• About 2D / 3D graphics using i.mx8x

    Dear Team,   Device: i.MX8QuadXPlus  OS: Linux 4.9.88 Board:i.mx8QuadXPlus MEK   I use i.mx8x to evaluate graphics. So, there is one problem. I want to synchronize the drawing completion with Vsync...
    Yoshihisa Saito
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  • code warrior 5.9.0 high light

    Hello every one, for reason, I have to use code warrior 5.9.0,it is not easy to use.Now,I have a ploblem: I want to high light the same word but do not kown how to do it. Thanks
    wu wenbin
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  • Getting started MK20 how too

    I have a newbie question, I am learning about the M3/M4 processor and need to get started with an IDE and a controller.  I have the MK20DX256 processor already and downloaded the MCUXpresso IDE but can't seem to ...
    Steven Steadman
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  • Is there a good workaround for "make clean" with error code 87?

    Hi LPCX presso support   I have using MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0.  When I clean my project, "make clean" fails with erro code 87.     make: [makefile:143: clean] Error 87 (ignored)  The ca...
    Takashi Kashiwagi
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  • USB HID - Keyboard Mouse Examples

    I am using two boards one running the keyboard and mouse host examples and one running the keyboard and mouse device examples. Unfortunately, the device examples are set up to constantly output data from the mouse or ...
    created by TOM TALKINGTON
  • RT1060 Normal GPIO vs Fast GPIO

    The i.MXRT1060 provides the tightly coupled GPIO, enable to be accessed with high frequency. RT1060 provides two set of GPIOs registers to control pads output. GPIO1 to GPIO3 is general GPIO, and GPIO6 to GPIO...
    Victor Jimenez
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  • IMX8M Pcie link lost after minutes

    Hello All,   I’m working on IMX8M Variscite product with  Yocto : https://www.variscite.com/product/system-on-module-som/cortex-a53-krait/dart-mx8m-nxp-imx-8m/   I try to link this SOM with a FGPA...
    Frederic DUCHASSIN
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  • Can't build AVS for Jethro or Morty on IMX7d

    Following the instructions here: Build Alexa SDK (AVS) image for i.mx7D PicoPi board (using Jethro Yocto)  when I try to build for Jethro, I have a problem fetching the kernel (the tag is unknown) The original...
    Martin Leisner
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  • imx6q android recovery fails

    Hi all,   I'm working with the Android aosp for imx6q devices, version 7.1.2. We've managed to compile everything OK but when starting on recovery mode, the recovery.cpp application fails.  It shows this me...
    Carlos Fernandez
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  • LPC1769 doesn't communicate with Linux Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello,   We are using the usbd_lib_cdc_uart code in debug mode on the OM13085 board. We are trying to get it to communicate with a serial terminal program called screen.   The device works perfectly fine o...
    Neel Shah
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  • What is the OTG PWR Enable default value for iMX7?

    What is the default OTG Power Enable signal for iMX7? Can this value be changed in Uboot? Can this value be change at the Uboot prompt? My USB OTG1 port VBUS is not becoming active with ID set low, host mode.  ...
    last modified by DAVID SABALESKY
  • Is it possible to use OM5578/PN7150 with Arduino

    I would like to use the PN7150 NFC Controller board on an Arduino (model is not important). Is there a guide/library for the arduino  IDE?
    Andreas Feil
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  • how to report bug

    hi  Our team have found an doubtlessly driver bug on imx6 run with linux 4.19. now we fix it and want to report to NXP, Do anyone know how to report the bug to NXP or how i can supply my patch to NXP ?   t...
    zhao lingjun
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  • SDK packages do not include hostlib project examples

    Hi all,   My issue is that I can not importing hostlib examples - Unable to perform A71CH API HOST and Configuration examples application examples.     I am working on a prototype project wh...
    Ioannis Kapnisakis
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  • MMA8452 replacement ?

    I'm using since some years this sensor to detect vehicle movement and I'm working now on a new project. Is it better I choose anther model more actual and (maybe) with better performances or is 8452 a good and "young...
    Marco Blancato
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  • IMX7 OTG1 port without PWR enable.

    Our custom SOM module was ordered with -L, LVDS and hence pin 200 USB.OTG1_PWR pin is unavailable. Can you always enable USB OTG1 port Vbus power and still have functionality with OTG? Is there a work around to use ...
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  • NXP LS1012a FRDM - GIC Virtualization

    Hi everyone     I am still trying to port an OpenSource hypervisor (i.e. Muen SK) to the ARMv8-A AArch64 architecture and decided to use the NXP LS1012a FRDM evaluation board as the target platform. The Ker...
    David Loosli
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  • https://rapid-iot-studio.nxp.com/

    Hello,   I deleted my original https://rapid-iot-studio.nxp.com/  account (and confirmed this) but I can't register tot this url again. Not even with another account and/or emailaddress  I did no...
    Ron Werther
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  • IMX6DQ and gstremer-1.0 video pipeline issue: imxv4l2src Capabilities are Empty

    Greetings,   We have a custom board with an adv7282 video decoder feeding into IPU1/CSI0 and an out through an adv7391 encoder connected to IPU1/DISP2.  We've managed to bring up these chips/...
    Adam Schafer
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  • QorIQ SDK v.2.5

    Hi,  We just purchased the LX2160ARDB development system. Upon booting up the device we noticed a reference to QorIQ SDK v2.5. The only version I see on your website is qoriq_sdk_v2.0 (with the add-on of addend...
    Dennis Collins
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