• How can I import [.dbc] files into an S32DS?

    Dear supporters   I control S32K144 using S32DS. I'm currently implementing a CAN communication system, and I have a question.I have a [DBC] file, and I need to configure the source according to the message info...
    Minsik Choi
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  • 68HC16 assembler and USB BDM interface!

    Hi there,   My name is Padelis and i am from Greece! I have some 68HC16 boards and i want to write some programs for that CPU. I know that the world has moved on but this is what i have got now! I am looking ...
    Padelis Floudas
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  • MPC5748G

    I don't quite understand the ME_RUN_PC0..7 register when using MPC5748G. The routine given on the official website is to enable ME_RUN_PC0 = 0x000000fe to enable all modes, but when I look at this register, why are 0-...
    zxs zxs
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  • Restart Button enable

    In the debug perspective I can't use the restart button, due to fact it's not enabled. But in the customized perspective it's still enabled. There is something different to set ?
    Claudio Brunelli
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  • MPC5746C ADC problem

    Hi, When I configured the ADC in mpc5746C, after using PE to configure the ADC, I found that the program would always enter IVOR1_Handler when the ADC was initialized. The program has an operating system.
    zxs zxs
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  • iMX8QXP SCU wakes up once a second during suspend?

    Hi,   SCFW: Linux BSP: 4.19.35 SoC: iMX8QXP PMIC: PF8100   When I put the system into suspend (KS1) I can see the PMIC coming out of standby via the SCU disabling SCU_PMIC_STANDBY. The PMIC then tu...
    John Ernberg
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  • I.mx6SoloX U-boot custom commands

    How can we create custom commands in u-boot using yocto project ? Ex .-> in uboot if I enter=>verify_pmic -> it should read all the important registers related to that pmic and log into one txt file . I am ...
    Vasim Akram
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  • i.MX8 ISI downscaling

    Hello,   Can i.MX8 ISI downscaling Raw12 bit camera output data? That means camera output Raw 12 bit data 1280X800,then ISI processing it to 640X400 then output store in image file. If can,how to do it in dr...
    Xu Ji
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  • S32K116问题

    hi  ,请问下,数据手册中有如下描述,这个意思是不是我外面接的对地电阻或者是等效电阻不能大于5K欧姆?
    haifeng jin
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  • about i.MX8 ISI data convert

    Hello,   If camera sensor output is Raw12 bit pixel data,does ISI convert it to YUV420 output then send display or store image? If it can how to do in code? Or ISI only can convert RGB with YUV,not support RAW...
    Xu Ji
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  • 初学RT1060,请问SDK里面支持WIFI模块的代码示例支持哪个型号的芯片?

    如题,使用硬件是RT1060,IDE是MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05] ,sdk版本是2.5.1,此前已经调通了一个显示屏和一个触摸屏,现在想要调试一个WIFI模块,模块型号是murata 的LBEH5HMZPC,搭载芯片BCM4339(CYW4339),使用SDIO接口,使用的是SDK里面evkmimxrt1060_wiced_iperf示例,其说明支持SDIO接口...
    林 陆
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  • How to write and read user data from the On-chip Flash in RT1064?

    Is there an example of how to write and read user data from the On-chip Flash in RT1064?
    陈 文龙
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  • Writing to OctaSPI via FlexSPI

    Hello Together,    I have another question regarding the FlexSPI interface.   We use the Interface to boot from an Adesto Octa-SPI Flash. This is working fine; we can boot from the Flash and can run ...
    created by Masmiseim
  • MXRT1060 Camera Interface

    Hi,   Now currently I am working with the MXRT1060 where we planned to interface the camera and using the UVC class for streaming. In the example source code they are using the SDRAM to store the frame buffers. ...
    Sathish Kumar
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  • What does a Master ID of 0x0 for all AHB Prefetch Buffers do?

    Hello, the RT1020 flexspi_nor_polling_transfer demo project calls the function flexspi_nor_flash_init which gets the default config for flexspi and initializes most of the FlexSPI with default parameters. The functi...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • yocto的一些疑问

    bitbake生成rootfs后如何删除?每次执行bitbake xxx-image后在deploy目录下都会生成一次rootfs.xxx的文件,如何清除它们? config/local.conf中IMAGE_INSTALL_append添加的内容无法保存?每次进入编译都需要修改append宏才能生成我要的rootfs? IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " e2fsprogs" 无法将属于e2fsprogs包的...
    luo yaojun
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  • LS1012A - i2c slave mode

    Is it possible to use current I2C reserver SDA, SCL pins for I2C Slave mode? e.g. I want to use ls1012a as the i2c slave. If the driver should be re-programmed, please let me know details or how can I use the unreserv...
    Sabr Zhan
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  • i.MX6ULEVK can play audio but not record

    Hi ,     I'm testing i.MX6ULEVK wm8960 by aplay and arecord.  The images I used are the official demo of L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga and I have set the configurations for the board's mic. I could play the /unit_...
    Ida J
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  • RT1060 SDK 提供的wifi例程是基于什么wifi芯片?博通?

    你好:         我现在在rt板子上调sdk中的wifi例程。我选用的wifi芯片是博通的43436B0,我移植了43436B0的驱动到sdk中。 但是出现了一下的log: Initializing WiFi connection...  Could not initialize ...
    zhao yang
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  • Device tree node for USB serial

    Hi,   We are using ls1012a On our board, the usb2.0 is connected to a USB phy(USB3300), The USB 2.0 controller with ULPI interface provides point-to-point connectivity that complies with the USB specificati...
    Kai Wu
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