• Memory Map for NCJ29D5

    I found EROM with Start Address as 0x0020 0000 and End Address as 0x0023 FFFF. But I didn't find any information regarding Block Size or number of blocks available for Flash. Can you please send detail information abo...
    Meghana Andhavarapu
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  • Patient Monitor Block Diagram

    Description  The convergence of an aging population and breakthrough technological advances has created endless opportunities for automated medical devices. These devices help ensure the future health of millio...
    Juan Rodarte
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  • Gamepad Block Diagram

    DescriptionA gamepad is a device used to interact with a videogame through a PC or console.  This gamepad in particular, includes an LCD display and touch panel for a better gaming experience. In addition, as the...
    Juan Rodarte
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  • eTimer0 watchdog interrupt for MBD Toolbox - MPC5744P

    Hello,   I am using the Devkit MPC5744P and the Model Based Design Toolbox 3.0.0 The reference manual informs that the eTimer0 supports watchdog timer by configuring the registers WDTOL and WDTOH.   I w...
    Rafael Castro Barbosa
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  • ECSPI Slave Mode TXFIFO problem

    I'm having some trouble using the ECSPI on an i.MX6ULL in slave mode in a continuous streaming application.   Data received by the part is fine but I'm getting repetitions in the transmitted data i.e. words that...
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  • Sniffer code and UART flow control

    Hi, Is the code for the sniffer included in the SDK JN-SW-4168 available for users to edit?  What is the UART interface used in the sniffer code? Is flow control using CTS/RTS required?   Thanks & Reg...
    Murali Kandasamy
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  • sgtl5000 record not OK

    Hi,    sgtl5000 is the codec chip in my zynqMP project and the play is OK.The key register value is as following, CHIP_DIG_POWER = 0x63 CHIP_SSS_CTRL = 0x10 CHIP_ANA_CTRL = 0x22   The record has n...
    yun li
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  • JailHouse hypervisor support in imx8

    Hello, I see that JailHouse is supported by nxp on imx8 platform. https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/i.MX_Virtualization_User's_Guide.pdf However, there are only binaries available for Android P. Can I get sourc...
    prabhuraj tavag
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  • IMX6SX USB: how to enable/disable internal 1.5K pullup for USB D+ line?

    I'm using USBOTG2 in peripheral mode. After loading the USB gadget serial driver(g_serial.ko), the D+ line is automatically pulled HIGH, even though it is not connected to a host yet. However, I don't want the D+ line...
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  • Where to find the CA that signs the device certificate on se050?

    Hi.   I'm looking into verifying the signature of the certificate of one of the trust provisioned keys inside the se050. I've read the certificate issued for each of the trust provisioned keys, and they seem to ...
    Sergio Ruiz
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  • UnpackError while building gstreamer1.0 with Yocto Thud

    Hi,   I'm currently trying to build gstreamer1.0 with Yocto Thud. My host machine is a Debian 9 (stretch) Linux. It always succeeded with previous version of Yocto rocko and sumo.   But there with thud I...
    Karim Atiki
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  • 04ohm resistors added at HDMI_TX[2:0] and HDMI_CLK on i.MX8MQ EVK board

    Hi NXP Support team,   For i.MX8MQ EVK board: Would you help to explain why 604ohm resistors added at HDMI_TX[2:0] and HDMI_CLK? It that using for offset after AC couple? Why not 680ohm or 49.9ohm?   ...
    Wenwen Ni
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  • Does receiving an ack response break sleep?

    Hi I use this function ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq on sleep devices.   I found that this function has its own retransmission mechanism.   I want to know if i will go to sleep while waiting for ack...
    天恒 韩
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  • LS1021ATSN-PA

    junbin liu
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  • How to extract data from unknown Cluster

    Hi, We are docking zigbee devices, their devices are a custom cluster, and then put in the data, to send.   I need to extract the contents of the received frame of data. But I didn't find out where there was an i...
    天恒 韩
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  • Unable to flash the board RT1060 with demo app binary hello_world.bin

    Board: MIMXRT1060-EVK  OS: Linux SDK: SDK_2.6.2_EVK-MIMXRT1060.tar.gz Sample binary flashed: hello_world (from demo_apps folder in SDK)   The board 1060 is not getting flashed with hello_world.bin, "FAI...
    amit deshmukh
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  • PCA9745B SDO high-impedance state

    Hi, I use the PCA9745B on a shared SPI bus system with other three non PCA9745B devices in parallel.   Problem: The SDO output signal goes not in the high-impedance state when /CS is high like describe...
    Daniel Flueckiger
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  • MPC5777M Modifying Calibration in Runtime by Remap the Calibration region

    Use Case: To Remap the Calibration Region Tools: Lauterbach Debugger Target: MPC5777M Microcontroller Calibration: ENGINE_01_Calibration [Address: 0x09457E99--0x09457E99]   Description: We would like to Remap th...
    Dhanesh Pandian
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  • ls1046ardb support is not present in downloads page

    Hi all I have download the LS1046ARDB source ISO , i am trying  to install  ". ./fsl-setup-env -m ls1046ardb" , but I did n't see the support for machine ls1046ardb  & source is : Source: QorIQ L...
    Ashish Kumar
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  • Debuging problem about MPC5744 with S32DS POWER

    Hi, When I debug the SCH-27513 MPC5744 with S32DS POWER it has the errors: how could I solve it?   Regards, chinna
    Chinna Polukanti
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