• Can LPC546xx EMC stall access to external device

    We would like to use the DPRAM (Dual Port RAM) in our product using LPC54605. https://ja.idt.com/document/dst/713040-datasheet  The DPRAM will assert BUSY signal to indicate that write access on other port side...
    Isao Takashima
    created by Isao Takashima
  • MCUXpresso can't program flash on K02L064

    I have a bare board with the MK02FN64. I am using Segger J-Link and MCUXpresso. I can erase, program and read the MCU flash using Segger's J-Link applications.This implies the device and connections are correct. MCUX...
    Steven Riley
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  • I cannot start debugging due to Debug Probe missing on LPC812MAX board

    I am using MCUXpressoIDE_10.3.1_2233 and installed SDK_2.x_LPCXpresso812MAX Sdk Ver.2.6.0 Manif Ver. 3.4.0 with LPCXpresso812MAX  FVB OM13055. The project is the sample project _led_blinkly provided within SDK 2...
    Masato Nishimoto
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  • How to detect Low voltage on K64  using Processor expert?

    Hi , I am working on K64FN controller with KDS 3.2.0. I would like to detect low voltage on K64 for writing data to flash to protect it from being erase on power on reset. I am using processor expert for my project. ...
    kirti raje
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  • PTN3460i  Firmware request

    Hello! Where I can find firmwares PTN3460IBS/F2MP? Is F2 still the latest firmware version of PTN3460I? Can I download this firmwares thrue DPCD tool or FoA Utility?
    欧阳 振华
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  • MPC5744A FCCU Configure register

    When developing a project,I found the configruation register FCCU_NCFS_CFG2,FCCU_NCFS_CFG3,FCCU_NCFS_CFG4 as show below are not defined in the basic software. In the basic software,only NCFSC0-NCFSC3...
    丽 李
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  • DSC eFlexPWM Edge Aligned Signed Question

    Dear Sir,    I use MC56F82748 of eFlexPWM. The parameters of the VAL 4,5 for the eFlexPWM model are somewhat different from my knowledge. I will ask you about it.   Below is my setting,  ...
    kris ke
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  • imx6 add spi slave mode cause other problems

    HI: I use imx6ul  ,linux kenerl version branch imx_4.1.15_1.0.0_ga, I refrence branch imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga add spi slave mode to imx_4.1.15_1.0.0_ga, and spi slave mode is proper functioning, but it affects ecsp...
    xuhui li
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  • Keil, PEmicro and K70 Error.

    Hi Guys, I am programming twr k70 board using keil uvision I am using p&e_micro osjtag to program. It was programming correctly only but all of a sudden The below screen comes. Now it is stuck at this scr...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • About TDSR time in Figure 13-14

    Hello,community   About TDSR time in Figure 13-14 of i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual The low time of the RD signal on the LCD side is min355ns. Is the TDSR time the same as DISPLAY CLOCK (pix_...
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  • CAN configuration

    Hi We are using the CAN interface on the LPC54608. We also use the fsl_can.c/h driver provided with the MCUXpresso SDK 2.5.0. The fsl_mcan.c function MCAN_SetMsgRAMBase(),MCAN_SetRxFifo0Config(),MCAN_SetTxBufferConfi...
    minglun sheng
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  • Why NOR mode can't work with GPCM for IFC at the same time ?

    As our custom T1042 board, IFC controller connect a 32MB nor flash(16-bit width) by CS0 and connect a 8-bit CPLD by CS2. CS0 was configured with NOR mode through MSEL bit of OR. and CS2 was configured with GPCM mode t...
    Fei Xia duan
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  • S32DS build problem about MPC5775B project

    I wrote a test software for MPC5775B. However,  the executable image .elf file could not be generated in the Debug_RAM mode, but it could make it in the Debug mode. Please refer to error message as...
    Tangsheng Zhou
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  • SCTIMER event not triggering on input (LPC824)

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SCTIMER module in my LPC824 to time input signals so i can decode them.  I've managed to get match events to work, however I can't seem to get input events working.  I've set up my ...
    James Ward
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  • Correct IMX8 processor reference manual?

    I have downloaded the IMX8 processor reference manual in order to access some of the GPIO registers in a device driver. The document I used was this one: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/reference-manual/IMX8DQXPRM.pdf&#...
    Jason Cole
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  • Use FTM0 / 1 with a one-shot timer.

    Hi. I want to use the one-shot timer, but the CNT register does not seem to be reset even if the timer overflows. So, remodeling to make CNT = 0 at FTM_StartTimer (), is there a problem? Used for MODBUS silent...
    jun yamada
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  • How to change RAM size in imx6slevk

    We use 1Gb RAM SOM with our imx6slevk  I'm trying to change it to 512 MB   I ran ddr tester and got  ============================================ DDR Stress Test (3.0.0) Build: Dec 14 2018, 14:12:...
    Sujay S
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  • MKL28 How to disable NMI_b on PTA4

    Hi,   We have a problem on POR of MKL28 due to newer HW circuit connected to its pin 38 (PTA4) which is causing NMI on power-up & gets stuck in while(1){} loop.   That's because by defaul...
    M I
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  • PMIC PF3001

    1. At what temperature does PMIC stop working?   2. If it stops working at any specific temperature then will it get started working by its own after temperature gets decreased? If gets started by its own then w...
    Akash Nair
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  • LS1046A EMMC

    Refer to LS1046ARDB, I will use 64G EMMC instead of 4G EMMC。Does LS1046A support 8-Bit  MTFC64GAP  EMMC?
    salmon tian
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