• T2080 Refernce design IFC

    Hello Sir, In T2080 Refernce design, I am having few queries to ask 1) what is CFG_VBANK? 2) What is the importance of CFG_VBANK in NOR flash(JS28F00AM29EWHA) 1Gb memory interface? can i remove SN74LVC1G86 IC ...
    Hemant Kumar Tiwari
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  • T2080 Reference Board

    Hello, Currently i am working on the device is based t2080 processor.  In the design i am only using one Ethernet phy i.e. RTL8211E-VB. As i am not using 10G EDC PHY CS4315, can i connect the SD1_REF...
    Hemant Kumar Tiwari
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  • Quick P3041 test

    Hi Guys,   I am about to receive the p3041ds development. And went through most of the document relating to this board and could not find anywhere as a quick start guide on how to connect the board with a host. ...
    Chris Sidiropoulos
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  • PCA9955B: Is it possible to connect multiple channels to operate multiple LEDs in parallel?

    We would provide all LEDs with a series resistor. The channels would be interconnected directly at the IC. If we would connect two channels together, we could sink the double amount of current through one track. Is th...
    Yannick Aeby
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  • DDR4 SODIMM, ECC with T1022

    Hello, I am currently using VLP DDR4 UDIMM with ECC in my design based on T1022 processor. Due to some constraints, I want to shift to SO-DIMM.   Do T1022 works fine with DDR4 SO-DIMM with ECC feature?  ...
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  • How to store and play audio data in MPC5645S ?

    Please provide any example code to understand the same.
    Abhiram D
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  • Is there support for IAP in MPC5645S ?

    Please help on how to do In Application Programming in MPC5645S.
    Abhiram D
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  • Reading S32K144 FLASH data produces HardFault mistake

    I am now using Flash data(P/N:S32K144) with the following problems: When Flash Sector erasing fails or not erased, write to that sector using a write command, and then Reading that sector through a pointer. ...
    ben xiao
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  • mpc5777cevb how  change IO voltage from 5V to 3.3V

    I want to adjust the IO voltage of mpc5777cevb from 5V to 3.3V to adapt to peripheral devices, so I adjust j29 and J25 from 5V to 3.3V, but the MPC5777C is not working, is MCU not supported  to configure IO volta...
    star peng
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  • MCU enet ping test

    hello   below is my ECU config: 1.mcu type: MPC5746C 2.enet transceiver: BradR-Reach BCM89811   Problem description: In my project, I config enet communication with PC. When  I ping ip commond from...
    teng jianhui
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  • Reader for SL3S1203_1213 ?

    What is the best reader for SL3S1203_1213 ? In particular I am interested in using the tamper alarm function present in G2iL+  I am in the development phase, so I only need a reader that is compact, easy ...
    leo torchia
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  • QN908x OTAP_Clinet_ATT won't work

    Dear Sir            I can’t see NXP_OTAA in IOT Tool box after I follow API Guide based on newest QN9080 SDK.            Could yo...
    Li-Chin Wang
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  • HELP! :( OpenOCD config for P1014

    Hello, I am currently working on JTAG, I have taken apart a WLAN ACCES POINT and have removed the board. I searched the chip and discovered that my SoC (P1014) has a JTAG interface. I wanted to use OpenOCD for this in...
    Pa Go
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  • DAR Register is Corrupted

    There is an issue with MPC555 code or my hardware that I am investigating. I am using a debugger to find the issue. The issue happens only at cold temperature, most probably one of the components upset. By debugger ...
    Kaveh Mohammad
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  • external interrupt for s32k1xx

    Does anyone has an example for external interrupt on s32k1xx?  thanks in advance 
    Ali Shaikh zada
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  • Latest BSP porting guide not valid for Zeus?

    I'm trying to follow the Linux BSP porting guide and build an image for a design I have. (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/i.MX_BSP_Porting_Guide_Linux.pdf )   Currently we have a working environment ...
    Diarmuid Collins
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  • Altium Files for IMX8M Nano DDR4 Evalboard

    Dear Victor, can you please send Altium Files for 8MNANOD4-EVK to th FTP account I sent you via email?
    Markus Hager
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  • TagXplorer-v1.2.jar cannot start

    Hey! I can't get TagXplorer-v1.2.jar to run. I tried Oracle Java 8.221; i tried Zulu Java. When i doubleclick it doesn't start. When i use command line, i get the following error: "Fehler: Hauptklasse TagXplorer-...
    Dennis Lohmann
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  • PN7462 Current Measurement (Dev kit, DoorAccessFw)

    Hi We are currently evaluating/prototyping PN7462 for a battery powered application and a key requirement is to be able to achieve very low power consumption when only polling for cards (target is 30uA range when pol...
    Shoaib Ali
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  • MCUXpresso #include Issue

    Hi,   I have a project that appears to have a #include issue that I'd appreciate some help with.   I have a project that includes several libraries.  Each of these libraries compiles without issue and...
    Chad Graham
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