• CST 3.3.0 returns Undefined error

    Hello, I am trying to setup secure boot on my iMX8MM device I end up with an error with cst tool versio 3.3.0 : Error: Cannot open key file CSF1_1_sha256_4096_65537_v3_usr_key.pem 140578450752768:error:06065064:dig...
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  • Question about VCOFRQ setting in S12ZVL

    Hello all,   I am currently at the configuration of the fvco of the S12ZVL128. However, I find some difference in the datasheet for VCOFRQ setting. Just want to confirm which is correct.    In pa...
    Junxi Cai
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  • iMXRT1052 Link Application to RAM

    I have a question regarding the linker option: "Link application to RAM" when using Managed Linker Scripts in MCUXpresso IDE (v10.3.1 [Build 2233] [2019-02-20] Manifest for SDK SDK_2.x_EVKB-IMXRT1050 V 2.5.1). ...
    Johann Hagler
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  • LPC1758 : Cannot halt processor

    Hi,    HOW TO RESET THE LPC1758 controller and take it out from this mode???   Using LPC Link with custom LPC1758 board. Using Program Flash option sent a BIN file to blank Board. (New board , never p...
    D V
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  • FlexRAM configuration for OCRAM = 0

    I am using RT1062, and I would like to change flexRAM configuration for ITCM=256KB DTCM=256KB and OCRAM=0 (with RT1062 we already have 512KB of fixed OCRAM that is separate to flexRAM).   To do this, one of the ...
    Nick Wallis
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  • How to add exception support to newlib-nano?

    Hi, I'm using MCUXpresso with a C++ project. Today I ran into an issue: my very simple try catch block was not working. I found out the issue was due to newlib-nano having exceptions handling disabled by defa...
    Victor Canoz
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  • Codewarrior flash programming problem

    Hy,   We have a custom board with ls1046a qoriq processor on it. I would like to bring up the board by burning u-boot to the emmc with the CW flash programmer, but while running the target initialization script ...
    Kristóf Tunner
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  • project disappears from the MCUXpresso IDE

    Hi,   I have a project set up in MCUXpresso IDE on a VM with Ubuntu Linux. I built the code fine in the IDE. But sometimes after I power off the VM and power it back on, the project disappears from the IDE. I go...
    Zili Zhang
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  • HAB authentication Faild

    I upload signed uboot image to device, program SRK and closed the device with trustfence. After boot I get error:   Loading file 'boot.scr' to addr 0x8000000... Done    Autenticating image from DDR ...
    Adrian Dusinski
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  • Channel Map For EXT_ADV

    Hi NXP Community   I Have the FDRM KW38 board on my desk and I'm using the adv_ext_peripheral example. I' see that It is doing advertising on the secondary channel and this is correct based on specifi...
    Roza Antonyan
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  • Cannot wake from deep sleep on imx8m (Google Coral dev board)

    Hi,   I'm using the Google Coral Dev Board (i.mx8m SoC) running BalenaOS , and I'm trying to wake the board from deep sleep.   I'm entering deep sleep using   echo mem > /sys/power/state   I...
  • Using cst-tools signing *.out file

    Hi,   I am using sbc connect core 6 board for my product development. I have to add security to my developed firmware application. Because we are planning to use secure update of the application firmware. For th...
    vijith G
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  • i.MX6 Android 9 icon duplication

    We are in the process of upgrading our device (which is based on imx6dq/sabresd_6dq board) to Android 9 (p9.0.0_2.3.1 BSP). We noticed a weird issue that happens on Android 9 - icons/images (i.e. bitmaps) are bei...
    Steve Gamble
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  • How can I provide project settings (memory configuration) while building a MCUXpresso through Command Line

    Hi,   To build a MCUXpresso project through command line in windows, I am using the .bat file from https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse/tree/master/Examples/MCUXpresso/CmdLineBuild I am able to build the...
    Adithya Y D
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  • K32W DK6Programmer.exe

    When I execute  " DK6Programmer.exe -s COM29 -p heart.bin" Only the appropriate size will be cleared 1. What is the sector block? 2. How can I clear all Flash?
    Daniel Tseng
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  • SYSMPU Enable

    Good morning I am trying to run the USB cdc cdc example in a K20 evakit. Since no SDK is provided for MCUXpresso for this board I try to build the project by hand copying another for a differenct eva board. I have...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • QN9090 - Hardware Considerations

    Hello team,   My customer is planning to start drawing his schematics with QN9090 and got the inquiries below: 1a. What are the JTAG pins (for flashing and debug the device)?  1b. in case the customer wan...
    Shai Berman
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  • QN9080 demo (wireless heart rate) application issue

    Hello I am brand new to NXP devices (specifically the QN 9080 DK).   I am unable to run the basic wireless programs such as the examplified heart rate sensor FRTOS. I am able to Build, use Jlink debug probe, but...
    Eduardo Ortega
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  • i.MX 8M Nano - Enable .NET Core on Yocto Linux

    Hello team,   I have customers how are trying to Enable .NET Core on Yocto Linux. .NET core it's a runtime for C# programs, mainly works on Debian Distribute, please refer to Install .NET Core an...
    Shai Berman
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  • BLE finding correct handle ID

    Using QN908x BLE SDK. How can I find the handle_id for given attribute the simplest way on the connected BLE device?   Something like get_handle id for: service_hex/attribute_hex path Or can I hard code h...