can you tell me how to calculate rotor speed from Hall sensor? I want Speed to be calculate in each sector of 60 degree.
    Aniket Bagade
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  • MPC8280和SDRAM问题

    我看在AN2165中有个描述写的是在MPC8260A中“the MPC8260A (HiP4) and revision C of the MPC8260 can use these values but require an external multiplexer.”是否MPC8280CVVQLDA型号也是如此?
    liu bin
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  • RT1050 Touch Screen Controller - 4 pin mode

    When using the touch screen controller (TSC) on the RT1050 - in 4 pin mode - do you have to leave pin GPIO_AD_B1_11 as a no connect, or can it be used for other functionality?   I also couldn't find any demos us...
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  • t1042rdb eeprom writing problem

    i'm trying to write eeprom via i2c interface but i could'nt.   i2c eeprom address is 0x50 and i use following u-boot commands.   =>i2c md 0x50 0x00 0x01 // firstly i read 0x0000 eeprom address  00...
    unknown issuee
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  • over current

    hello,    Where do I go to modify the maximum current value, the maximum voltage value...    why frac16(0.7)<frac16(0.68)?
    王 全贵
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  • Help: MIMXRT1020-EVK suddenly stopped working !

    Hi All   I have been working successfully with the MIMXRT1020-EVK for some time and had a working code loaded in QSPI-FLASH - so that it booted from there and ran this code.   Using IAR I was then developi...
    Mark Butcher
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  • MPC5777M Modifying Calibration in Runtime by Remap the Calibration region

    Use Case: To Remap the Calibration Region Tools: Lauterbach Debugger Target: MPC5777M Microcontroller Calibration: ENGINE_01_Calibration [Address: 0x09457E99--0x09457E99]   Description: We would like to Remap th...
    Dhanesh Pandian
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  • FlexRAM and Linker Problem

    I want to run an application on a i.mx rt1052 with the following RAM config: DTCM: 256k, ITCM: 128k, OC: 128k (default values: DTCM: 128k, ITCM: 128k, OC: 256k)   I want to reconfigure the FlexRAM at runti...
    David Huwiler
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  • Kinetis K28F MCUXpresso Debug Problem

    Hello, I am working on a custom board that has Kinetis K28F (MK28FN2M0AVMI15) on it. The platform that we are developing software is MCUXpresso IDE V11.0.1.We are at the beginning of the software development process; ...
    savas erdem kartal
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  • Is there support for ADC in i.MX 8M Mini series of processors?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any support for ADC in i.MX series of processors?     Thanks and Regards, Nayana Gopalraj
    Mahesh Devadiga
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  • lpc1549 adc_5 enable problem

    Hi. I have my ADC already running in initialization. This works perfectly. What I am running into is this. I want to change the GPIO over to a ADC input after initialization of the system #and the PINENABLE0 (ADC0_5) ...
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  • Dose LS1046 support USB gadget mode on USB 3.0 (5Gpbs)?

    I am working on USB 3.0 gadget on LS1046ARDB. I see LS1046ARD document "QorIQ LS1046A Product Brief"   The USB 3.0 module operates in following modes: • Host Mode: SS/HS/FS/LS • Device Mode: SS/HS/FS...
    Andy Hsu
    created by Andy Hsu
  • T1024: How to change perl version in SDK2.0

    Hi, I have installed linux SDK 2.0 and generated toolchain as well. By default perl5.22 is being generated. Can some one pls let me know how/where to make changes to get perl5.20 ??   Thanks in advance ... ...
    gourav jain
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  • v4l2 subdevice with imx6

    Hi,  reading imx linux reference manual, i see that the ov5640 can be used using the internal mxc architecture (master/slave with mxc_v4l2_capture i guess) or using "standard" v4l2 subdevice.   But o...
    laurent vaudoit
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  • Accessing mode register MR33 in LPDDR4 with i.MX8

    Hello!   there are LPDDR4 DRAMs which have integrated ECC error correction functionality (IME4G32L4HABG). These devices even have additional ERROR-pins which could be used to trigger an interrupt routine or rese...
    Thorsten Wronski
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  • FXTHxx with IAR ?

    Hello , I have a sensor called FXTH871511DT1CT-ND which can be programmed at the same time. I need to program this sensor and print the data. For this I use one J-Link and one MRB-KW019030JA. I can program MRB-KW0190...
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  • How to work with MCAL on the MPC5744P?

    Rencently, i attemp to drive DEVKIT-MPC5744P by using S32DS with AUTOSAR MCAL for MPC5744P , and it never successful.   And as i got to learn it for a while,this way may need AUTOSAR OS, but it is not free, so i...
    leo HOU
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  • Authentication error in NXP Library

    I am developing an android app to authenticate mifare UltraLightC chip ,but the problem i am facing while authenticating  chip is , it always  throws an exception, every time even if it is authenticated or n...
    Raj Shinde
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  • Code Warrior with J-LINK

    Hello , I would like to program MRB-KWO19030JA and FXTH871511DT1CT-ND processors in Code Warrior via J-Link. Please help me .
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  • SPI problem with MTFE on MKS22

    My 25MHz SPI master application (CPOL=0,CPHA=0) is seeing occasional errors in the received data from the slave.   MISO data from the slave to the MKS22 only has ~10ns setup time to the rising clock edge ...
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