• How do I build a library with many (hundreds) files?

    I am getting the following error when trying to build a library with hundreds of files: make -r all Building target: libgx.a Invoking: MCU Archiver   make (e=87): The parameter is incorrect.   make: *** ...
    Scott Larson
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  • CMSIS-DAP and JLINK debuggers no longer working on IMXRT1050EVKB board

    Hi,   After a few days of debugging on my iMX1050EVKB board, CMSIS-DAP no longer recognizes that there is any processor there, nor does a JLINK debugger. I've also tried IAR tools and they don't recognize it eit...
    Scott Larson
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  • USB CCID Class - Interface configuring

    Hi,   I am using PNEV7462C card reader and need to add two interface in CCID class(which can be seen under device manager with SMART_CARD_READERs CLASS with Two interface). In "phExCcid" example, it shows only ...
    Sachin Singh
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  • How can we disable the syntax checking of linker files

    Starting from MCUXpresso 11.0 a feature is added to do syntax highlighting in linker files and map files. Although this feature is nice, it generates incorrect errors.   Example: .flash : ALIGN(4) {  &#...
    Luc Vansteenkiste
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  • I do not find the NXP S32K116 in the list of Chip's for the EmbSys Register View. Can anybody help me on this?

    I do not find the NXP S32K116 in the list of Chip's for the EmbSys Register View. Can anybody support on this?
    jayashree pasane
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  • MPC_57xx and S32K toolbox compatibility with Matlab 2019b ?

    Hi, we want to work with latest versions of Mathworks tools (because of improvements in Simulink). In the release notes for MPC_57xx and S32K toolboxes only Matlab 2018b and Matlab 2019a (respectively) are menti...
    created by Maciek
  • MCUX 11.0.1 - Incremental build recompiles everything always

    So this has started happening to me in just the past week, with one of my longstanding projects, and I have no idea how to diagnose or resolve it.  In the past, whenever I would click the "hammer" button to start...
    David Rodgers
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  • Does ADC require additonal time after intialization to sample accurately?

    Hi,   I am trying to implement 12-bit ADC using FRDM K22F board to sample a DC voltage. I have used auto-calibration function to calibrate ADC during initialization and the ADC gets calibrated successfully as in...
    Vaibhavi P
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  • USB-KW41 cannot be detected as MCU VIRTUAL COM

    Hi, It's my first time to use a sniffer. Now there are thorny problems.   1. Before the USB pre burn program was erased, I found that there was no problem in the front according to the entry prompt on the offic...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • Unable to build JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb

    Hello,   I imported JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb (version 1008) but I am unable to build the project. I'm getting the error: make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop. When I check the ...
    Jacco Bezemer
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  • LPC55S69-EVK SEGGER JLink Flashing Problem

    I used LPCScrypt to flash the newest SEGGER JLink Firmware for NXP on the LPC55S69-EVK. Unfortunately, it seems that in certain projects something goes wrong and parts of the flash get overwritten (whilie the exact sa...
    Simon Ott
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  • How to use const or enum in struct?

    Hi, How to use const in struct? struct SDCardState {    const uint16_t initTimeout=2000;      enum uint8_t CardType {       CardTypeSD1,  &#...
    Aaron Lee
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  • in-circuit flash reprogramming, executing from ram

    Is there a code example of S32K1xx in-circuit flash reprogramming. What I mean is a code embedded in an application. When it is called externally (interrupt)  it copied itself (and all associated sub functio...
    David Gabbay
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  • Wake up from poweroff state using SRTC in i.MX6ULL

    Hi,   We are keeping our i.MX6ULL based board at  85 °C constant for 16 hours. We observed that after some hours every supply gets down to 0 V i.e. SOC_IN and HIGH_IN goes to 0V, VSNVS i...
    Vivek Rajpara
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  • AN4147 source code

    I am having trouble finding the source code for AN4147. Could someone please point me to it.   Thanks Mark
    Mark Doxbeck
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  • What is the meaning of DCFG_CCSR_SCRATCHRW1  = 0000000101 ?

    Hi, My processor is LS1046ARDB, i am trying to establish secure boot from QSPI Flash   1. I have created my own ESBC image to be used in place of U-Boot (with minimum necessary processor initializations and UAR...
    Rashmitha Ramesh Nair
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  • LPC55S59 : freeRTOS design

    Hello !   Could you please and explain a bit about current freertos design for LPC55S69 and what data model is supported there. From SDK expamples it is not clear yet.   1. In known ARM document :  ...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69 : multiple veneer tables how-to ?

    Hello !   I would like to isolate task and libraries in our implementation as max as it possible.   1. I have 3 tasks with User privileges what are running  in Non-Secure mode. Each task should be abl...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • kernel configuration for i.MX8 PCIe cerification

    In application note an12444 <http://nxp.com/doc/an12444>, 2.3 test environment said set CONFIG_PCI_IMX8_COMPLIANCE_TEST=y. But we can't find it in kernel 4.14.98, but found CONFIG_PCI_IMX6_COMPLIANCE_TEST. Whi...
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  • QSPI Booting relocation

    Good day All, I am working on a iMXRT1021 custom board that is based upon the RT1021 EVK with the exception that I would like to connect the QSPI Flash to an alternate FlexSPI port.  On page 283 of the reference...
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