• S32DS.Power.2.1控制台printf输出加RTOS组件后失效

    我用S32DS.Power.2.1的IDE开发MPC5744的评估板, 使用调试界面半主机控制台输出printf,当不添加freeRTOS组件的时候,调试界面可以正常打印printf的内容,一旦添加freeRTOS组件后,便没有任何输出的,为什么
    wang kk
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  • S32K144 FTM Interrupt

    Hello, please trouble you again, may I ask to finish the FTM interrupt, let the LED flash, I don't know what is wrong with my code, the phenomenon is that the LED light is always on, thank you       #i...
    灵旺 俞
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  • i.mx6dl VDDUSB_CAP issue

    Hi Team:      Could you please tell me VDDUSB_CAP if can support 3.4V?  the spec request is 3.0V output , but why the registor can be programmed VDDUSB_CAP up to 3.4V? if VDDUSB_CAP is progr...
    zhongwei he
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  • IAR+JLINK+JTAG for imxRT1052 debug

    Hi,   I have an imxRT1052 JTAG debug issue, see the cases below:   1. RT1051 EVK board: secure JTAG verification are passed, but the demo app "hello world" couldn't be downloaded to sdram (TotalIRLen...
    tom fang
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  • Reset of SNVS_LP on some boards but not others

    In our IMX6SX based boards, we are currently experience an occasional (on some boards but not others) loss of content of SNVS_LP registers when we are doing a WDOG reset (with POR). It does not seem to be related to t...
    Alexandru Poiana
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  • Signal Integrity Problem 

    Hi,   I am working on i.MX8M MINI processor based design. I have completed the PCB layout activity and now want to do the Signal Integrity. I have downloaded the processor IBIS Model from below link.  ...
    Sameer Pitre
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  • I2C CMSIS abort slave transfer

    Hi,   I'm having an issue when trying to use the kinetis SDK(2.6) CMSIS I2C in multimaster mode. The problem is that I can't cancel slave receive to start sending data in master mode.   So what I try to d...
    asd asd
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  • blhost and sdphost for ARM Linux?

    Are there versions of blhost and sdphost available for ARM Linux? I am considering using a Raspberry PI or similar running Linux for some programming equipment.   Thanks,   Chris.
    Chris Cowdery
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  • MCU Bootloader for Frdm MKV31F

    Hey, I am trying to run an application(led_demo_a000) on on mkv31f board, but first I was wanting to run the bootloader. The steps I followed were similar to mentioned in MCU bootloader demo application.  Issue...
    sidhant singhal
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  • Can Code Warrior load a flash memory (AM29LV160D-B) attached to a MPC860EN?

    If yes, File format needed and cable (interface)?
    Richard Worth
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  • What are the possible reasons for MPC5746C reset

    Hi,   we are using MPC5746C and I am seeing that the device is getting reset after twice after power-on i.e., once after 50msec & then after 2secs.   I am seeing a low pulse on the oscilloscope when I ...
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  • fatal: branch 'origin/master' does not exist with SDK 2:0 1703

    Hi all   I am trying ti compile the SDK 2.0 1703 code & i am getting following error ,  can you please help me for the same    ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed w...
    Ashish Kumar
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  • Pepper flash for chromium on iMX8/8M BSP?

    Hi,   We are evaluating the i.MX8 platform for our use case. We want to run Pepper flash on Chromium for i.MX8 platform. Please help us with the following questions.   1. Does the BSP of i.MX8 support Pepp...
    Gaurang K
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  • SC16IS750 SPI Initialization Code

    Hello,    My name is Lucas Juttner and I am an embedded system engineer for an electric race car senior project at the University of California, Irvine. I am currently trying to use the SC16IS750 to in...
    Lucas Juttner
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  • custom bootloader for MXRT1052

    I am trying to better understand what approach I can take for application software update on MXRT1052 running with QSPI Flash. Typical scenario would be for 2ndary bootloader to receive bytes of new application, buffe...
    james kim
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  • U-boot Environment Variables Source Code

     Hello NXP,   I am looking for the U-boot Environment Variables Source Code in imx6 android 9 architecture. but if i am not wrong i am able to find the setenv and printenv only two variables source in...
    Nandish SG
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  • S32K146 RCM_SRS Register value for SWD reset

    Hello,   When I perform a software reset by calling "SystemSoftwareReset()" I read SW (bit 10) as reset cause int the RCM_SRS register. That is perfect. But when I perform a reset through SW...
    Adria Perez
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  • how to implement imx1050 external bootloader

    Dear , I know there is an internal bootloader in 1050 chipset, but it can NOt meet our requirement, so we need implement second bootloader. so normally, after power on, the internal bootloader in imx1050 will load th...
    ivan li
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  • Codewarrior 10.5 for S12Z family

    I have some legacy software to maintain and i need Codewarrior 10.5 for S12Z family.  Does anyone know where to get it?
    Michael Gebremariam
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  • How to create BLE project with KW36?

    Hello,   I am new to using the KW36 MCU and want to create a project with BLE support. I have refer the examples of bluetooth from its SDK, but it's all related to OSA task. And also the size of the outpu...
    Chintan Patel
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