• iMX8MM - LPDDR4 memory mode register read

    I need to read some mode registers from LPDDR4 memory with iMX8mm. I tried to use 'lpddr4_mr_read()' function from ddrphy_utils.c, but this command hangs. It looks that it accesses registers (DRC_PERF_MON_MRR0_DAT) wh...
    Arkadiusz Karas
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  • IMX8QM Inconsistent shareability domain on tlbi instructions

    I'm using a IMX8QM system which features a dual-core A72 cluster plus a quad-core A53 cluster. Running on EL2 from one of the A53 cores I want to unmap a single page for all cores, so after I remove the entry for the ...
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  • QN9080 - ISP mode and NFC recommendation

    Hi Team,     My customer has the following inquiries regards designing QN9080-SIP module  1. Chip select mode ISP does it needs to add an external pull-up? 2. There is a way to program the module via...
    Shai Berman
    created by Shai Berman
  • Missing iMX 8M Mini support for Media controller API

    Hi, I am using iMX 8M Mini with several MIPI CSI sensors (OV, IMX). The Linux kernel is based on codeaurora imx_4.19.35_1.1.0 (v4.19.35-5188-g8507afc3a397).   It's very important to have the media controll...
    Krzysztof Kozlowski
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  • full memory test

    Hi,         I am trying to do full dram memory test from the user space in imx6q sabre sd. But if I run my code, system will hang. I know the problem is with already using memory. Pleas...
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  • enable boot partion 1 to boot MFGTOOLs

    while rootfs i mx 6 sololite board by mfgtools  following error is showing. 32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200, 884736, 1605632 Writing inode tables: done Creating journal (32768 blocks): done Writing...
    SUNASIR Mallick
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  • LWIP MQTT + TLS + Free Rtos reference code

    Hi,      Board = imxrt1064 evk board.      I have implemented mqtt with free rtos code working fine.      We want to add TLS option nxp side any reference design is avai...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • IMXRT1064 Power Failure Detection

    Hi,       We want to detect power failure in imxrt1064.       Whenever power failure happens that time we want to write some data in external qspi flash.       Any way c...
    Vasudhevan G
    created by Vasudhevan G
  • MP3 decoder on CM4

    Hello Team,   My customer is trying to implement MP3 decoder on our CortexM MCU (as a small addon for this design), could you please advise which is the cheapest and lowest power family recommended for such appl...
    Shai Berman
    created by Shai Berman
  • IMRT1064 ADC1 9 Channel Config

    Hii,    I have refereed RT1064 ADC_ETC with DMA , ADC with ADC_ETC configuration , Are there bugs in ADC_ETC and ADC driver? , ADC_ETC sync mode questions on rt1050 ,...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • DM-Verity singing/verification in i.MX8MQ

    Hi All,   I want to understand DM-Verity singing/verification process of system and vendor images on i.MX8M Android platform.   We are using i.MX8MQ custom board. DM-Verity support is enabled in kerne...
    pratik manvar
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  • FRDM-KE04Z Hello World MCUXpresso SDK Issue

    I have a FRDM-KE04Z development board. I've installed the MCUXpresso and downloaded the SDK for the FRDM-KE04Z board. I imported it into the IDE without any issues.   I wanted to compile it to make sure that eve...
    Chris Lambrecht
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  • huge .C file including type bouble function for S32DS

    i got a xx.c file which is as big as 1 M BYTES by using generating tool, there are several functions as below:   # typedef  real32_T;    real32_T  tmp;    real32_T ftest = 3.3; &...
    Steven Zhang
    created by Steven Zhang
  • Boot configuration settings for TWR-LS1021A

    Hello Sir,   Currently i am working on our custom board using LS1021AXN7HNB processor i am not getting proper boot configuration settings for NOR flash and SD card flash. Below i have custom board boot switch i...
    Ramesha S P
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  • QorIQ T120 - DDR3 with T Topology

    In our Custom board design using QorIQ T1020 processor we have designed to use T Topology for DDR3 address/command/control and clock groups. Please confirm whether QorIQ processor supports T Topology for DDR3 as we h...
    Senthilkumar R
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  • Adding GPIO to the LPC55S69 EVK i2s Example

    I've added some code to the i2s_interrupt_record_playback example, to read from the USER GPIO pin. Unfortunately, it always reads 0. The gpio_led_output example works fine, after modifying the code to use the USER G...
    John Edwards
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  • MQX 5.1 unhandled exception running on i.MX7S Cortex-A7 core

    Hi,   We are using MQX 5.1 running on NXP i.MX7S ARM Cortex-A7 core. I got an unhandled interrupt which crashed my initialization task. Here is the interrupt information from MQX unexpected interrupt handler: &#...
    Qing Gu
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  • Error occurred when Tuning Mode was set to Basic

    Open Freemaster 2.5's Motor Control Application Tuning Tool, and when I set the Tuning Mode to Basic, an error prompt as shown in Figure 1 will occur. I'm in the parameters TAB How to solve this problem?
    相国 尹
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  • IMX8QM-MEK Power Management difference between Linux and Android

    Dear NXP,   I got observation when I try to send  suspend-to-ram command ( echo mem > /sys/power/state ) from Android and Linux   Suspend to Ram in Android OS,       ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Differences of watchdog peripherals

    Hi i.MXRT experts,   according to the fact-sheet https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/fact-sheet/IMXRTPORTFS.pdf, the i.MXRT devices have four watchdogs. (In the datasheets for the i.MXRT1010 and i.MXRT1050 I only f...
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