• Adding custom mipi camera for Android (Timeouts)

    I have a custom MIPI camera that I've written a driver for.  I've integrated this camera into Linux w/ the Yocto build and can successfully stream and display camera images.   The driver is the same for And...
    Dennis Muhlestein
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  • How do I capture one image with K82F & OV7670 camera?

    We have the example running that allows the K82F and the OV7670 camera to send video to Skype.  We are trying to just capture one picture from the live video and save it in the easiest place. We are having t...
    Jeremy Hammel
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  • Bug in FTM_SetupDualEdgeCapture()

    There is a bug in set-up of the input filtering. The function accepts a channel pair number, but this pair number is used as a direct channel number when setting up the filter.   Code currently in SDK 2.5.0 (and...
    Mark Loit
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  • How to enter a iMX6 when locked out

    It happens that I have a couple of Yocto based iMX6 based devices here on my desk. One of them was provided by the manufacturer with a so called "unsecured" firmware, which leaves the access to the serial port open an...
    Jochen Bauer
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  • MCUXpresso ConfigTools - Peripherals - for MKL24Z32xxx4?

    ConfigTools overview reports "Peripheral tool does not support selected processor. Select different tool.".  My selected processor is MKL24Z32xxx4. Is this correct? NXP website chose this SDK as the download for ...
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  • wm8731 on VARISCITE DART6-UL no sound

    I'm facing with a problem. My board,  VARISCITE DART 6-UL based on i.mx6 processor, doesn't sound when I start a "aplay" session from my application. I tried to use it on the evaluation board where I launch apla...
    Paolo Santini
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  • IMX8MM evakit (8MMINILPD4-EVK) doesn't boot out of the box

    Hi, I received  this week two 8MMINILPD4-EVK kits and both of them are not booting to Android out of the box. According to serial terminal they tried to start Android, but booting fails and board reboots its...
    Kari Viitala
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  • LS1012A SGMII MAC-to-MAC communication

    Hi Team     In the above block diagram, nic0 and nic1 are two SGMII interfaces where nic0 is externally connected to PHY and nic1 is a MAC to MAC interface without an external PHY. nic0 is working fine w...
    Anu Parvathy
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  • Can I disable secure boot in P1010 forever?

    Now, I am use P1010 cpu in the system. I use normal uboot&linux image booting from nor flash, not secure boot and never touch sfp fuse in P1010.  Sometimes I find that the cpu cannot boot uboot and no uboot ...
    wang wei
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  • LPC845-BRK example ADC: Mex-file differs from code

    Well, I just started to explore the ADC example of  https://www.nxp.com/downloads/en/software/LPC845BRK_Examples.zip (LPC845_ADC_LDR). The function BOARD_InitPins() in pin_mux.c contains: As you can see in th...
    12345 67890
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  • How do you turn it off?

    It turns on but there is no off?? Rapid IOT prototyping kit.
  • LPC845-BRK: Mismatch schematic and user manual

    Hi, description of potentiometer differs: Schematic says R20, user manual says R23. Which one is correct?  
    12345 67890
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  • BGA soldering how to

    Hi, I always avoided using BGA mcu, the reason would be to do the welding in few quantities, to use in small reflow oven type machines. Now I want to test with LFBGA196 and BGA memory, RT10xx series. https://ww...
    Carlos Candido
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  • S32V234 Matlab Vision Toolbox: Neural network without images as input?

    Hello, I am currently evaluating on how the S32V234 can be used for running neural networks. The provided CNN Matlab examples work pretty well on my dev-board. What I could not find was an example for a neural networ...
    Lukas Ebenstein
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  • MCUX and WICED Murata 1DX - how to integrate?

    So I logged into my MCUX dashboard today, and saw this notice at the top right: MCUXpresso SDK v2.5.1 update for i.MX RT1050 and i.MX RT1060 with support for Cypress WICED WiFi SDK supporting Murata 1DX modules (CYW4...
    David Rodgers
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  • MAG3110 Auto Reset Behavior

    I am using the MAG3110 magnetometer in a data logging compass application.  The MAG3110 is reflowed to our custom board and calibrated for hard-iron and soft iron errors.  That all works ...
    Nick Lowell
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  • What is the bitrate used to communicate with the Card

    Hi, I have managed to build a reader with the NFC Library but I could not find the bitrate used between the card and the device. I am using the simplified ISO example with OM26630 with an ISO14443-4A card.
    Alican Çeviker
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  • BLE v5 - Maximum data payload for Advertisements

    Hi,   I have FRDM-KW36 board and using SDK_SDK_2.2_FRDM-KW36 (latest SDK to my knowledge). By using the BLE, I would like to exchange data with advertisements (non-connectable). With the advertisement itself (3...
    Ayturk Duzen
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  • How to add the required path in the NXP jn5169 compilation environment?I found that adding some function compiler could not find the path

    How to add the required path in the NXP jn5169 compilation environment?I found that adding some function compiler could not find the path
    xiansheng zhou
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  • Question about  RPMsg

    Hello,   I want to ask that A core communicate with M4 core use RPMsg SW side,and for HW side is it used MU in M4 or MU in A core LSIO or both used in M4 and A core?     Thanks
    Xu Ji
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