• s32 debug probe with S32DS 3.2 latest update

    Hello,   I updated S32DS with latest S32G SDK EAR 0.9 SDK, s32 debug probe is not working any more. Target PCB is S32G-PROCEVB.   Till S32G SDK EAR 0.8 SDK, I could debug S32G EVB diag sw package wit...
    Js Ha
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  • MPC5744P LINFlexD_1 uart receive is always timeout

    Hi nxp: I usb LINFlexD_UART_MPC5744P testing the board of DEVKIT-MCP5744P. It's can send message to PC terminal, But MCP5744P can not get the message from PC termianl. I find the program beed locked on the ...
    yingjin yan
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  • LAMA's S12XE unofficial examples

    I've just went through my PC and put some examples here. ( I made them "a few" days ago.) The files are presented with extension BMP because of some firewals.   AN3490.pdf DOC-XEP100-MMC-Memory_Map-Common_Map-...
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  • Question 1

    This is a test?
    Matthias Wilkens
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  • 关于RT1064官方MDK工程的一些问题

    我在使用RT1064 SDK中的hello world的MDK工程时,遇到了两个问题: 1.无法使用__weak关键字,如图 2.下载时出现下面的问题: 请问该如何解决
    陈 文龙
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  • [JN5169 with DR1174 carrier board] The usage of SPI interface?

    Dear Sirs,   I tried to Read the Status Register (RDSR) of the SPI flash on DR1174 carrier board. (In order to try the SPI interface, I did not use the flash memory API) However, I can not get the correct resp...
    alan lin
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  • [imx6] RS485 could be supported on Imx6 series ?

    Hi imx-developers,   Good day !   It's simple. Could imx6 chipset support RS485 ?   There are many related questions posted on this community about RS485. Many patch codes exist as well but I no...
    keres kim
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  • Having trouble running s32k116 standalone

    Hello,   I'm having difficulty running S32k116 in Standalone mode   It's a simple LED controlled by GPIO application. I've tried comparing Debug configurations line by line, but it did not work at all in t...
    Revan Ahn
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  • Problem using flexcan_mpc5748g exemple with SDK 3.0.2

    Hello, I am currently working on the MPC5748G for my internship. I decided to try the highest SDK version (3.0.2) on this microcontroller. I ran the flexcan_mpc5748g exemple proposed from S32DS Power.2.1. I followed...
    Xav Bar
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  • how to goto VECTOR 2

    My mcu is MC9S12XE.The Vector 0 is __Startup(),it's the default startup routine.And Vector 2 is __cop_reset_startup(),just like:   byte gb_flag = 0x00; void __cop_reset_startup(void) {    ...
    everk image
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  • S32K148 QSPI

    Hello, I am using D32DS example code and S32K148 EVB to test the QSPI module. Is the example SW working normal? Thank you!!!
    wang lijun
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  • How many data lane in use (MIPI-CSI2) ?

    Hi, I'm using iMX6 Solo board with OV5645 camera (MIPI-CSI2). For some cases, I also use USB Camera Logitech C270. As I refer, iMX6 Solo has 2 data lanes(MIPI-CSI2). So, I have some questions: How many lane in ...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • System not booting into OS when HDMI cable is not connected

    We are facing an issue with our customized imx8mq linux BSP of kernel version 4.14.78.   The system is not booting into OS when HDMI is not connected to target board.   But the board boots into OS at times...
    Antony Abee Prakash
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  • Notification of internally generated FB_TA?

    I am using the Flexbus on a k64 to communicate with an FPGA. I am using the FB_TA signal as the primary way to terminate transactions but I do have autoAcknowledge enabled and waitStates set to 63 as sort of a fallbac...
    Larry York
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  • PMSM Motor Parameter Measurement -> JScript Error?

    cliHello,   I am in the process of doing some fine tuning on some custom hardware and motors.  Sometime back I had used the Motor parameters measurment utility in the MCAT pmsm_ref_sol.pmp application from ...
    Frank Roberts
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  • S32K148 connection problem via JLink

    Hello,   CONNECTION LOG: SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.64 (Compiled Mar 13 2020 15:56:13) DLL version V6.64, compiled Mar 13 2020 15:55:42 Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K. Firmware: J-Link V10 compiled Jan 7 2...
    文明 徐
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  • s32k144 SPI DMA

    Hi I want to use SPI+ DMA I used sdk environment in S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1. I can't fine example spi_dma   How do I use SPI_DMA?
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  • LS1021A QCVS RCW配置冲突问题

    Hi, all     请教一个LS1021A RCW配置的问题,我们板子配置成从qSPI启动的。      使用QCVS来生成RCW时发现配置,如果CPU频率配置为1GHz(即C1_PLL_SEL为CGA_PLL1/1),这时下面的qSPI Clock就跟着变为125MHz会报错,提示qSPI接口的最大速率是62.5MHz,因此不允许我生成RCW bin。 感觉QC...
    changbao ma
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  • Failing to debug using Flash on the MPC5777C-DEVB

    Hi,   I cannot get any program to run on my MPC5777C from flash. I am using a PE Micro Multilink Universal FX and S32 Design Studio v2.1. S32 gives an option to create example projects, and I am using the MPC57...
    Adam Lewis
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  • K12 Chip reset

    MK12DN512 的Reset 管脚电压约1.6V左右,无法达到正常3.3V,外围电路均正确。这是芯片损坏还是什么原因?谢谢
    笑咏 张
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