• NXQ1TXH5 Transmitter Design Support

    Hi NXP Community,   I am trying to develop a Wireless Charging Transmitter and designing a charging dock by using NXQ1TXH5 One chip solution. I followed the application note shared on product page as m...
    Deniz Sinoplu
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  • how to add a new panel with imx8mm evk ? I got some problem

    hi,    I got a imx8mm evk board and a panel (MX8_DSI_OLED1).    I have test the demo images , it works well.    And I want to test my own lcd with the panel driver st770...
    凯 方
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  • BTSSP: SM TK Value, SC Confirm Value and SC Random Value All Present

    As the picture suggests, the NDEF bluetooth carrier configuration record contains these 3 fiels:  Security Manager TK Value, Secure Connection Confirmation Value and Secure Connnection Random Value. But TK ...
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  • APDU Commands via VCOM

    I am trying to send my APDU Commands via VCOM to the SE050. I am using Windows 10 OS and a FRDM-k64fd.   The Plug and Trust Examples using the SSS-API work fine but as soon as I want to send the APDU Commands I ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • i.MX53, Linux 4.9 and Etnaviv

    We have i.MX53 based custom HW and so far we have been using 2.6 - series kernel since that was the last officially supported one.   I noticed that that Yocto 2.2 have support for i.MX53 and kernel 4.9 has the E...
    mc maddie
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  • Advantages of SE050 over SmartMX3 for Secure Identification?

    If the requirement of the use case is to solely identify the hardware, how does SE050 differentiates from SmartMX3 Secure Controllers?   Even Common Criteria Evaluation Documentation puts P71 (SmartMX3 Controlle...
    Nandan Joshi
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  • SE050 using Energy Harvesting

    We are planning to connect SE050 as I2C Slave by using NTAG 5 Boost (passive mode) as I2C Master. Can NFC Readers like mobile phones, such as iPhone 11, induce enough power to make SE050 operational, if SE were to be ...
    Nandan Joshi
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  • Problem with 1-turn Antenna Coil using Antenna Tool

    Hi NXP experts,   I am Trong, from STYL We design our NFC antenna with only 1 turn on TOP Layer, and the information as picture below I want to check the value of my antenna equivalent circuit and then the ref...
    Trong Duong
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  • Feedback on devicetree for imx6qdl connecting to Marvell 6176 DSA networking switch

    Please give feed back on device tree description for This node in the device tree with CONFIG_NET_DSA_LEGACY enabled in kernel correctly enumerates all interfaces on the Marvell 6176 switch. dsa@0 { compatible = "mar...
    Sriram Uma Chadalavada
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  • MKW41z BLE  not working after enabling random address and pairing.

    I am using MKW41Z with connectivity software. I created a custom application based on the provided examples and able to run it successfully with a custom android application acting as a client. But the issue I am fac...
    Rahul Singh
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  • Connecting LS1043ARDB through UART serial connection on CodeWarrior

    I have a 1043ARDB and I want to establish a connection with it through CodeWarrior using the serial connection with the RJ45 to DB9 cable on the UART1 port and I am having some issues with it. I can connect and commun...
    Franklin Turner
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  • How to get console output while debugging nhs31xx project?

    Hi Sir I am woking on NHS3152+LPCXpresso, the demo project is "app_demo_dp_tlogger". there is no problem. Then i want to test the function "printf",I set the project to "。。。managed linker script--library: redlib(semih...
    yys 3210
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  • How to get frequency register of KW41Z

       Using KW41's GenFsk in MCUXpresso IDE environment.     Research program can't find the last place to write register.       Question:    1. Channel range 0 ~ 127, wh...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • LPC8N04 read a button over NFC

    Hi,   I recently bought the LPC8N04 devkit from NXP to figure out a relatively simple task; Use the LPC8N04 as a passive tag (with energy-harvesting) that sends back information about the button state.   ...
    M Spit
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  • LPC55x: Do you offer examples for custom class USB

    Hi,   For a future application, we need to have USB high speed interface with LPC55S69 or equivalent chip.   We could not find any example in the SDK. Can you provide any information that points us in the ...
    Ibrahim KAMAL
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  • U-boot DDR Initialization with and Without Codewarrior

    I am booting out SD Card, and I am failing to boot when I hit reset and allow it run natively. I have tracked it down to the DDR Init Done bit (*SDRAM_CFG2_ADDR & 0x10) never resets  (indicating c...
    Thomas Morrison
    created by Thomas Morrison
  • NXP MPC566EVB COM1 output

    I have a question reguarding the NXP MPC566EVB development board. I am having issues getting the board's COM1 port to output the DBUG communication prompt. The board appears to power on just fine, and I can use a JTAG...
    Steven Verhoff
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  • Not able to connect with MKE15Z using J-Link

    Hi All, I am new to NXP and Cortex based Micro-controllers, and working on a project. Everything was working fine, but I think I messed up a setting in the project and due to which I am not able to connect with my bo...
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  • LPCOpen Multicore Example not working in MCUXpresso 11.1?

    Hi to you all, my setup: IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 [Build 2563] [2019-09-01] Board: LPC-Link2 w/ LPC4370 mcu   I'm exploring multicore projects, but I wonder how is the mcuxpresso support for this rather old h...
    Andrea Bettati
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  • S32K148 LIN communication problem

     I have an example here about LIN receiving and sending messages, but there is a question. When receiving the information of the master node as a slave node, it will not enter the callback function and cannot rec...
    王强 王
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