cover on the MPX5999D is to protect the internal component of the pressure transducer.  I also assume it has no structural purpose when the transducer is under pressure, is that corre...
  • LPC800  switch matrix

    Is the LPC800’s switch matrix reconfigurable during run? Or is it just able to be configured at boot? Regards, hy
    Hy Mai
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  • KEAZN8 GPIO配置问题

    HELLO:  我在用KEAZN8系列的型号S9KEAZN8AMTGR,为TSSOP16封装的   设置的引脚和实际的引脚号对不上,是什么原因呢? 比如第9号引脚为PTB3,想输出方波,应该在软件上设置为(PTB,9),而却只能设置为(PTB,11)后才输出正确,设置(PTB,9)后没反应。
    lu ron
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  • PN5180 Example Projects

    Hi to all,  In UM10954 document (PN5180 SW Quick start guide) chapter 4, I found that there are some Example Projects for the PN5180, should be on product page document section, but I don't see them there (...
    Carlos Canon Torrecillas
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