• How to download a binary file on the the MXRT1050-evk without using IAR or KIEL IDE

    I am using the ARM GNU toolchain to make the binary and I need a way to burn the binary onto the MIMXRT1050 EVK Board
    Goutham Palaniappan
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  • What does the IMX53 Mask Set stand for

    I have an MCIMX535DVV1C MPU and i need to know what the Mask Set (i.e. 3N78C). I Know what the engineering changes were to the device although i would like to know what specifically  the set indicates? ...
    justin brenner
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  • Which HW timer is associated to in timer_create()

    Hello,   I try to understand how to use HW timers from linux userspace. Is  it by calling timer_create ? If yes - which timer number is associated to it ?   Thank you, Ran
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  • what is "c_entry" for?

    Hi,  I am new to LPC MCUs programming. In an example i encountered to using of "c_entry" function in the code. Whats that for?  regards
    hossein ef
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  • What is the meaning of imx_usb serial downloader parameters?

    Hi   I´m using serial_downloader to boot my iMX53 board, using imx_usb binary. I see, its config file has this contents:   mx53 #hid/bulk,[old_header,]max packet size, {ram start, ram size}(repeat v...
    Paul Roy
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  • i.mx6ull csi with tw9900

    I am working with i.mx6ull csi with tw9900 over bt.656. My camera is NTSC format. I patch mx6s_capture.c file following guidance(0001-Enable-CSI...) from below link. imx6ul tw9990 issue  However, I am unable ...
    tk cheng
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  • L4.1.15_2.0.0 cook mfgtools got two errors

    L4.1.15_2.0.0 cook mfgtools like below command show,               bitbake fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs got two ERRORS, then what can i do? thanks. &#...
    家禄 刘
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  • i.MX6 GPU Timer deadlock, exit by timeout !!!

    Hi, I'm using  i.MX6 dual core and its platform is Android 4.3. Our board raises this error suddenly in the early morning. At that time, nobody uses the board.  After this error, ANR occurr...
    Woogeun Shin
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  • DDR3 Clock Routing

    Hi All, I'm just getting started with the IMX6Quad processor (MCIMX6Q6AVT10AC) and I had a question about the DDR3 interface.  What is the purpose of having two different DDR clocks (DRAM_SDCLK_0 / DRAM_SDCLK_1)...
    Daniel Melendy
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  • How to map values of Output Power in Connectivity Test Application

    Hello,   In SMAC “Kinetis SMAC Demo Applications User's Guide.pdf” under “Chapter 4 Kinetis Connectivity Test Application” there is an option to change the output power value. But its men...
    Vishnu Beema
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  • MCUXpresso 10.0.2 Crash in macOS High Sierra (10.13)

    Hi,   I recently updated my mac to macOS High Sierra and the MCUXpresso start to crash after about a time using it, here is the log. Is the a new version of MCU with the bug fixed?   Process: mcuxpres...
    Luiz Roque
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  • External circuitry required for USB0_PWR_FAULT in LPC4367

    Hello,   The datasheet of LPC4367 provides USB0_PWR_FAULT functionality with the description "Port power fault signal indicating overcurrent condition; this signal monitors over-current on the USB...
    Akhilesh Sreedharan
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  • i.MX Power Profiling: Triple-range Smart Current Sensor (Prototype)

    This is preliminary info on a triple-range "smart" current sensor. It features a Kinetis KL05Z with three current sense amplifiers. It allows measurement currents from ~4A down to double digit micro-amps in three rang...
    David G Dicarlo
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  • How to define Input with LLWU

    Hi Is there a way of defining a pin as Input with LLWU AND to specify (seperate) Identifiers that doesn't cause an MCUX CT error.?   With standalone V4 (which can't be copied from the About box) for a MKL27256...
    Neil Hancock
    created by Neil Hancock
  • i.MXQP silicon version

    Hi. Does someone know the difference between i.MX6QP MCIMX6QP5EVT2AA vs MCIMX6QP5EVT2AB. The later one has silicon version 1.1. I tried to see if I could find any documentation about the changes.   Thanks, N...
    Niklas Molin
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  • [Mac, gdb, debug] Run C program works, debugging doesn't

    Hi, I have a problem debugging a C program in the IDE. I can successfully run it (e.g. the hello world example) but as soon as i try to debug the file it builds the program and appears in the 'progress' window at 100...
    Simon H
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  • flash is secured but flash config field is not

    I'm having a very strange issue. Even though the Flash Configuration Field (FCF) is at its default state: /* Flash Configuration*/ .section .FlashConfig, "a" .long 0xFFFFFFFF .long 0xFFFFFFFF .long 0xFFFFFFFF ....
    created by roymessinger

    I'm attempting to perform board check-out on a custom board. I have the processor in a good state (it has a valid RCW) and now I'm attempting to check out RAM using the QCVS and, afterwards, push the configuration int...
    Jesse McCall
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  • Power miss-match in i.MX 6QuadPlus SABRE Development Board

    For power design, it is recommended to use max.current rating value. In that case, why power virus value (3920mA for ARM_IN) is not used in IMX6 quad plus development board( sabre board)??
    Rajesh Kora
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  • KL25Z Accelerometor Read

    I am using processor expert (10.5) code warrior, so that I can read the on board KL25Z accelerometer. No matter how I manipulate the board I get the same values from my break point at the end of the code. Th...
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