• SPI Flash Driver for K8x MCUXpresso

    Is there an existing SPI Flash driver available for Kinetis K8x under MCUXpresso?  Not QSPI (I already have that), but something that layers onto the existing fsl_dspi driver.  
    Denis Collis
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  • Question about iMX6UL EVK Reset

    Hi,   I am new to iMX6UL processor. When I look at iMX6UL EVK board, I notice that the reset switch and software watchdog reset connected to the enable pin of DCDC_3V3 power regulator through a reset IC. So, If ...
    jeff zhang
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  • iMX6UL TSC (Resistive Touch Interface) Problem

    Using the TSC driver with Linux, we see a behavior of the 4W  resistive touch which happens on any kind of connected 4W RTP (Resistive Touch Panel), independent of the size and form-factor. Basically, this is th...
    Paolo Bozzola
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  • Where can I find project file for WPR1500?

    Hello,    I want to use Freemaster along with WPR1500. UG (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/WPR1500BUCKMPUG.pdf ) says that I need to open "WPR1500_REF.pmp" from Freemaster. Where can I f...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • How to implement OTA in 1064

    Hi,     We want to use two image primary and secondary.     We want to shift primary to secondary and vice versa ( Redundant boot support for expansion device - Reference manual) how can w...
    vasu dhevan
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  • Not able to pair using BLE with Mobile phone

    Hello,   Currently I am working with FRDM KW36 EVM module which is BLE 5 compliant. I have uploaded the Heart Rate sensor code into it from SDK examples. And tried to see the functionality on NXP's Android IOT a...
    Chintan Patel
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  • LPC11C24 can unused port pins be set and cleared

    I am using a LPC11C24 and was wondering if the unused port pins (PIO1_9 or PIO2_4 or PIO2_5 or PIO2_5) can still be set up as outputs an set or cleared and read back....wanting to use them as a bit of m...
    Steve Stone
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  • S32DS for Power - list of HOWTOs

    Installation & Activation HOWTO: Install Wind River compiler Eclipse plug-in into S32 Design Studio  HOWTO: Install Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio  HOWTO: Install PLS UDE d...
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  • Troubleshooting: Issue opening documents from Getting Started page

    On some versions of Windows 10, there is an issue which could impact your ability to open documents from the Getting Started page in S32 Design Studio. While we have resolved this issue in some of the newer releases, ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Bus LIN solution

    Hello,   We must design a small industrial application with some Inputs/Outputs (Logical Input/Outputs, Analog input) RS485 and then a LIN BUS (slave)   Which small CPU could you advice to me  to sup...
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  • NFC tab IC antenna size and distance

    Please tell me or send me document that has description about the NFC operation distance as a function of antenna turns or antenna size. For example if we want to use NT3H2111W0FHK as tag IC and want to achieve 5...
    Lin Fiske
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  • QN9020 : What are the connection parameters stored in NVDS?

    Hi,             Can you please let me know what connection parameters are stored in the NVDS by the stack? From nvds.h file, I found an "enum NVDS_TAG" with values like "NVDS_TAG_BD_ADDR...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • i.MX8 MSCALE SERIES DDR Tool Release (V3.00)

    Important: For any comment/questions related with this document, create your question here https://community.nxp.com/community/imx Private messages will be ignored.          i.MX8MS...
    Oliver Chen
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  • Download mimxrt1050-evk issue Target Error from Commit Flash write Ep(08)

    Hello, I have an error while tring to download (debug) a demo code from MCUXpresso IDE. The demo board is mimxrt1050. See attachment. I did not have this issue from the beginning. I have changed the USB cable and d...
    Stefan Tincu
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  • MC9S08QG8CPBE is EOL in stores, active in NXP !!!

    There is a last buy note for MC9S08QG8CPBE 935322628174 Active Last Buy Date: 22-May-2020 Last Delivery Date: 22-May-2021 although it appears as Active. The note was issued recently (2019-11-22) but should...
    Tony Papadimitriou
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  • v4l2src lost frames detected when using imxcompositor_g2d on i.MX8MMini

    I am experimenting with imxcompositor_g2d in order to overlay some text in an RTP pipeline but as soon as it is linked together with the v4l2src, the v4l2src element drops frames and prints "lost frames detected". ...
    JP Arnaud
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  • Could not wake up from sleeping mode

    I could not get the chip KL27Z64VFM4 wake up from sleeping mode with interrupt. I followed AN4503 power management for Kinetis. When I remove line asm("WFI"); the MCU could not goes into sleep. I don't know what ...
    Albert Zhou
    created by Albert Zhou
  • Using eGUI screen

    I have inherited a design from a long-departed engineer that uses the eGUI/D4D  library to drive a color graphic LCD. It runs on an MK70 processor that uses MQX. Development is on IAR's Embedded Workbench.  ...
    Gary Lynch
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  • Problems with LPCOpen 2.10 on LPC1788/LPC4078 and LwIP

    Hello, I tried to make working LPCOpen 2.10 with some boards based on LPC1788 and LPC4078, but I got many troubles with networking and LwIP. Actually, the first malfunction was the inability to detect link status. ...
    Carlo Bramini
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  • i.MX7D NAND secure boot

    Hi Yuri,        Thanks for this link. Do you know whether secure boot supports on NAND flash too?        Our FAE donwload the same BSP (L4.9.11_1.0.0) without any patch and j...
    jordan chen
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