• NXP LS1012a FRDM - Startup / Switch EL3 to EL2

    Hi everyone   For my Bachelor Thesis I try to port an OpenSource kernel (i.e. Muen SK) to the ARMv8-A AArch64 architecture and decided to use the NXP LS1012a FRDM evaluation board as the target platform. The Ker...
    David Loosli
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  • S32K148 - LPSPI Simulink Example

    Hi all,   I am trying to adapt the S32K144 LPSPI example to the S32K148 board.   The connections as described in the example is as follows:     I have made the following changes but no success:...
    Mohammed Farag
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  • LPC54608 XTAL PCB layout

    I'm planning to make 4 layer board of LPC54608. The thickness is t1.6. I attach the outline of athe board. L1 is circuit  layer. L2 is GND layer. L3 is power layer. L4  is circuit  layer. I'...
    実 奥山
    created by 実 奥山
  • MIPI DSI to HDMI Audio on i.mx8qxpmek over SPDIF

    Hi Folks, I'm using i.mx8qxpmek  and 4.9.51 Distro, I've connected MIPI DSI to HDMI converter having adv7535. Now my query is its does not seem to have any audio connection provision on i.mx8qxpmek , so i pulle...
    Rutvij Trivedi
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  • Need help about flexio emulating uart

    I am using S32K148 mcu to emulate uart with flexio. The configuration of register is shown as follows:   PCC->PCCn[77] |= 0x40000000u;              ...
    春缘 朱
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  • Read EEPROM

    As the EEPROM is memory mapped at 0x03200000, is it necessary to use the IAP commands to read it? Or can it simply be accessed the same as the flash or SRAM? e.g. LDR R3,=0x03200000 LDR R0,[R3]
    Ian Benton
    created by Ian Benton
  • TJA1043  and TJA1044  power supply sequence

    I want to use TJA1043 and TJA1044 as CAN transcivers. The pin VIO is powered by 3.3V, the pin VCC is powered by 5V,  I want to know the power-up sequence between 5V and 3.3V.  whether 5V first ,3.3V sec...
    yp chang
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  • MPC8309 Custom board with NandFlash

    Hi, we have designed a custom board based on MPC8309. we are targeting NAND flash based Uboot and application. we have configured reset configuration words nand flash small page. based on that i have configured calc...
    Akhilesh Chidare
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  • Could not get PHY for FSL_MDIO: addr 0

    Hi,   I am using the Custom board. Getting the above error message from the U-Boot.   PHYAD is set to 0 by default. But it is not detecting the ethernet PHY in U-Boot. Could someone help me to know the ...
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  • DSC - generated BLDC support file error

    While adding the MC_BLDCHallSensor from the component library I got a C error message: illegal use of 'inline'    MC1.h     -    C/C++ Problem The error ref. to generated...
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  • T1024 - Program RCW to EEPROM (SPI)

    Hi Everyone,   I have a setup where I'm using the T1024 with uboot in NOR flash (IFC) and RCW in EEPROM (SPI). I'm using a CodeWarrior TAP programmer and can write to the NOR flash using CW.   Is i...
  • How to setting ADC in Processor Expert?

    Hi, We are trying to measure current in S12ZVCA project. The current range is -500A ~ +500A. We will use current shunt and OPAmp to convert current to voltage.  Does the S12ZVCA support -2.5V ~ +2.5V ADC readin...
    Aaron Lee
    created by Aaron Lee
  • What is the default settings of LDO regulator in Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs ?

    Dear All, Gary Bisson   I used Nitrogen 6 Max development board for my custom hardware design. As well as I used Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs and uboot for that. But I changed its VDDSOC_IN and VDDARM_IN to 1.375 volts ...
    Peter Amond
    created by Peter Amond
  • i.mx RT1050, USB Host -> Hub support?

    Does any of the PHY's on the i.mx RT1050 support Hubs (in USB Host mode)?   thx /d
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  • Error in enumerating usb4604 to imx6sx

    Hi,   I am trying to get a microchip usb4604 hub working with a custom imx6sx board over HSIC, I have added the device tree and the pin control as below to get to enumerate the hub. The usb4604 has a I2C driver ...
    Arun Kamath
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  • Motor Phase Currents Unbalanced at High Torque Load

    Hello,    I am seeing something odd on my system. When running my system at 50Nm. I am seeing my RMS Phase current for A, B and C each around 4 amps apart from each other.    Phase A = 49 Phase ...
    Derek Cook
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  • Source Code for TJA1145 application hints

    Hello there,   In section 6.3 of the "TR1309 Application Hints - High speed CAN transceiver for partial networking TJA1145 Rev. 01.01 — 10 March 2015" document there is a list of C source files that contai...
    Doru Botez
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  • WiFi Module For FRDM-k64F

    Hi,     I am in need of a WiFi module for FRDM - K64F board. I have few issues in connectivity when I connect the board through Ethernet. Can you please provide me any link where I can buy it? Thank you fo...
    Niranjan ravi
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  • Write to PN7150 in card emulation mode

    Hi. I am using PN7150 in card emulation mode and was successful to transmit data from PN7150 to reader. But is it possible and if yes how can I write data from reader to PN7150?
    Sviatoslav Semchyshyn
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  • i.MX7Dual + SGTL5000 no data on SAI output

    Dear Support Team,   I have a problem with enabling sound on imx7d with sgtl5000 codec connected. I've tried to follow recomendations from the latest i.MX Reference Manual available in Linux BSP (Chapter 7: Audi...
    Lukasz Madej
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