• undefined reference to `__read_console'

    Working on MAC57D5MB for freeRtos.   I am working on adding a printf functionalities. Build get failed at the send saying   C:/Freescale/S32_ARM_v1.2/S32DS/arm_ewl2/lib/armv7e-m\libc99.a(ansi_files.o):(.d...
    prashant sathe
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  • KW31Z maximum notification packet per time slot

    I would like to send at least 6 characteristic notification packet per time slot using KW31Z. The time slot interval is 30 ms. I found out the below discussion, but the maximum number of characteristic notificat...
    Isao Takashima
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  • ZipWire SW information

    Dear All,  I am working with ZipWire for communication between 2 MPC5777C controllers, for make the synchronization of PWM signals generated by the ETPU module. It would be helpful if have any SW information i...
    Rajkumar K k
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  • LPC54018 - How to use the debug via uart feature ?

    I'm using the SDK 2.3.0 for the LPC54018 IoT_module. I'm trying to make the AWS shadow wifi example work, my problem is that no COM Port is emulate.    I understood that as the SDK_DEBUG is defined to 1, I ...
    Kévin Hérissé
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  • Can we read Felica Card using PN7150 sample code?

    Dear all,   Now, we have planned the application using PN7150 and Felica-Card. We will use a sample program (NXP-NCI MCUXpresso example Project / SW4325.zip) for PN7150. We checked this code, however it does n...
    George Fukutomi
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  • Will a LS1043ARDB image I build with flexbuild work on LS1043ARGW?

    We purchased an LS1043ARGW (Residential Gateway) as the LS1043ARDB development board was out of stock.   I am trying to use Flexbuild to generate a hybrid Ubuntu image that will run on the LS1043ARGW. Is that po...
    Andrew Barrow
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  • No USB connection on a kinetis MK26 custom board

    We use the MK26FN2M0CAC18R processor for a custom board we have made. On this board we have a USB High Speed (EHCI) USB composite mass-storage and CDC UART application. We've found one (broken) board to have beco...
    Bart Rijvers
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  • Debugging IMX6SX with jlink and eclipse get freezed after stop session

    Is it normal that operating system get freezed after finish debugging process with jlink.   I am using a UDOO NEO board, which has UDOObuntu.   When I debug from TCM or OCRAM, after finish I stop the sessi...
    Jefferson Cunalata
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  • [iMX6] To configure two SSI audmux without audio codec

    Dear Sir,   We would like to configure two SSI audmux without audio codec, that includes SSI1 and SSI2. So far, SSI1 TX/RX are work as well. But SSI2 RX is not work. I checked DTS setting, all of the setting a...
    Ren Bo-Wei
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    My questions are concerning of powering the microprocessor   iMX6 SOLOX. 1) I am not using of non-volatile features of the iMX6 SOLOX microprocessor. Because of this I would like to combine VDD_HIGH_IN and ...
    Viktor Afanasyev
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  • LPC54606 report first block CRC error by Flash magic 11.0 under UART ISP mode

    Dear,   I have verified on lpc54608 board, I also meet the same problem with my target LPC54606 board, after flash magic download the code, then do the verify. I meet first block CRC error problem as attached pi...
    Hanson He
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  • Changing CPU clock speed on K22

    I have an application built on the K22 processor that uses FreeRTOS. On power-up it checks for power on the USB connector. If USB is connected, it runs in high speed mode to support USB transfers. But if there is no U...
    David Pfaltzgraff
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  • Can MEMS oscillators replace quartz crystal oscillators?

    Hi,   Xtal oscillators are popular and used to the board such as MCIMX6Q-SDB and MCIMX7D-SDB. Is it OK to replace Xtal oscillators with MEMS oscillators as following? https://www.mouser.com/applications/mems-os...
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  • sct  flexible camera solution with 10635

    I use same program struct like sct flexible camera solution AN11365, using lpc4350,the board m4 clock is 192mh(192/8=24MH),and change cmos chip to Ov10635, and transfer image via usb. the problem is the picture always...
    yuan East
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  • uboot porting to LPDDR2 on imx6ull

    Hi!   Our board custom design based on mx6ullevk ref board working with DDR3 500mb  we must use with LPDDR2 Alliance AS4C128M16MD2-25BCN  256mb  in uboot source under /board/...
    vladimir chernin
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  • The first cmd8 interaction is out of time.LS1023

    Now we are debugging the emmc.and the CPU used is ls1023. the emmc model is mtfc8gacaa-4m.uboot is printed as follows. It seems that the first cmd8 interaction is out of time. the schematic diagram is as follows....
    wei zhao
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  • Unable to set breakpoints in iMX7 QSPI based M4 application with the J-Link Base

    I have had success using Eclipse Oxygen with single-step debugging RAM applications on the iMX7 M4 core using the J-LINK. I have since re-linked our application to run from QSPI. The application runs properly if I fla...
    Jeremy McClintock
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  • i.MX6 Solo & LPDDR2 Woes

    So we designed a custom board with an i.MX6 Solo and LPDDR2 because we have an extremely weird and small form factor.  The first spin the LPDDR2 did not work and neither the calibration or speed tests would pass....
    Jarrod Cook
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  • I2C to SPI sc18is602 not generating clock

    I have no clock or data generated by SC18IS602 chip.  I can addres the chip and alter the state of the gpio lines but sending a function id of 01 - 0f does not do anything.  Anyone have ideas or woring ardui...
    Andrew Barnett
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  • Continuous access time interval of K10 FlexBus is too long,WHY?

    I use k10 to access sram. port size is 16bit. Data write and read is correct   BUT:  interval time between two access is too Long. so the performace of flexbus is very low   WHY??   Acess S...
    zeyong yang
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