• T2080rdb-pc non-ecc so-dimm

    Dear Engineers of NXP:   I am using the T2080RDB-PC board, and found a problem about the DDR.   I changed the DDR3 memory card(original=D3XP56082XL10AA) with my laptop memory card(RMT3150ED58E8W1600). ...
    tap yang
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  • Evaluate performance of APEX Pedestrian Detection algorithm

    Customer would like to evaluate performance of APEX Pedestrian Detection algorithm and found input data source is gdc_pd_640x480.y. 1. How to create it (gdc_pd_640x480.y)? 2. How to read input from video file like .av...
    created by m.c
  • i.MX6UL ENET1 (with LAN8720A PHY) not working in Uboot

    I am debugging the IMX6UL uboot network,but the network is not available.I refer to the https://community.nxp.com/thread/389902,but it still didn't work. I can test the 50M clock with an oscilloscope.I can read the ph...
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  • i.MX6 DDR Stress Test Tool V2.70 calibration fails.

    Hi LinWang,   We are working our custom board with iMX6 Quad processor. On trying the DDR3 calibration for 1GB with DDR Stress Tool V2.70 using GUI we are getting an error as: ERROR FOUND, we can't get suita...
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  • LPC-Link2 Could not connect to core

    Hello! We have created the first LPCOpen project for LPC-Link2 and now we have problems with its connection to MCUXpresso. When debugging starts, we get the following errors. In the console: MCUXpresso RedlinkMulti D...
    Vitaliy Livnov
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  • How to restore project properties to individual files or folders in LPCxpresso

    Project vs per-file properties Describes how to change properties on a per file or per folder basis. Unfortunately it does not mention how to make sure that all the properties are back in sync with the top level proje...
    Bram Peeters
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  • RT1050 MCUXpresso DBG Error

    Hello, I am trying to debug a simple hello world application on the MIMXRT1050-EVK using the MCUXpresso IDE.  Please see my previous post.   As of yesterday, Nov 16th, 2017 it appears that the RT1050 SDK n...
    Ryan Shuttleworth
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  • Android things: Chromecast 'built-in'

    According to this press release. NXP will be providing chromecast built in support for their android things ports.   https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/05/18/987957/0/en/NXP-Announces-Plans-to-Support-t...
    Mark Schuck
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  • IMX6UL Board

    Hello team, i am using IMX6UL board. in this i am getting problem with PWM. so could you help how to use PWM pin to control LEDs intensity? and How to configure settings to use PWM pin?
    Mayur Shankariya
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  • Can not find "IO Signal Description INput MUltiplexing sheet"

    where is "IO Signal Description INput MUltiplexing sheet"   in S32K144 device?
    ann qian
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  • Stuck in PBE mode when leave KBOOT and jump to application code

    The design concept of application code is support USB CDC and CAN bus. So we create a project code support CDC and the clock configuration is source from IRC48M. After leave KBOOT and jump to application, sometime...
    Kyle Yang
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  • SDK Multiple TPMs Don't Work

    I am using KL27Z256 48-pin QFN, Keil Tools, SDK 2.2.   I have implemented TPM1Ch0 to trigger DMA from memory to DAC. I used PWM example in SDK 2.2.  The timer drives the DMA and produces a PWM output on a ...
    BC Stewart
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  • Android Things (Google Cloud IoT) support in iMX processor

    Hello,   I want to use Android Things on one of the iMX series processors.  As per the below link,  Android Things with i.MX 6UL/7Dual|NXP  Is Android Things OS is supported only in SOMs showed...
    Ritesh Panchal
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  • Import pin features into i.MX Pin Tool

    Hi, i want to create a new DTS file for a custom i.MX6 ULL board and use the i.MX6 ULL EVK as a template. Unfortunately the "new board" function for the i.MX6 ULL EVK generate only default values for the pin features...
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  • removing package/library from yocto build

    Hi I am trying remove a library "libpcre" by adding below line into local.conf file, but it wont work.   PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = " libpcre"    or   PACKAGECONFIG_remove = "libpcre"   i still se...
    created by niranjanbc
  • Why can't I convert an executable project to a static library in MCUXpresso?

    Question is in the title.   I don't see any way to change it in the project options. Would I really have to generate a new project from scratch? Why?   My current use case is that I've exported mbed-os as ...
    Brendan McDonnell
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  • KL28 ADC clocking - how to use other sources than the ADCK?

    Hi All Has anyone worked with the KL28's ADC but not using its internal asynchronous clock source?   The NXP examples that I have seen all use the ADC's internal clock rather than a PCC selected clock source b...
    Mark Butcher
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  • LPUART interrupt driven character transmission

    We are writing an interrupt driven driver for the LPUART on the KL17 and KL13 (note that for several reasons, we write our own driver instead of using the driver provided by MCUxpresso).   For the transmission p...
    Jaccon Bastiaansen
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  • Diable GPIO in UART pins

    Hi, Does anyone know how I could disable the UART0 in pins (PTB1 and PTB2). I need to disable the UART0 entirely to go into LLS mode so that is very little current consumption.This is in the Frdm KL05Z board.  ...
    Boomin Perera
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  • More than three DAC.

    Hi everybody. I need to use an MCU with more than three DACs. Can you tell me if there are MCUs in the Kinetis family with this requirement? Thanks in advance.
    Simone Acciarito
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