• How to add component in PE

    I'm using the DEVKIT-MPC5744P,my IDE is S32DS for Power Architecture 2017.R1;I cannot using PE in S32DS,the menu "add to project" is disable. I can't find how to add component in PE.please help.
    Peijin Wang
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  • How to use the command line version of MfgTools2 in my own application?

    Hi, I'm developing a GUI application in Qt for an easy way to program i.MX based boards. I'm trying to use the MfgTools2 in CLI mode (using the -noui) but am running into problems. I'm running it using a QProcess to ...
    Anindya Pakhira
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  • Yocto4.9.88:bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 fail

    Dear Sir,      在编译meta-toolchain-qt5是,出现两个错误: ERROR: meta-toolchain-qt5-1.0-r0 do_populate_sdk: Could not invoke dnf. Command '/home/yhluo/project_yocto/imx6_yocto_4.9.88_src/build-qt5/tmp/work/cortex...
    yonghe luo
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  • Openocd on the imx6ULL EVK

    Hi All,   We designed a custom board using an imx6ULL processor, and I have been trying to get openocd (using a Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H) to work with it, but I get so far, and then it stops. We then purchased a i...
    Ian Caddy
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  • GPS Module Integration with imx6q sabreauto AI (Android Oreo)

    Hello,   I am using imx6q sabre auto ai board with android Oreo. I need to integrate the GPS module with android oreo and I need to get the coordinates of the location. I have an app for it, but whenever I use...
    Suhas Kaundinya
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  • The problem of  FSL_LIN_2.X_STACK

    Hi, I create the LDF and NPF files, then generate the configuration code about lin_cfg.c, lin_cfg.h and lin_hw_cfg.h. I also move the LIN_Stack into my project as shown below. How many interrupt functions are there? ...
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  • K80 DMA

    Hello, I never used DMA before but i'm struggling with one thing. I got simple code which should copy one array to another with DMA, trigerred by falling edge on GPIO. It works only for the first time, any other fall...
    Grzegorz Mikitiuk
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  • QN9020 Mini DK KEIL Debug Sesion Fails

    Environment is QN9020 MiniDK & uVision V5.24.2.0. On the QN9020 Mini DK I have soldered SWDIO & SWDCLK (0 ohm) links on R37 & R39.  I have not altered UART R36 nor R37.  uVision Pack Installer d...
    Gerald Lamb
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  • Gain and Offset Compensation for Voltage and current Measurement

    Hello,   I am working on 12V Battery Management system project and am using MM9Z1_638 micro controller. I wanted to understand why we need to have the compensations configured for the voltage and temperatures (I...
    Krishna karthik
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  • kl25z is not saving my code

    Hi guys,   I'm new here and  new with the freescale platform as well. So, I'm just trying the basic "Hello World!" code,but I'm having some troubles. I can debug it normally, but when I try to use 'the GUI ...
    Judá Santos
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  • Sizeof Internal data memory(SRAM) for LS2084a

    How to load a u-boot.elf or u-boot.bin using lauterbach JTAG in internal memory of LS2084a ? Is LS2084a has any internal SRAM memory and what is memory location for internal SRAM memory and size of it ?   Curre...
    Balaji Mohan
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  • How to disable CAN module of the MPC5604B

     Hello! I met a problem.When I run the following code, the program will always stuck in an infinite loop.   FLEXCAN(flexcanModule).MCR.R |= FLEXCAN_CANMCR_MDIS; while((FLEXCAN(flexcanModule).MCR.R & FL...
    tan mingming
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  • MPC5748G Adding DCF record

    Hi   I am using S32DS to debug MPC5748G. I want to enable the HSM module in MPC5748G. I found that in order to activate the HSM module, I need to set the HSE bit via DCF record. But I didn't found a way to set t...
    Rahul Ramakrishnan
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    S12ZVM program, motor is running, but ADC0 and ADC1 error interrupt happened very very often, this interrupt is caused by LDOK_EIF=1. I want to know why and how I should check wht is wrong with my SW stetp by step.
    dong gui
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  • Issue with No IRQ from PN5180 sometimes?

    Hi!   We use PN5180 in our project and meet the issue in that moment PN5180 doesn't raise IRQ signal as normally(measure by oscilloscope and debug printing). So, the current software thread just loops there for ...
    Ryder Ta Cong Manh
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  • TRK-MPC5606B flash programming with RAppId BL fails

    Hello guys, I tried to flash the evaluation board TRK-MPC5606B as described with the RAppId Boot Loader Utility, but for some reason it doesn't work. External power 12VDC, Jumper settings (SBC_5V, J17 1-2, J18 ...
    dai feidi
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  • PCI-E Switch not normal working on LS1012A

    We added the PCI-E Switch(PI7C9X2G304SLBFDE) on our LS1012A dev board, sometimes can't detected PCE-E Switch information after entering the file system, Test ten times to boot, four times have the problems, We debu...
    Jason Wu
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  • KEA128 MCU interface with PCA8534A LCD Driver via I2C

    Hi, I am confused and not sure how to interface PCA8534A LCD Driver with KEA128 MCU via I2C. Can anyone please help me with the coding part?
    Coder Panda
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  • ENET Hardware TX Checksum missing on larger IP/UDP frames

    I am experiencing a problem with ENET_0 where the auto generated IP and protocol header checksums are both missing (zero), when the frame length is larger than 174 bytes. Checksum generation works perfectly with small...
    Andrew Philp
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  • Boot from SD using MFGTools + MCUXpresso + RT1050EVK

    Hello,   Did anyone try to program boot image created under MCUXpresso into SDCard ? My goal is to boot from eMMC but as first step I would like to boot from sdcard and later switch to eMMC. I successfuly manage...
    Mateusz Piesta
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