• GUI overlay on video in IMX8m mini

    I would like to overlay GUI on top the video stream. When i use the gstream gdkpixbufoverlay with a simple image the cpu usage is high (100% on one of the four CPUs). In the future i would like to overlay my QT qml. ...
    ran gree
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  • Clock Setting to Run a K22 at 120 MHz

    Hiya,   Hopefully a quick and easy one.     I'm using MCUXpressor and the clocking tool to setup my parts and I'm working with a K22 (prototyping with a FRDM-K22F).     When I use...
    Myke Predko
    created by Myke Predko
  • RFID/NFC tag

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a RFID/NFC tag chip able to interract with classic RFID readers (ISO14443) and NFC readers (ISO15693) and who can transmit differents datas depending on the technology used by t...
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  • MKL27Z644 Bootloader encryption

    Hi, I built NXP_Kinetis_Bootloader_2_0_0\targets\MKL25Z4\kds\freedom_bootloader. It works fine. Now I would like to encrypt application image (the image that is received by this bootloader and flashed to th...
    Martin Dušek
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  • What is the process for Exporting a .mex project file and Importing it into a new project?

    Hiya,   I would like to take a previously created .mex file and import it into a new project so that it can be updated in the new project.     I can see questions about the process, but I can't f...
    Myke Predko
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  • ConfigTools I2C setup error

    Setting pins to I2C mode enables push-pull mode by default, while open-drain mode is required for normal I2C operation. Pins version: v7.0
    Sergey Popkov
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  • MKW41Z - Debugger disconnects when VDD1P8 is increased

    Hi,   I'm running a custom board with MKW41Z on it, powered from 3V3. In my hardware initialization routine (inspired from the FRDM-MKW41 examples), I'm increasing the output voltage of the built-in DC regulator...
    Alexandru Stefan
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  • KW36: Getting "gBleOutOfMemory_c" Internal Error when receiving an Handle Value Notification of PDU length 247

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with hid_device example. When the KW36 receives an Handle Value Notification with PDU_Length less than 247 there was no issue observed. But, when an Ha...
  • RT1050 is slower than RT1010

    With MCUXpresso I developed an application, which takes about 2.5 million CPU cycles on an i.MX RT1010 MCU, running at 500 MHz. Then I compiled and run the same C source code for the i.MX RT1050, with the same optimiz...
    Laszlo Hars
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  • LWIP stack won't initialize

    I'm using Ubuntu18.4 and SDK_2.7.0_EVKB-IMXRT1050 + gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2019-q3-update.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_ping This demo is working fine.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_...
    feng zhang
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  • iMXRT1064 PWM

    Hello,   I am using iMXRT1064 device and wanted to configure PWM on GPIO_SD_B0_00 pin. I configured GPIO_SD_B0_00 to use using MCU config tools as below,   routed: J4 Peripheral: PWM1 Signal: ...
    Anuj Tanksali
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  • How to add a FlexIO timer Interrupt Service Routine?

    Hello! I am using two FlexIO Timers in a chain on the RT1020. Timer 0 is used as trigger for Timer 1 and Timer 1 generates an interrupt. I followed the flexio spi driver and added two functions and some typedefs/str...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • Malloc function

    Hi, I'm using IAR tool wih imxRT1020. I want use malloc function and pass a variable in the argument for dynamic allocation but the function return me a null pointer. I would like to know if is possible to pass a vari...
    Luca Tollot
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  • Is that possible to use LPSPI instead of FlexSPI driver to access this norflash memory?

    I am using i.MXRT1064 controller and NOR-Flash IS25WP064AJBLE in a project.  Currently, Flash SPI pins are connected in accordance with LPSPI port and not accordingly to FlexSPI Port. (There is pin configu...
    Prashant Humbre
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  • RT1052 using DMA to modify the PWM duty cycle

    Does anyone have an example of RT1052 using DMA to modify the PWM duty cycle? Can you send me a copy? My email: 617906872@qq.com, thank you very much
    开平 谢
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  • How to reset FlexIO Timer on Pin rising edge?

    Hello, I have two FlexIO timer running on RT1020. FlexIO timer 0 toggles the output every 0.5 seconds and timer 1 is triggered by timer 0. This setup works fine. Now I have to reset timer 0 on a rising edge of an Chi...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • Is the connectivity framework panic() implementation correct?

    In the connectivity framework the implementation of panic() mixes C and assembler code like this:   void panic( panicId_t id, uint32_t location, uint32_t extra1, uint32_t extra2 ) { #if gUsePanic_c   &#...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • fuse prog

    Dear . the uboot(imx6q-2014.04) Provided a command  fuse like as  fuse read 4 2 2 will show MAC and fuse prog 4 2 0x11223344   the question.  I can read mac info through command fuse read 4 2 2...
    li fusong
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    I’m working with a MEK iMX8QXP development board from NXP and I have to send commands from the M4 core to the A53 core. After going through the documentation, there is an RPMSG mechanism that can be used. This ...
    Paul Oates
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  • MK60DN512VLL10R MCU USB power pins

    We intend to use NXP’s MK60DN512VLL10R MCU in a new product. Can we leave pins 12 (VOUT33) & 13 (VREGIN) disconnected(floating). We do not intend to use USB power. Also, the datasheet states that pin 12 shou...
    Mark Heiberger
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