• 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox

                    Design & Prototype Motor Control Applications with Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx     INTRODUCTION This is the Model-Based Design PMSM ...
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  • Module 10: Sensorless Speed Control

        INTRODUCTION   In this article we are going to discuss a couple of aspects that you should expect when building complex applications like Motor Control Speed Control of PMSM based on Sensorless meth...
  • Looking for a ClassD amplifier for transformer application

    My intention is to make an 3-phase power calibrator !   Similar to this link, https://us.flukecal.com/products/ele...wer-calibrator My current design might be class AB type.  I am not worried ...
    Md Mubdiul Hasan
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  • K64F Enabling and Disabling USB while File Transfer is happening

    Hi,   I have some challenges in USB connection /disconnection through firmware.   For stopping USB MSC: USB_DeviceStop(g_msc.deviceHandle); USB_DeviceClassDeinit(CONTROLLER_ID);   For Restarting US...
    Mahendran Manoharan
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  • nhs3100 current consume

    dear    recently ,i encounter a question about the 3100 current consume . i use release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100 SDK packet , i use the default NHS3100 Temperature Logger project and just remove the def...
    向 雪姣
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  • Routing PCIe traffic between RCs (PEX)

    I've got a board with a T2080 processor on it and it is configured to use 3 PCIe ports, PEX1, PEX2, and PEX4.  Is it possible in HW (no additional SW required, except to configure registers) to route end point tr...
    Brett Wilson
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  • About behavior when writing image to nand using mfgtool to original BSP board of i.mx6ull (MCIMX6Y1CVM05AB)

    I am using i.mx6ull (MCIMX6Y1CVM05AB) on the board.   We are checking if we can write an image to a nand device using mfgtool.   I tried to see how writing is done with the mfgtool2-yocto-mx-evk-nand.vbs s...
    Fumitaka Takahashi
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  • My board using i.mx6ull hangs after kernel startup.

    Hi, everyone in the NXP community   I am building a new BSP with a new board using i.mx6ull. I calibrated DDR, bitbake u-boot and Linux kernel and root FS, and wrote the image to the board with Mfgtoo.   H...
    Fumitaka Takahashi
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  • Interrupt in freertos_i2c

    Hello,   I am testing freertos_i2c_frdmk66f demo project.   I found master task has a higher priority than slave task   /******************************************************************************...
    David Zhu
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  • 32Mhz crystal for MKW41Z

    Hello,   In the SPF-29686_A1 the 32Mhz XTAL not use capacitors. It's ok? They are not necessary?   I plan to use this crystal with the MKW41Z512VHT4     YSX221SL Datasheet   Bes...
    Javier Hernandez
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  • High interrupt delay from HSADC threshold in LPC4370

    Hello. We are creating a program for LPC4370 that collects samples from HSADC in the RAM buffer using DMA. The program uses the HSADC threshold functionality, which, when triggered, calls the ADCHS_IRQHandler interrup...
    Vitaliy Livnov
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  • MCUXpresso IDE high CPU usage

    Hi MCUXpresso IDE demands almost 30% usage of my CPU in idle. During debug process, it gets up 80%. It that normal? I have an i7 Dell Ultrabook with SSD + 8G RAM. @Thank you Andre VB
    Andre Luis Vilas Boas
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  • Is there a linux 4.12 fork for imx 6ull.

    I was trying to find linux 4.12.x version for my imx6ull board. I do not see any fork for imx in freescale git or linux-imx repo in code aurora. Any pointers to the repo will be helpful.   Thanks - Pankaj
    Pankaj Joshi
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  • How to enable MINI-PCIe slot support

    Hi all,   We use IMX6SLEVK. Linux Host driver built with fsl-community-bsp. Distro is framebuffer. We want to use PCIe slot and tried different PCI slot in kernel configuration combinations. lspci is not showin...

    I used the imx8mq custom board and replaced adv7535 with the lt9611 mipi-dsi-hdmi chip.Now when we encounter problems, the system has recognized the monitor and interpreted EDID, but there is no image display. I think...
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  • What value resistor should pull WDOG_B high?

    Hello,   In the i.MX 8M Mini hardware developer's guide, table 8, it suggest to pull GPIO1_IO02 (WDOG_B, ball AG13) high with a 100k ohm pull-up resistor. However, in section 5.5 of the same document, Note 2 say...
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  • T2080 Linux.uImage binary

    How can I get a Linux.uImage for a T2080qds system? The image resides at flash address E8020000 and EC020000 and is approximately 7 MB. The flash there was inadvertently erased. If I can get a binary image that I can ...
    Clay Brice
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  • Debug problems about the MPC5744P on S32

    when I debug the MPC5744P project in S32. It has the error message: No source available for "(gdb[7].proc[42000].threadGroup[i1],gdb[7].proc[42000].OSthread[1]).thread[1].frame[0]"   I don't know how to solve t...
    meng qiu
    created by meng qiu
  • target processor settings not included in .args files

    Hello, I am using S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2018.R1 Build id: 180815. I need to to do some setiings in Project Settings ->C/C++ Build ->Settings->Target Processor I want to change toolchain defau...
    Edgar Michel
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  • LPIT Chanuel Re-Init Issue

    Hi All,   My software contains BOOT and APP, LPIT CHANNEL1 is used in both BOOT and APP. If I don't stop the LPIT channel before jumpping to APP from BOOT via "LPIT_DRV_StopTimerChannels(INST_LPIT1, (1...
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