• Flashing Update over USB in iMXRT1050 referance Code & Document Needed.

    Working on Integrating USB Stack in iMXRT1050 using MCU Expresso Example program provided by NXP. Objective: Creating an App for upgrading flash program via USB jus by drag & drop firmware binary in HOST Device....
    Nivas Bathirappan
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  • MPC5746R eMIOS - Pulse Counter Accumulation (PEA) - CNT Skip Numbers

    Hi i need to detect rising edges of a signal but for moments the register counter CNT (eMIOS_1.UC[UCHANNEL_17].CNT.B.CNT) that count to the register A (eMIOS_1.UC[UCHANNEL_17].A.B.A) for moments skips 1 numb...
    Demian Espina
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  • Using RT1052 SDRAM config from EVK demo

    Could you confirm if the Micron MT48LC16M16A2b4-6a can use the same config as the RT1052EVK's ISSI is42s16160j-6bli SDRAM? ISSI datasheet: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/42-45S83200J-16160J.pdf Micron: ht...
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  • OTA not working

    After transferring the code through  OTA  i am getting a confirmation msg (tranfer complete) in the android nxp iot tool .But after that the code is not getting flashed on the target board.I found that the c...
    rohit kp
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  • iMX6UL - Kernel HAB Authentication status fail

    In iMX6UL, we are getting the Kernel hab Authentication failure. uBoot version: imx_v2019.04_4.19.35_1.1.0 Cross compiler: AArch32 target with hard float (arm-linux-gnueabihf); gcc-arm-8.3-2019.03-x86_64-arm-linux...
    Kanimozhi Thangappan
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  • Example MPC5676R DSPI MasterSlave DMA CW210

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * Application performs basic initialization, setup PLL to maximum allowed freq. * DSPI_A is configured as master...
    Lukas Zadrapa
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  • How to access LS1021a via UART after flashing uboot

    Hi,   I have a standalone ls1021a and boot source is eMMC. I followed the steps in AN5184 and Before I start the flash, I hard strapped the cfg_rcw_src[0:8] to hard coded mode which is 9a in my case after I...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • How do I always start the code from the Bootloader?

    Hello,   I am using mpc5644a. I have two different projects: bootloader and user application. I am installing the user application with bootloader. But even if the user application is running, I want the code to ...
    tugce yilmaz
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  • iMXRT1064 Emwin Demo 16 bpp

    I have a Emwin Demo SDK code generated for iMXRT EVK 1064 board.  I am using MCUXpresso 11.1 version with SDK 2.7.0   The Emwin Demo default LCD configuration is for 32 bit mode i.e. LCD_BITS_PER_PIXEL is 3...
    Anuj Tanksali
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  • LPC55S69 : GPIO pin state

    Hi !   It is not so clear if it possible to read set state of GPIO pin what is configured as output. I can configure Pin to output and set it to High level. But if due external shortcut, this pin is connected t...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Is it possible to connect 8080 bus LCD to MIMXRT1010-EVK?

    Hi I need to connect 8080 bus TFT LCD to IMXRT1010 evaluation kit. Unfortunately, I could not find any example of such a pinout connection(I need at least 13 FlexIO free pins). Please advise Is there any workable so...
    Andrii Loginov
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  • Compilation failure linux-qoriq-rt 4.14

    Hi,   I'm working on a t1024rdb board and trying to enable linux-qoriq-rt 4.14 from the SDK. I'm using the "zeus" branch from the yocto SDK (readme - qoriq-components/yocto-sdk - Repo manifest for QorIQ Yocto SD...
    Renaud De Koninck
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  • SGTL5000 MIC BIAS pin

    Hello, I'm using SGTL5000 codec (QFN20) with micro input. I have a question about typical application schematic (figure 20 in datasheet). How must I connect MIC BIAS pin if I use the internal bias resistor? Interna...
    Sylvain Bouriot
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  • Read LPC54113 UUID

    Hello,   I am trying to retrieve the UUID from my LPC54113 using the IAP commands. I followed the instructions on the chip manual. The problem is that the return value is always 0000FFFF 00000000 00000000 ...
    Eduardo Carletti
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  • Altium PCB for MCIMX6ULL-EVK

    Dear All,   Is it possible to get the Altium Design files for a MCIMX6ULL-EVK SoM board? Unfortunately, I was not able to convert the reference OrCad Layout files into the Altium.   Respectfully, Sergejs....
    Sergejs Derkačs
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  • Does KW36 BLE library support reception of long write?

    We are going to send more data than the MTU size from the mobile device to KW36. And we are going to use long write. Does KW36 BLE library accept long write from the mobile device and the application on KW36 can recei...
    Kojiro Kaizuka
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  • Is the connectivity framework panic() implementation correct?

    In the connectivity framework the implementation of panic() mixes C and assembler code like this:   void panic( panicId_t id, uint32_t location, uint32_t extra1, uint32_t extra2 ) { #if gUsePanic_c   &#...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • RT1050 is slower than RT1010

    With MCUXpresso I developed an application, which takes about 2.5 million CPU cycles on an i.MX RT1010 MCU, running at 500 MHz. Then I compiled and run the same C source code for the i.MX RT1050, with the same optimiz...
    Laszlo Hars
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  • imx-gst-plugin for imx8 returns 0 features

    I am using Yocto (Thud) to build for coral-dev board with iMX8 Quad chip. I see that the imx-gst-plugin recipe is included and the version/tag used is "MM_04.04.02_1808_L4.9.123_MX8MM_GA" There seem to be ...
    Prakash M
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  • [IMX8]BUGON at caam driver

    Hello,   our imx8 platform happen BUGON at caam driver sometimes, could you help to check it? our kernel is 4.14.98.   [ 5.505449] kernel BUG at /usr/src/kernel/drivers/crypto/caam/jr.c:279! [ 5.512076] In...
    Ruodong Bai
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