• Debugger and Dev Tools

    I just ordered the position/orientation sensor dev kit LPC54102. It comes with some sort of Windows app but I expect I will want to create my own firmware for it. What is the recommended (best supported) ARM...
    Bret Foreman
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  • MPX4250AP - am i reading datasheet wrong?

    Hi all, Trying to build a project for myself and I'm using an MPX4250ap absolute pressure sensor Here's the data sheet - (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/MPX4250A.pdf) I have a few of these sensors and the...
    Andy Drag
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  • how to switch from SL1 to SL3 for Mifare plus x card on nxp library(NDA)

    hi,how to switch from SL1 to SL3 for Mifare plus x card on nxp library(NDA)? thank you very much.  i have signed the NDA,it have the mfp components of the nxp,i have enter the SL1,but i don't know how to enter SL...
    zoro zhang
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  • 厦门有没有NXP技术支持

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  • What is the maximum network speed use LwIP in mpc5748g

    HI all,       I used the TCP server model to test the network speed. The Z0 core can reach 30mbps, and the Z2 core can reach 20Mbps. Can it be higher? I hope it can reach 50Mbps.   ...
    Gong jun
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  • 关于mmpf0100npaep的问题

    关于mmpf0100npaep这款电源芯片的问题,附件是原理图,上电顺序是1V->1.8V->1.5V->3.3V->0.75V,使用RAM烧录进去我的script,每次sw4都输出1.5V,怎么更改配置都没有用,下面是我的script: WRITE_I2C:7F:01 // Access PF0100 EXT Page1 //Extended Page 1 WRITE_I2C:A0:1C // Sw1A...
    Jukui Yang
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  • SPC5642AF2MVZ1 or SPC5642AF2MVZ2 reliability test report

    Dears,      Could you help to apply SPC5642AF2MVZ1 or SPC5642AF2MVZ2 reliability test report to me? Thanks!
    Michael Ran
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  • Fixed-link SGMII degraded speed

    Hy NXP Team,   We are developing a complex system using two LS1046A processors. We are using QorIQ-SDK-V2.0-20160527. The two NXP is connected via SerDes interface. Each side is using the SerDes1 Lane C configur...
    Dávid Huber
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  • Max MIC Connection on SAI1

    Hi Team,   For the i.MX RT 1060 design, can we connect 2 MICs for one single data line and clock with SAI interface from HW and SW perspective. And could this be repeat for 4 data lines with one single clock lin...
    Vaidehi Patel
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  • How to allocate RT1060 code falsh and board_sdram in MCUX presso IDE?

    I am transplanting the driver and application of the network port routine (routine: evkmimxrt1060_wiced_iperf_4343W) in the wifi routine (routine: evkmimxrt1060_lwip_dhcp_freertos). After the port driver is transplant...
    zhao yang
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  • Questions about TJA1028

    HI:   When the chip TJA1028 is switched from normal mode to sleep mode, the power is cut off, and then the chip is powered on again, at this time, whether there is voltage output at pin 8 (VCC) of the TJA10...
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  • iMXRT1021 flexspiNOR unable to use HAB Encrypted XIP

    Hi, I am using the iMXRT1021 with flexqspiNOR flash. We want to encrypt the .sb image and the use on-the-fly BEE decryption. I am using the elftosb.exe, sdphost and blhost to produce and flash the .sb image. ...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • MPC5744P ADC Self test issue

    I have an issue regarding the MPC5744P ADC self test. I am reading the bandgap voltage from the channel 10 of all the ADCs( i.e ADC0, ADC1, ADC2, ADC3 ) and I have followed the steps given in the ADC self test applica...
    Suresh Kurukundi
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  • could not use qDMA feature on LS1043A board

    When I try to register and start qDMA function on LS1043A It blocked in the first step.   following the manual reference, we should Disable the command queue. but if set the register DMR[DQD]=1, BaCQ...
    Ken Liu
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  • "flex-builder -m ls1043ardb -a arm64"  had used a hole day

    "flex-builder -m ls1043ardb -a arm64"  had used a hole day,and it stop "building database of manual pages",is it right ?
    qi fei
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  • mma6900

    Hi , I am using MMA6900 with freescale microcontroller. During Initialization of the Sensor, i m getting critical exception as the reponse for the register command operation and the response is similar to all the reg...
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  • 3 virtual com port on IMXRT

    Hi,   I would like to enumerate 3 virtual com port device class on IMXRT1050 Board, do we have any example code?   Thanks & regards, Swaminathan.R
  • Copying LWIP to custom project giving errors

    I have run the lwip_tcpecho_bm examples from SDK on LPCXpresso54608 eval board. Now I want to copy the lwip library/folder to my new application developing for custom board based on LPC54606. I have copied the lwip ...
    Sharad Shinde
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  • blhost "-- receive-sb-file" timeout when erasing flash

    I am using windows based blhost.exe to download to an iMXRT1021/ext flash target, which is working ok. But only if I choose to erase a minimal amount of flash. We have 4Mbyte qspi device.   In the program_flexsp...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • Flash Erase Interlock Issue MPC5676R

    Hello,   I am having an issue erasing flash. I am getting a bus error and it is causing a system reset when i perform the interlock write during an erase operation. Here is my code:   FLASH_A.LMLR.R = 0xA1...
    Victor Medina
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