• Can i use the DAC in SGTL5000 for constant voltage

    Hi, i'm trying to use the DAC in the SGTL5000 for constant voltage. I want to set the voltage via the I2S and the output level of LINEOUT should be configurable between 0V and 0.8V. So first, is this even possible an...
    Julian Vogt
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  • About S12ZVL EEPROM

    Hi,   I want to save a variable in the eeprom, I can read the variable after the power on reset.The follows is my code:   The data is saved in the address(0x100000~0x10003F), but after power on reset, th...
    xue j
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  • iMX6 Quad Local Timer

    I want to use the local timer in one of the cores to create a "tick" timer. According to what I've read in various manuals, each of the cores in the iMX6 Quad has a private timer that can be used for my application. M...
    Ken Green
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  • Module 5: V/F Scalar Control

        INTRODUCTION   In this module of the 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox , we are going to spin the PMSM for the first time with S32K and...
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  • LS1043ARGW SD TFA boot problem

    I have LS1043ARGW custom boards and LS1043ARDB-PD boards. I am trying to boot from an sd card. And I need OP-TEE, so I have to boot with TFA. However, there is a problem that the boot does not work. So I built it...
    hakjun oh
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  • Interafcing 8GB Nand in T1042

    Hi, we have MT29F64G08AFAAAWP 8GB Nand with T1042. This is a dual die device so it is connected via CS0 and CS1.   We had some issue configuring the u-boot to use whole 8GB, so we followed two ap...
    Debdutta Banerjee
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  • Calculate time for 64 bit load from uncached memory in i.MX8

    Hi,   We want to calculate the time taken to read and compare two large buffer in uncached memory. The buffers are allocated using dma_alloc_coherent kernel function. For this we will need to find how much time ...
  • L4.19.35 sdma load firmware timeout

    Hi community:            The sdma need to load firmware about imx/sdma/sdma-imx7d.bin, and set the timeout.             ...
    coin du
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  • RT1064 ENET module incorrectly triggers a receive interrupt.

    Hello !   I have two RT1064 boards(A and B) and communicate via Ethernet and found a incomprehensible problem.   Test results: Board A sends messages to Board B via Ethernet 10 times in total, wi...
    zeyong yang
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  • iMX8MQ got stuck during booting rootfs

    Hi,    I'm tring to use NFS to mount rootfs at iMX8MQEVK. The images used could boot from emmc normally. When I downloaded the image & dtb by DHCP and mounted the rootfs using NFS, the boot log showed t...
    Ida J
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  • I.MX 7 ULP/Solo datalogger use

    I'm new to I.MX processors and only familiar with Beaglebone black (AM355x). But i'm looking for a 'upgrade' to the BBB, any idea how the 7(ULP/Solo) compare? It's a core A7 compared to core A8 but a much newer design...
    Michiel TJampens
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  • Boot command using hab_auth_img

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to use HAB for the kernel verification. I managed to sign the kernel image and to get "No HAB Events Found!" calling  hab_auth_img 0x40480000 0x13c6f60 0x13c6000.   I have two ...
    Paolo Gentili
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  • iMX8M 1PPS in

    Having difficulty getting 1PPS input on a GPIO1_IO08 tp work. My device tree fragments are: pinctrl@30330000 {    compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-iomuxc";    reg = <0x0 0x30330000 0x0 0x10...
    Aaron Goldsworthy
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  • Questions for Overlay in 5744P

    We are trying to use overlay feature in 5744P for online calibration function, we can remapping the mirror flash the SRAM, and SRAM data can be modify by XCP, and sync with mirror flash. But the problem is, in the .ld...
    xungao xu
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  • BAP64Q - Quad PIN diode attenuator

    Dear Team,   In datasheet of BAP64Q Application circuit states that shunt diodes are biased with 0.75 Vdc.  But if i try to simulate that circuit i get very poor return loss and attenuation is around 2...
    Rohith K
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  • KW36 - HeartRate_PowerDownMode_Switch??

    Hi,   I'm testing an example of heart rate. (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_hrs_freertos)  The Switch is different when power down mode is set and not set. 1. The SW3 operate as gKBD_Event...
    ayden hong
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  • Flash-resident bootloader for i.MX RT1064

    Hi,   I am trying to configure a flash-resident bootloader for a custom SoC based on i.MXRT1064. I didn't see the ota_bootloader example in the evkmimxrt1064 SDK, so I'm trying to port the ota_bootloader example...
    Niranjan Gopal
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  • [PN7462AU] NFC polling without RF reset

    Good day,   I'm a engineer using PN7462AU.  I am developing an NFC communication program. When I remove the card (tag), I want to recognize it and stop all communication.   Below is the setup...
    Haje Lee
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  • Bad UDP behavior after migrating fsl_enet from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version

    Good morning,   We have a UDP/IP stack code that has started to misbehave on a K64 after migrating fsl_enet driver from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version. This is the result of updating SDK from version 2.6 to 2.7. We have...
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  • LPC802问题

    haifeng jin
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