• Unable to write to COP

    Hi,   I am trying to implement a watchdog timer in my code, and I think the register is being addressed before I use the init function, but I can not find where.  I was able to find the disable in the syste...
    Evan Griffith
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  • How to use the mcuxpresso API for something like an ADC

    I am new to mcuxpresso and have used Code Warrior, KDS with processor expert, IAR as a baremetal project, and finally making the move to mcuxpresso.  I can use help figuring out how to use the APIs.  If a si...
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  • APS confirm fail with distance Router to Coordinator is 15m-20m

    Dear all,   Currently, I got a routing problem occurs when I tested a Zigbee network between a Coordinator and a Router. The test's steps are described below: Coordinator is module chip Jn5169 and code is use J...
    Dang Thanh Nha
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  • The multi-communication feature of the KW36

    I would like to a ask a question about the multi-communication feature of the KW36.  In our design, The KW36 will use BLE's SSP (serial port profile) and without using FreeRtos to communicate with 4 periphe...
    sihan chen
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  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor with two USB HS and 16 endpoints

    Is there a Microcontroller/Microprocessor with two USB HS and 16 endpoints?
    Aleksandr Tarasiuk
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  • CW MCU v11.1 build hangs

    UPDATE   Need advice for Build Project command on CW MCU v11.1. CodeWarrior project "out of the box" builds correctly:     when I repeat the build, all files are built again although Build (increme...
    Erwin Beck
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  • DMA for Flexcomm SPI with 20-24-bit peripherals?

    We have what is a pretty common requirement for modern applications especially IOT. Specifically, we need to, without code intervention: - read results from several SPI sensors - interrupt (and possibly wake up) CPU a...
    Dave Nadler
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  • Changing UART Baud Rate in FreeRTOS?  Flushing FIFOs

    Hiya,   I'm using the FreeRTOS UART driver (SDK 2.3.1 with a MK22FN1M0Axxx12) for my application and there are cases where I need to change the baud rate of the UART.  There is a workflow where there is the...
    Myke Predko
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  • MPC5777C C55FMC Flash erase suspend

    Hi, I am planning to erase the large blocks(6MB) and during erase, I would want to suspend the erase and flash data. Before, flashing the data, I would like to check if the block I am flashing to has been erased...
    Manaswini lalitha
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  • APDU Commands via VCOM

    I am trying to send my APDU Commands via VCOM to the SE050. I am using Windows 10 OS and a FRDM-k64fd.   The Plug and Trust Examples using the SSS-API work fine but as soon as I want to send the APDU Commands I ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • Flex-builder Not Creating SDBoot composite firmware images

    Hi,   When I try to build a non-secure version of the composite image for a LS1043ardb   flexbuilder -i mkfw -b sd -m ls1043ardb -a arm64'    It builds the "ATF version" (secure version), but...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • PTN5110 sourcing high voltage

    Hi there,   We have PTN5110 and would like to know how to source high voltage (more than 5V).    From the datasheet. it seems that if you want to support higher voltage, you need to use the EN_SNK1 pi...
  • Ventilator design (DRM127) - software

    I'm looking at https://www.nxp.com/applications/solutions/industrial/healthcare/ventilators-and-respirators:VENTILATORS-RESPIRATORS I got the DRM127 document from the website which provides design specification for V...
    Ramakanth Kona
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  • How to reinit SD card without SD_PowerOffCard

    Hello, I have design a board that includes : - a MIMXRT1064DVL6A processor, - Memory IS42s16160j, - SD card slot, - JTAG, - A led I was inspired by IMXRT1064 EVKB Board to design it. In my board, unfortunately, I...
    Lacouture Patrice
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  • Time Synchronization using GPS (LS1046/LS1088)

    Hi, I know how to synchronize time using IEEE1588 (PTP). How can I Synchronize Internal clock of LS1046/LS1088 with GPS time. As per my knowledge for synchronizing a system with GPS we need ToD information and 1PPS si...
    Muhammed Mufeed
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  • about FreeRTOS heap

    Dear expert, I develop S32K144 with FreeRTOS V10.1.1,the SDK version is RTM_3_0_0.  I describe my question in detail with the attachment. Could you kindly help me again?
    燕琳 赵
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  • clock vs actual_clock in mmc(imx8qxp)

    Hi,   Why the clock and actual clock is different in mmc for imx8qxp? ------------------------------------------------------------------ # cat /sys/kernel/debug/mmc0/ios clock: 200000000 Hz actual clock: 1666...
    wasim nazir
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  • Using MfgTool2 with imxRT1052

    Hello,   I'm using mfgtool2 to load my application into imxRT1052. Project is built under MCUXpresso IDE 10.3.1 with SDK v2.5. In the project properties, i define Flash at address 0x60000000. To create SB file,...
    David OUATTARA
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  • Feedback on devicetree for imx6qdl connecting to Marvell 6176 DSA networking switch

    Please give feed back on device tree description for This node in the device tree with CONFIG_NET_DSA_LEGACY enabled in kernel correctly enumerates all interfaces on the Marvell 6176 switch. dsa@0 { compatible = "mar...
    Sriram Uma Chadalavada
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  • MX8_DSI_OLED1 screen blinking

    hi everyone:      i have two imx8M quad evaluation kit board and MX8_DSI_OLED1 screen. when i flash andriod O8.1.0_1.3.0 the MX8_DSI_OLED1 can display normally ,but when i flash  an...
    zhao lingjun
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