• How to clone an MCUXpresso project

    I'm using MCUXpresso 11.1.0 and would like to clone one of my projects to use as the starting point for a related project, preferably in the same workspace. How con I do this?
    Jeffery Thompson
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  • Download to EVK 1170

    Hello, I have this issue with nxp board EVK 1170 using IAR IDE to program it. When debugging my code I got a crash but I could not download anymore the program inside the card since the error was rectified. It ends ...
    Cedric NOUKPO
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  • i.MX8M Mini GPIO timing question

    Hi,   at the reset state all GPIO will be in input mode, what will be the delay from reset state to configuration, for a GPIO on the 3.3V domain, let say I need to configure a GPIO in output and set a specific l...
    Martin Bernier
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  • Installing PyEIQ on i.MX 8QuadPlus MEK

    Hello I would like to install PyEIQ on my i.MX 8QuadPlus MEK eval kit. My Eval board is BO. I installed demo BSP version L5.4.24_2.1.0_MX8QXPB0. The BSP package has "imx-image-multimedia-imx8qxpmek.wic". I created a ...
    sivashankar yoganathan
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  • Mass erase

    hello,     <1>  is the following protected in the red box write protection?     <2>  if partition has CSE key sapce but no save any CSE key, then enable security, deb...
    kui wu
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  • i.MXRT 1052 - External interrupt code

    I am trying to use external interrupt on NXP i.MXRT 1050 EVK board. I have following queries -  1. Is there any code in the SDK for use of external interrupt ?? 2. How I can configure the extern...
    Suhel Mulla
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  • LPC54605 Flexcomm clock question

    On the LPC54605J256 part, I am running the main clock at 180MHz. I'm configuring the SPI and I had a question about the clock configuration.   The datasheet says "Flexcomm Interface function clock frequency shou...
    Matt Lang
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  • 17bit or 25bit spi frame using LPC546xx family

    Hi All, I'm looking to interface to a slightly non standard spi interface using a 9bit address word as shown below to make a 17 or 25 bit total frame size.   In the LPC546xx manual (section 26.2) I see l...
    Ian Norman
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  • Default Flash Memory state

    Hi,   from some posts I get that the default state of Flash Memory (after erase) is "0", instead of "1", which is normal for Flash memory: Flash programming granularity LPC55  LPC55S69 : erased flash stat...
    Jan de Ruiter
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  • Troubleshooting RFIDDiscoverLite_Reading UID

    I am using a Pegoda NXP Reader and I have just downloaded the RFIDDiscoverLite program. I have the Program up and I am trying to read the UID on an Ultralight Mifare card. Under History, each time I hit read I am gett...
    John Larned
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  • Unable to detect Core Jtag after Lossing connection while Debugging LPC4367

    Hi, I am working on one of the project where i am using LPC4367JBD208 Controller. I am using MCUXpesso 10.3.1_2233 for my application development and  LPC Link 2 CMSIS DAP for debugging       I...
    Gaurav More
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  • Edit community user name

    How do I change my community user name? It is read-only in my account profile.
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  • k22 usb device descriptors

    I am using the MCU MK22FN512VLL12.My problem is that I can receive 8-byte device requests, but the device descriptors can't be sent out. And Cause some Error flags, PIDERR BTOERR BTSERR   so what is the possibl...
    cai siliang
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  • MK82F board stuck in reset

    I have a MK82F board. I had previously been using segger JLinks to load programs on to the board and debug.   I attempted to re-flash a debugger binary on to the K82F board in order to rule that out in the searc...
    Nicolette Prevost
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  • Silicon Revision on iMX8QXP Dev Kit

    I would like to know what is the Silicon Revision on my iMX8QXP Dev Kit. I have the following stickers on the back of my dev kit: S/N VV 19420385 SCH-29683 REV C2 700-29683 REV C2 TDA 7239
    Roger Lumo
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    hello,I have buy the DEVKIT-MPC5748G,  but I find the MCU IC is SPC5748GHMKU6, so what's the relationship between MPC5748G and SPC5748G?  Are they  same?   Thank you !
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  • What do I need to get the LPUART IRQ Handler to work for the FRDM-MKL82Z

    I am developing a project in MCUXpresso for the FRDM-MKL82Z board with the SDK for that board from NXP. There is an 'lpuart_interrupt' example project included in the SDK that I am using as a reference to use UART wit...
    Ronald Chasse
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  • Using Easy-Ecc to Verify Originality Signature for NTAG213

    Hi, I am referring to AN11350 NTAG Originality Signature Validation and the described example to verify an NXP originality signature with lib Easy-Ecc, Chapter C code example. I am using a NTAG213 and want t...
    Andreas Kohn
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  • TCP/TP Client and Server Example for K64F

    I am working on the TCP Client and Server for K64F.  The lwip ping, hdcp example from SDK is done on the FRDM-K64F board. However, where can I get the example for TCP client and server code ?   Thanks
    Andy Hsu
    created by Andy Hsu
  • Issue faced in enabling security in yocto package

    Hi All,   I have listed the errors faced while enabling security in yocto on i.MX8QM platform. I have tried few possible ways to solve it but still i couldn't fix it. I request you to respond with the solution a...
    Chaithanya Padmashali
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