• ISL79987 and adv7180 de-interlace driver for iMX8QXP boards

    adv7180 is the 8 bits parallel CSI interface TVin to iMX8QXP validation board. Its weaving mode de-interlace can be supported on both iMX8QXP B0 and C0 chips, but blending mode de-interlace can only work on iMX8QXP C...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • DAP and TAP register documentation

    Hi,   I'm looking into unlocking a locked LPC5460x processor from PyOCD like the unlock command in the Segger J-link Commander does. I followed pyOCD/security.md, and was able to access Access Point #2 ove...
    Jan Pieter de Ruiter
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  • LSDK 20.04 build tensorflow with error

    How to build tensorflow without error with LSDK 20.04? flex-builder docker source setup.env flex-builder -c tensorflow   WARNING: /root/.cache/bazel/_bazel_root/e049e4c8f6a02b9cc6ec49b509d262b1/external/grpc/BUI...
    Mason Yen
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  • RT1015 Write multiple GPIO at same time

    Hi,   Can RT1015 write multiple GPIO at same time?       Regards Ken
    Ken Su
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  • Race condition in MCUXpresso USART Driver

    The code contained in fsl_usart.c driver contains a race condition on transmit.  The error will occur in systems that have non-blocking transmit and receive happening simultaneously.   Starting at line 588 ...
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  • Strange MK20 GPIO Receive Issue

    Hello,   I'm writing a built in self test and having issues with some very basic sending/receiving. On the MK20DN512 I have PTA17 (output) tied to PTA16(input), and I'm setting PTA17 high then checking PTA16 to ...
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  • i.MX 8M Mini DDR tool hangs after programming board

    Hello,   I have a custom designed board using an 8M Mini processor on it. In the process of developing with this board, I ran the mscale DDR evaluation tool successfully on it before loading any software on it. ...
    created by adevries
  • Kinetis K60 modifying example programs

    I am using MCUxpresso 11.1 with a Kinetis K60 in the 100 pin LQFP package in a bare metal project.  I want to test the SD interface, so I installed the example code from the K60 tower board SDK.  That codes ...
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  • i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Hangs on Waiting for the target board boot

    Hello everyone,   We have designed a custom board with i.MX 8M Quad CPU. We controlled the voltages and clocks on the board. But when we try DDR Tool, it prints the logs given below Tool does not print anything ...
    Onur Calili
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  • AUTOSAR OS for S32K11x

    Is there an available AUTOSAR OS for S32K118? I found there is for S32K14x, are there any porting guideline?
    Wei Gao
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  • MIMXRT1060-EVK examples basic peripherals

    Hello, I'm getting started with the MIMXRT1060-EVK. I installed mcuxpresso IDE and SDK. Only what I didn't find are basic examples and documentation how to use the basic peripherals. Like Timers, GPIO SPI, Can  ...
    Ernst van Spronsen
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  • FlexIO limitation of RT1010

    Hi,   Can someone explain me better the limitation of FlexIO on Note in section 41 of the RM.  It says it is not possible to shift and store on the same cycle?    Is this a limitation of RT1010 ...
    Manuel Abbatemarco
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  • PCIe Clocks

    We are trying to get PCIe working with Linux on a custom board with an i.MX6Q and an external PCI clock generator, using the linux-imx_4.19.35 Yocto warrior kernel.   I've seen Setting the iMX6 PCIe Clocks and o...
    Bryan Neperud
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  • [MPC5748G] FIR filter design question

    Hi, Does S32 Design studio have the ready-to-use library or function for the FIR filter? Like the command in Matlab "b = firpm(n,f,a)"https://www.mathworks.com/help/signal/ref/firpm.html#d120e59899 I want to de...
    Junyi Zhang
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    Hi everybody, I would like to have the QUICK START GUIDE  of the DEVKIT-MPC5744P REV A. would you know where can i find it? I tried to get work the UART by using power supply 12v but it does not work. I cannot ...
  • Add Custom Tool to Toolchain

    I want to add some tools to the toolchain.  This is to add some steps that prepare and package the firmware image for OTA programming.  The idea is to get the IDE do it as part of the bui...
    Denis Collis
    created by Denis Collis
  • How to reliably activate pass-through mode for NXP I2C NTAG 2k

    Hey NXP-Forum,   thank you for your great support. I really appreciate your easy to understand and highly informative answers and I really hope I dont bother you too much asking another one for a better understa...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • How to reliably configure NXP NTag I2C - Pass Through Mode?

    Dear NXP-Forum,   I'm trying to configure the pass through mode with my NXP NTag I2C. I'm trying to send dynamically data from I2C to my smart phone via NFC. Here are my configuration-steps:   1. I've put ...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • Question regarding ADC Example project in MPC5748G

    I've been running the ADC example code in S32DS, which converts the ADC result to illuminate the LED light on the MPC7548G board. The example code contains ADC1_Calibration(), ADC_Init(), ADC1_Read_Chan() and update_L...
    Junyi Zhang
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  • Why is "LAST_NDEF_BLOCK" always zero

    I recently got some PCB's made and populated these with some NT3H2111 and NT3H2211 NTAG I2C plus tags.   The NFC read and write from a phone using the various NXP NFC apps, such as TagWriter, TagInfo and NTAG I2...
    Colin Gerrish
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