• KW38 HardFault

    Hello,   Request your kind support for solving HardFault issue on FRDM KW38 board during BLE operations of a custom app (GAP central) with a mobile app (peripheral). Target hardware: FRDM KW38 SDK: MKW38A512xx...
    Prince John
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  • LPCXpresso54628 Appwizard RTOS

    Hi, I am using a LPCXpresso54628 (OM13098) board and an RTOS application. I was trying to port the emWin project as described in the video MCU Tech Minutes | Using AppWizard with MCUXpresso - YouTube...
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  • FRDM-KW36 - Extended Advertising

    Hi, NXP expert.   I am testing beacon(extended Advertising) using KW36 Board. The Gap_SetExtAdvertisingParameters function returns an error while testing an extended Advertising using the beacon ...
    ayden hong
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  • KW36 - HeartRate_PowerDownMode_Switch??

    Hi,   I'm testing an example of heart rate. (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_hrs_freertos)  The Switch is different when power down mode is set and not set. 1. The SW3 operate as gKBD_Event...
    ayden hong
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  • Wich model of Riverdi Display at SLN-VIZN-IOT?

    The SLN-VIZN-IOT doesn't have parallel LCD port or MSI port   The user guide says mus be "Riverdi Display"   I assume any with usb controller must work?   Resolution, size, controller, etc? ...
    Oscar Delmote
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  • Two questions: (1) License for distribution (2) FreeMaster Lite only Installation

    Hello,   I have two questions: (1) Does the FreeMaster and FreeMasterLite license allow distributing the software to my customers with my products for customer to configure the devices? (2) Is there a way to o...
    lee chen
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  • What is are the resistor values permitted on Vbus for the LPC1837

    Hello,   We have implemented the Vbus protection circuit for the LPC1837JET100 (Figure 46 in datasheet p.136). The goal is to avoid the 5 V to be applied on the USBx_VBUS pin when there is no VDDIO. The dat...
    Nicolas Boucquey
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  • Looking for the old Freescale Learning Accademy resources

    Hello, time ago i watch some educational videos from the Freescale website about how to create a c# GUI for DEMOJM, and if I remember right also some etpu relate videos. Now I can't find that videos in the NXP site; A...
    damien darhk
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  • Does mx8 support 8 Lane Mipi output

    Hello everyone,     I have a case about video display (mipi output). The customer (oled manufacturer ) requirement  is:   cpu (mipi output) ->  oled panel( 4K resolution)   I want t...
    William Gou
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  • K64 ADC differential mode in unsigned reading

    Hi    Differential mode works from (1^N-1) /2 , means from minus to plus half range. there should be a possibility to make it unsigned differential mode   Can some one tell how to do it in the...
    Eli Arad
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  • Unable to boot Windows IOT Core on IMX6ULL EVK

    Hello Experts, I am trying to boot imx6ull board using pre-built windows IOT core image downloaded from the NXP website. However I am getting following errors while booting from microSD card. I have tried both W180...
    Lokesh Venkataramappa
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  • 500瓦电源方案问题

    你好! 目前我们公司使用TEA19161和TEA19162设计了一款500W电源。现状是输出为稳定电压,但电压值比设计值要高。通过看波形发现TL431的ref脚并非2.5V,而是一直处于震荡状态,且震荡中心值(波形中的直线)不足2.5V。请问可能的原因有哪些?
    baokang li
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  • imx6 libsensors TmpSensor.cpp温度传感器采样率

    android/hardware/imx/libsensors路径,TmpSensor.cpp文件 TmpSensor::readEvents(),这个函数,获取事件的频率很慢,可以怎么让它调用的快一些? 器件ic,驱动上报的频率是50hz是正常的,但是hal里面,获取数据很慢,要很久才读到数据,请问hal里面,怎么才可以更快的获取数据?
    卫 陈
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  • iMX6ULL-evk USB OTG support on Win 10 IoT Core

    Hello Support team   Can any body please tell me wether iMX6UL / iMX6ULL  evk board supports usb OTG in device mode when we load Windows 10 IoT Core? I am thinking to use it as a mass storage dev...
    Lokesh Venkataramappa
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  • Max RAM can be used from M4 in IMX7ULP

    Hello,   I am trying to find how much max memory can be used in Cortex M4 of IMX7ULP in Low power mode.   As I see from the ref manual, it seems that max 256KB can be used from internal RAM.  Ca...
    Vivek Rajpara
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  • imx8: Opencv, Live camera object detection

    Hi,    Is there tested sample code available for live camera object detection with OpenCV for imx8mqevk target.    Thanks & regards, Vipul Kumar
    vipul Suneja
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  • DCF Clients - Program - MPC5746R

    Hi is possible to program the UTEST sector, in my case, starts from 0x400310, program with code for each 8 bytes of DCF Client without problems with the OTP. i understand that once you program a byte, is for ever...
    Demian Espina
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  • error on SLN-ALEXA-IOT vcom for windows7emb

    Using SLN-ALEXA-IOT connected VCOM to  windows7 embedded there is an erorr on the driver . Also the solution provided in the forum for RT demo board with windows7 on pc are not succefull.  here the error att...
    Emilio Brivio
    created by Emilio Brivio
  • Debug bootloader & application images using JLink

    I'm trying to debug my bootloader, application and recovery images using JLink. I found a document "Debugging Bootloader and Application using KDS" and followed the steps. However, the "Commands" option where they add...
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  • flexspi  flash读写失败

    硬件:mcu:rt1010       flash:w25q32fvzpig           我的板子外接了一个nor flash w25q32 ,但是我通过flexspi操作flash读写,运行FLEXSPI_SoftwareReset时,会进入硬件错误。可能的原因是什么?          ...
    志成 项
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