• Interafcing 8GB Nand in T1042

    Hi, we have MT29F64G08AFAAAWP 8GB Nand with T1042. This is a dual die device so it is connected via CS0 and CS1.   We had some issue configuring the u-boot to use whole 8GB, so we followed two ap...
    Debdutta Banerjee
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  • Controlling SNVS mode for i.MX8M

    Hi,   Current we're using an imx8m processor. I'd like to be able to make the processor sleep from a button, particularly the "SNVS/RTC mode" where almost everything is turned off. The PMIC used is the PF4210. &...
    Yannick B
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  • EC/NR imx8qm DSP

    Hi, We are designing IVI with i.MX8QM running Android Pie Automotive. Does DSP present in i.MX8QM supports Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction - or it has to be done using some open source/3rd party libraries? &#...
    Abdul Redwan
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  • FM Tuner interface

    I am looking for interface between si4731 -DEMO board with imx8m-mini development board. I think i have to add device driver for si4731 I2S integration part. I saw there is a kernel support for SI476x series codec fro...
    Malay Dhrangadhria
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  • Can LCDIF and LDB2 display on same time?

    Hello all, My test env: HW: iMX8QXP MEK revB board         iMX-lvds-hdmi connect to MEK board DSI1/LVDS1 sock SW: yocto branch imx-linux-zeus  with manifest imx-5.4.3-2.0.0....
    Ping Wu
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  • how to use watchdog in imx8 m40 without modifing scfw

    My project will use the watchdog in imx8 m40/ In code i test a situation---trigger the watchdog, but the whole system hangs on include linux of A core。 By reading the scfw_port.pdf, there is a way to use watchdog co...
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  • DDR Access from M4 when A7 is in VLLS (IMX7ULP)

    Hello,   In our setup, we want to put A7 in very low power mode but at the same time, we want to access DDR from the Cortex M4.    The main reason for this design to have around 10MB available with M4...
    Vivek Rajpara
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  • FlexSPI Boot - which FlexSPI port?

    Hi All,  According to the reference manual for iMXRT1021, table 8-1 (ROM Bootloader Peripheral PinMux), the Bootloader can boot from FlexSPI_A in two places, and FlexSPI_B.   But I cannot see how it decide...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • IMX RT RSA key usage

    Is there anywhere describe about how many RSA key can be used in sign and verification and how to switch key current use?
    Lin Liu
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  • SDK 2.6.1 on RT1050 - Incorrect EHCI instance for USB OTG2?

    I'm trying to bring up a USB CDC host instance on an RT1050, specifically on USB2.  (I've verified port USB1 is functional for the serial downloader.)  I'm using SDK 2.6.1 on a custom board with an RT1052 (M...
    David Rodgers
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  • Serial Debug link not working

    MCUXpresso IDE, TWRK81F150M board. I'm new to this IDE and board, and though I've set it up according to the quick start, the IDE can't connect to it for debug or console access.   When it is initialized, there...
    Richard Stone
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  • Debugger firmware update LPC11U35 (OM40002)

    I have updated the debug firmware for the OM4002 LPC8N04 board in accordance with the board user manual (UM11082) section 3.4 in an attempt to get the debugger working again.   Unfortunately after doing this, wh...
    Harry Bach
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  • IoT on K70?

    Is anyone aware of a project that implements a full IoT solution: client-to-server-to-client on a K70? Failing that, how about a stack that runs on a K70? The protocol should allow for encryption and/or authentication...
    Gary Lynch
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    the normal speed of my motor is 40 000 N. i tried to run it with the RT1050 foc demo , it can run at the speed of about 4000 N. I check the MCAD options ,the limitation is  4399 as the attatchments .  ...
    Steven Zhang
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  • Wich model of Riverdi Display at SLN-VIZN-IOT?

    The SLN-VIZN-IOT doesn't have parallel LCD port or MSI port   The user guide says mus be "Riverdi Display"   I assume any with usb controller must work?   Resolution, size, controller, etc? ...
    Oscar Delmote
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  • Unable to get PWM Duty Cycle to change

    I am setting up a PWM on an iMX RT 1064. I see the 25% duty cycle on the PWM output pin set by initialization. The duty cycle does not change when I call PWM_UpdatePwmDutycycle(). I must have missed some setting, b...
    Keith Smith
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  • How to jump to application from custom bootloader where both are XIP

    I have created an L2 bootloader (modified from an NXP provided "OTA Bootloader") that will look for various images in QSPI flash, validate them, and decide which one to boot based on an A/B/Factory partitioning scheme...
    Gregory Nowak
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  • How to reliably activate pass-through mode for NXP I2C NTAG 2k

    Hey NXP-Forum,   thank you for your great support. I really appreciate your easy to understand and highly informative answers and I really hope I dont bother you too much asking another one for a better understa...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • Boot RT1062 from IS25LP512M-JLLE

    Hi,   on the RT1060 EVK we have the option to boot from the onboard IS25WP064AJBLE. In our custom design we have to use a higher capacity and 3.3V QSPI Flash to boot from. We decided to take the IS25LP...
    Paul Brandt
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  • LPC8n04 dev kit drivers not working?

    I just received the LPC8N04 eval board .. i have IAR 8.4.  I installed the drivers as noted on the website and manuals but IAR could not recognize it .. i noticed the device keeps constantly connecting and discon...
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