• AT45DB321E Interface with LPC1752

    I have a circuit in which one uses lpc1752 and at45db flash memory. My question is this flash memory connects to ic like bellow and its work. I want to know how it works and is they use spi or something else. ...
    Jahid Hasan
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  • LPC4337: Any way to wake up using the USART2 interrupts?

    Hello, I have a working USART2 that sends 16 bytes, and waits for the buffer to be empty, which triggers an interrupt, and I continue sending bytes, on an LPC4337.   It seems to work just fine when the processo...
    Emilio Moretti
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  • I2C with MCP23008 in LPC1752

    To use external resistor mcp23008 is working perfectly. But I want to use an internal resistor. With internal resister it's not working.      void I2CInit() { LPC_GPIO0->FIODIR0 |= 0x33; //P0...
    Jahid Hasan
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  • Q2: CAN transmission in a proper way?

    I have custom made LPC54618 board & I want to communicate with x number of other CAN devices. I have used MCAN_TransferSendBlocking() function till now which worked until number of devices are less. I certainly mo...
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  • SDK - how to config ADC input pin/channel ?

    I am looking for an example to proper initialize an input channel for the ADC (LPC54628). The usual way is to enable the appropriate GPIO pin, and assign the proper function (analog mode). All of the SDK examples us...
    frank meyer
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  • Why LIN_stack_S12_4_6_3 can't works well in s12xs128 to send SYNCH(0x55) even the data has moved successfully from SCI Data Register to Transmit Shift Register           

    My mcu is s12xs128, and transceiver is TJA1020. All the LIN register  is initialized by LIN_stack in lin_lld_sci.c file. Additionally I have updated _PTM.Bits.PTM6 and _DDRM.Bits.DDRM6 t...
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  • provide gigabit Ethernet on LPC4370

    Hi everybody   I am using lpc-link2 (lpc4370) for a project which uses ADC in 60MHz(need 120MB/s for transfer). regarding the datasheet there is no serial protocol that can support this speed. there may be a sol...
    navid fanaee
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  • KEA SDK in S32DS

    Hello,    In CW v11, it can be created project with PEx(processor expert) for KEA but it can't be in S32DS. I created a project with KEAZN64 sdk, but it can't be used PEx. Could you guide about how to use P...
    Kate Lee
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  • What to do if S32DS does not start up?

    I'm using NXP S32 DS for Arm (S32DS_ARM_Win32_v2018.R1_b180326). I installed it on my computer, and I've been using it for about a mounth without any problem. But currently I experienced, that when I try to launch it,...
    Ferenc Kallo
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  • RT1015 BEE XIP protect region

    Hi,   https://www.itdaan.com/tw/6ee145c52115d5b35c15c55160da6864    The BEE XIP can set two region. Each region can set Start Address and Length.   I want to know how MCU know this information?...
    Ken Su
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  • RT1015 ROM API

    Hi    Does RT1015 ROM contain USB stack? As I know, LPC1830 have some USB stack in ROM,   How about RT1015?   I ask this question because we need provide all Software information to our custome...
    Ken Su
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  • the parameter of the AMCLIB_BemfObsrvDQ

    dear all when I used the module of the function AMCLIB_BemfObsrvDQ, I have some question about parameter settings  is the Imax equal to the Iscale, and the Umax is also, if the Imax is not&#...
    董培 董
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  • Uart2 with sdma1 test error in imx8mq

    Hi   Now I test uart2 with sdma1, but when I write character to "dev/ttymxc1" (it is for uart2 device), It report the blew error:     Could anyone know this error, and how to fix it ?   BR
    Hongxing Yu
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  • Demo FreeRTOS on MPC5744P

    Hello ,  when I use the S32SDK  of  S32_PA RTM 3.0.0.  And the S32DS version is power2.1. I have some problems. The PBRIDGEx clock is 100MHz, that is bigger than 50MHz which is support for it !
    meng qiu
    created by meng qiu
  • PD-BDM with iSYSTEM winIDEA won't work

    Hello,   I work with FreeMASTER 2.5 and my debugger environment is winIDEA 9.17.100 from iSYSTEM. I can connect to the target with direct access to the memory, but I fail to do so using the PD-BDM protocol (whic...
    Luca Barbiero
    created by Luca Barbiero
  • Enabling spidev on ls1046a-frwy with lsdk

    Hi,   I intent to use ls1046a-frwy with LSDK 2004. How do I enable /dev/spidev to access a SPI slave device through mikrobus connection?   thanks, A.B.
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  • writing variables problem

    Hi, I try to write variables in Variable Watch by CAN communication.Sometimes it  succeeds ,while it often fails to set the variable value. I am sure that FreeMASTER CAN communication is OK because readi...
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  • Module 5: V/F Scalar Control

        INTRODUCTION   In this module of the 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox , we are going to spin the PMSM for the first time with S32K and...
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  • How to run different QT programs on the dual screen of IMX8MQ?

    Hi community:       When dual screen display, QT always runs on the screen with weston desktop , how to make it run on another screen.        Please provide a method for me to test.
    coin du
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  • LPCXpresso54628 Appwizard RTOS

    Hi, I am using a LPCXpresso54628 (OM13098) board and an RTOS application. I was trying to port the emWin project as described in the video MCU Tech Minutes | Using AppWizard with MCUXpresso - YouTube...
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