• Can I personalize commands and wake word SLN-Local-IOT?

    I check at local-commands@nxp.com for quotation.   And is a very professional work to do that   I can do it by myself more lite or simple version?   Thanks in advance.
    Oscar Delmote
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  • Is there any Mechanical drawings related SLN-VIZN IOT kit availabe?

    I was looking for the mechanical drawings of the camera module MT9M114 that nxp supply along with the SLN-ViZN iot kit[based on imxRT-106F cross over mcu]. I searched over the net, but couldn't find the part no: or an...
    Delwyn Joseph
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  • i.MXRT1052 Common clock source for peripherals

    Hi, I'd like to clock a bunch of peripherals from a common clock source, to generate some complex synchronized waveforms. Peripherals of interest include FlexIO2, FlexPWM, LPSPI, QTIMER.   Reference Manual Rev 4...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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  • I2C1(GPIO_B0_04 & _05) not working on MXRT1052

    I only have this problem on LPI2C2. When using LPI2C1 it works fine.   The Clock seems good, but SDA transitions from high to low when clock starts and stays low. We have Pull-ups on SDA.     I am using...
    james kim
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  • RT600 hifi dsp debug downloading is toooooo slow

    Developing environment: evkmimxrt685, McuXpresso11.1.1, XtensaXplorer, EVK onboard debugger is programmed to JLINK (as starting up guide doc says), Xtensa OCD Daemon 14.01 is used.   Just open the ...
    zhang tz
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  • Error in MI Command

    Hi, i am using IM.XRT1020-EVK for development i was using this since month but it is throwing error saying unable to execute MI command since past 2 days ,Can anybody let me know what could be the reason for this err...
    Dhanush KumarN
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  • flexspi  flash读写失败

    硬件:mcu:rt1010       flash:w25q32fvzpig           我的板子外接了一个nor flash w25q32 ,但是我通过flexspi操作flash读写,运行FLEXSPI_SoftwareReset时,会进入硬件错误。可能的原因是什么?          ...
    志成 项
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  • Running TensorFlow Lite on HiFi-Mini DSP

    Please, has any one been able to run a TensorFlow Lite For Micro based application on a HiFi Mini DSP? I am using the NXP i.MX RT600 board.
    Dele Ogunjumelo
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  • SDK - how to config ADC input pin/channel ?

    I am looking for an example to proper initialize an input channel for the ADC (LPC54628). The usual way is to enable the appropriate GPIO pin, and assign the proper function (analog mode). All of the SDK examples us...
    frank meyer
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  • Support IrDA in SDK API for RT1011/RT1015 MCUs

    Hi,   I've noticed that IrDA as part of LPUART module is not supported in SDK API(version 2.7) and there is no examples or explanation. Could you please clarify if there is a plan to add this to SDK?   I t...
    Anton Glukhov
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  • USB host stack over current detection

    Hi   It looks like the USB host stack checks and clears the wrong bit in the following code. I believe that the code should check the persistent USBHS_PORTSC1_OCC_MASK bit to check for over current events. And a...
    Ulrich Sørensen
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  • life time of a controller

    Is there any to calculate the lifetime of the controller under some conditions (lab conditions)? using controllers: LPC546XX series, LPC17XX series and LPC8XX series controllers.   Regards, Avinash.
    Avinash G
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  • LPC8N04 read a button over NFC

    Hi,   I recently bought the LPC8N04 devkit from NXP to figure out a relatively simple task; Use the LPC8N04 as a passive tag (with energy-harvesting) that sends back information about the button state.   ...
    M Spit
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  • Q2: CAN transmission in a proper way?

    I have custom made LPC54618 board & I want to communicate with x number of other CAN devices. I have used MCAN_TransferSendBlocking() function till now which worked until number of devices are less. I certainly mo...
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  • Possible bug in GCC 4.9.4 EABI VLE PowerPC (S32DS)

    Hello,   We have found what seems a bug in the C compiler GCC 4.9.4 included in S32DS for PowerPC. This bug is reproducible with an unmodified SDK project example after setting optimization to "-Og". As a summar...
    Andreu Montiel
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  • S32K144 VLPS to RUN transition LPUART issue

    Hello all,   We have an application in which the micro is awakened from deep sleep (VLPS) by a falling edge interrupt in UART RX pin.   The problem is that apparently the first bit is lost, so we get ...
    Ricardo Martinez Elizalde
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  • PCA9420 - VIN tolerance

    Hello team, My customer is planning to use our #PCA9420 pmic as his main DC/DC and LDO and today he using a 4xAA battery setup which leads to Vin 6.2v once the batteries are new (in the future they will use a re...
    Shai Berman
    created by Shai Berman
  • OPENCV Error in I.MX8MMini

    I am getting the below error when i try to run a simple opencv code   terminate called after throwing a[24778.491458] audit: type=1701 audit(1579182772.146:15): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=42...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • Protection from a bad reflash

    Hello,   We are implementing a bootloader on our device based on the one supplied in the SDK so that we can update remotely our device via UART. Everything is going good, but I was wondering what if a remote fla...
    João Ribeiro
    created by João Ribeiro
  • MIMXRT1060-EVK flashing red light rapidly during debug

    I'm running the example hello world example for the MIMXRT1060-EVK and it builds fine, but when i try to debug it, it stops at the first function inside main.c, which is BOARD_ConfigMPU(). It says there is a temporary...
    Ahmed Mostafa
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