• PRINTF() question

    Trying to left justify a float using PRINTF("%-4.2f", myfloat); But its not interpreting the - How is this done?
    Mike Spenard
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  • S32K146 ERR:No source available for "0xfffffffe"

    No source available for "0xfffffffe"  happens frequently,  how to solve this?
    z z
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  • K12 Chip reset

    MK12DN512 的Reset 管脚电压约1.6V左右,无法达到正常3.3V,外围电路均正确。这是芯片损坏还是什么原因?谢谢
    笑咏 张
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  • NullPointerException with GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging

    Hello All, I am getting an exception after the following steps: 1. After creating and building your project, navigate to Run -> Debug Configurations from the menu bar. 2. Select “GDB PEMicro Interface Debug...
  • Using PTN5150 in USB C charger without I2C

    Hi!   I would like to use PTN5150 in a USB C charger design. I don't want to use I2C communication as I am trying to keep it simple. I would like to use PTN5150 to activate the VBUS output when a device is conne...
    D M
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  • S32K146 Application layer codes stop at DefaultISR:

    When I debugger the S32K146 board,my application layer codes stop at  “b DefaultISR” after running for a while.How can I solve this problem?What is the reason?Thanks.   DefaultISR: b Def...
    z z
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  • MPC5746C Run FreeRtos Demo error,enter IVOR1_Handler interrupt

    MPC5746C Run FreeRtos Demo error, enter IVOR1_Handler interrupt, have you encountered this problem?
    Kun Liu
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  • problem about adc_pal_MPC5744P

    Excuse me, what should I do to make this example run successful. I need to print string in console. Does it need any inputs or just need to connect to the PC and debug? Is there any settings need to do? Thanks.  ...
    Wen Ji Ting
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  • Trouble generating an EC Key pair using EC curve Secp256k1

    Hi guys, so I'm trying to create an EC Key pair (private + public) using the WriteECKey APDU command. Below is my command: 80 01 61 00 09 41 04 00 00 00 05 42 01 10 My object identifier is 00 00 00 05 I set th...
  • How to start with LPC11A04?

    I'm successfully installed LPCXExpresso v8.2.2 and downloaded lpcopen_3_03_lpcxpresso_lpcxpresso_11e68.zip. lpc_chip_11u6x, lpc_board_nxp_lpcxpresso_11u68 and demos_switch_blinky successfully imported a...
    John Smith
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  • HAL library for S32K146/144 MCU?

    How can we use HAL library for S32K146/144 MCU?as I have learnt STM32F4 Discovery using HAL library, so it would be easy for me. currently, I am using S32Design Studio for ARM for coding in S32K146?
    Shivam Gupta
    created by Shivam Gupta
  • MCUXpresso SDK 2.7.1, Flexcomm USART configuration doc error

    In the peripherals configuration for a Flexcomm USART, under "General Configuration," there are two checkboxes, "Enable RX" and "Enable TX." When you mouse over them, the pop-up description says, somewhat redundantly,...
    Andy Peters
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  • Where can I find the RT1020 ROM API?

    Hello, from RT1020 Reference Manual   Where can I find the documentation of this ROM API and how to use it?   Kind regards, Stefan
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • Libusb get report descriptor error on imx6dl

    Hi  I want to check out the usb hotplug event and get the information of device on my program,so I usb libusb. But when I use "libusb_get_descriptor" for the report descriptor, it returns LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE. I ...
    铭恒 李
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  • TWR KL28Z72 FlexIO 8080 Bus interface

    Hi,   I am looking for the example mentioned in "https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN5313.pdf " for #TWR KL28Z72# board.   I downloaded the SDK but could not find the FlexIO to drive 8080 B...
    Harish Shekarappa
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  • PIT & RTI Load Values in MPC5644A

    Hi, I have been facing wrong PIT and RTI load register values in MPC5644A microcontroller. My board has a crystal oscillator that drives at 40 MHz and microcontroller system frequency is at 150 MHz. I want to us...
    Turgay Kale
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  • Communication Driver

    This article will focus on the embedded side of the FreeMASTER tool - the communication driver. Currently there are three sources you can get the embedded library from: Driver Package MCUXpresso SDK S32 Design...
    Iulian Stan
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  • evkmimxrt1064_dev_video_virtual_camera samples (lite and not) do not seem to work

    Hello,   I have programmed my MIMXRT-1064-EVK with the video over USB samples provided by the SDK but they do not work (i.e. device enumerates as a camera but does not provide the expected static picture). Using...
    Tamir Michael
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  •   S32DS  debug   S32K144 use J-Link tools issue

    When using the S32DS software, I used J-LINK to debug the S32K144 development board, but I encountered the following questions and tips. Can you help me? configuration is following     
    wei qin
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  • Code generated by mbdtool not excute on the MPC5744p revE board

    Hello all,   I recently purchased a MPC5744P DEVKIT from NXP and received the Rev E. I flashed the bootloader with the the new RBF file .  However, my devkit is behaving wierdly now.I came across the followi...
    SHAO Jianbo
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