• LPC1765 ISP downloading problem

    Hello,   We have two board, one with a IMX6 and another one with LPC1765 MCU. We would like to download MCU firmware through ISP mode. MCU firmware is in two parts : an application software (soft A) and a config...
    Jeremy Bonhomme
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  • CodeWarrior10.6.4:How to generate Binary File?

    Dear:   when I want to generate Binary File, The error message is as follows:   How can I fix this error?
    maoyuan luo
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  • LPC546xx iap write returns undocumented error code 21

    When writing to sector 0x0 starting at location 0x0 iap write returns error code 21 which is not defined in the user guide or fsl_flashiap.h. I'm using the same code to write to sector 7 without any issues. I'm using ...
    Casey Kelso
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  • software notification

    Can you help me please.  I have an easy question. I got the following software notification ------------------------------------------------------------------------- software notification Hello, Thank you for...
    Gerd Meinert
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  • How do I use math library and SPFP on MPC5674F.

    Hi,   I want to use Math function with SPFP.  Ex> cos, sin, pow ..   There are my test report using SPFP ans SW mode.   I think math library doesn't use SPFP.   How can I use math func...
    Hyeongi Jeong
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  • Binary generation error on MPC5674F(CW 10.7)

    Hi,   I need to use internal Flash area internal_flash:0x10_0000.   But I met under message.   When I use internal_flash area under 0x10_0000. It's good and no problem to make binary.     Desc...
    Hyeongi Jeong
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  • SPC5646C

        Can anyone provide the development board information of SPC5646CF0MLU1 single chip computer model?Including the peripheral circuit of single chip computer and the routine of program usage.    T...
    w h
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  • MCUXpresso peripherals config tool: mis-match FLEXCAN callback generated prototype and driver code

    I seem to have hit a bug in the Peripherals config tool.  When I try and use the tool configure and initialize the FLEXCAN module using "Transfer" mode and if I select "Initialization of transfer callback" and en...
    Jeffrey Rosen
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  • PMSM Back EMF & Core losses

    Hi, I have a question on PMSM. We are running PMSM as a Alternator to get the generating voltage at various speeds with the help of another motor. With this data we can calculate the flux per pole of the magnet but...
    Sandeep Sv
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  • Any way to reboot i.MX6 via MfgTool2 WITHOUT returning to serial download mode?

    I am attempting to reboot an i.MX6 based system after deploying new uboot/kernel/rootfs images via MfgTool2.  I am not on location, so I don't have access to the physical unit in order to perform a hardware reset...
    Erik Schumacher
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  • i.MXRT1060 RGMII Mode

    The i.MXRT1060 Reference Manual refers to RGMII Mode for Ethernet.  The chapter is also titled "10/100 /1000 -Mbps Ethernet MAC (ENET)".  Is that a typo?  Gigabit Ethernet would be nice, but I don't thi...
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  • how to attach two or more DDR3L Ram Banks to T2080

    As we are finishing the schematics design of our T2080 notebook motherboard we have dubts on the best practice to attach two or more DDR3L Ram Banks, do you have some experiences and guide lines?
    Roberto Innocenti
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  • Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards

    This post describes the setup detail for installing Ubuntu based distro in any i.Mx6x NXP Boards. Details are described on: 1. Select your board, Setting the host, Download and compile uboot , dtb and and the Kernel ...
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  • USB - PS/2 Keyboard Interface for MC9S08JM series (DRM014)

    All, I am trying to find the code for the DRM014 reference. It states in section 1.6 about the Firmware files. Does anybody know where I can get these? I have checked P&E, but didn't have much luck. I am trying t...
    Keith Ashcraft
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  • RT1050, RT1060 demo apps don't run from RAM

    I have been working with the 1050 EVKB, 1060 EVK in MCUXPresso 10.3.0 with SDK 2.5.0. Both USB and LWIP applications build, load, and run fine. However, if I change the Managed Linker option by checking "Load to RAM",...
    George Pontis
    created by George Pontis
  • How to merge a FatFS Project with a second project ?

    Hello, to All, With the help of Kerry Zhou I was able to get some SD Card code from a previous 'Community project going. This question is somewhat of a follow on. I have an application very similar to the 'periph_i2s...
    James Whitney
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  • OM13085 User Manual - overdue...

    Where is the user manual promised by Embedded Artists for the end of 2018?  I just need to know if a user manual will soon be released (and when), so that if not I can choose another product.   This is non-...
    Jeff Lloyd
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  • CAN with Extended ID filtering, how to set multiple filters?

    Can anyone post working code for CAN Extended ID filtering with multiple filters? I'm using LPC54618J512BD208 MCU and started off with the CAN example code in NXP Device Firmware Pack.  I'm able to receive...
    Manikanta G
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  • How to identify the Date code/year of manufacture of LPC1788FBD208

    I have procured 25 numbers of LPC1788FBD208 on which the following markings are there: LPC1788FBD208 SKP483.1 ZSD1821E
    jayanthy M.S.
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  • Detailed instructions on creating Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images

    Hi,    Our company is using LPC54114. I need some detailed instructions or application notes on how to create Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images on LPC54114. The user manual mentioned it briefly but n...
    Chuan Tian
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