• NXP SBC-S32V234 Webserver interface with flutter App

    Hello Everyone, I am developing client application using flutter frame work to communicate with NXP webserver. In mobile app i am using websocket protocol to establish communication with NXP webserver . As I have cl...
    Shraddha Jogani
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  • How to change sdcard.img from ext4 to squashFS/overlayFS for ls1012afrwy OpenWrt-19.04?

    Hi   Because I need to support "Factory Reset", and the current sdcard.img is ext4 that can not support this way. So   How to change sdcard.img from ext4 to squashFS/jffs2overlayFS for ls1012afrwy OpenWrt-...
    Paul Young
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  • A general question regarding debugger

    Hi, I am just learning about the debuggers in particular PEmicro multilink universal debugger. What is the difference between PEmicro multilink universal debugger and Lauterbach debuggers in terms of performance...
    Arthi Venkatasubramanian
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  • iMX6UL USB Communication Problem

    Hello,   We are developing software on the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite, ARM Cortex-A7 (MCIMX6G2CVM05AA) using IAR EW 8.32.4.  We need to develop software that will communicate via the USB port on the baseboard (N...
    Dennis Jelcic
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  • How to use usb 2.0 and Type-c connectors at the same time on i.mx8mini

    Hello I used a USB hub on i.mx8mini to make 4 usb ports. By the way, if I use Type-c and usb 2.0 together, I don't know how to configure   i.mx8mini has two USB ports One used for FW download The other one will...
    Danny KIM
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  • Active interrupts after MCUXpresso restart?

    We are currently using MCUXpresso 11.0.1 to develop a project using LPC4330 processors (M4 with M0APP).  Our application uses interrupts to manage a few time-dependent processes.  If we set a breakpoint insi...
    Ed Arrington
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  • i.MX 8M Mini - unable to read boundary scan

    Hello,   I am attempting to use boundary scanning on an i.MX 8M Mini processor, and I cannot seem to read the input states of the pins properly. I have 2 devices in my JTAG chain, with the i.MX being the first d...
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  • FOTA using ethernet or MQTT in IMXRT1064

    1.Any API to do operation on internal flash  in IMXRT1064? 1.Please suggest me the approach to do FOTA update using Ethernet (application program to download the firmware  into external flash hyperflash/ QSP...
    karthik NE
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  • Error While building for M4_image.bin

    Hi.   Will you please give some fix for this build error,     ddr_release/rear_view_camera.elf section `.ncache' will not fit in region `m_data2' region `m_data2' overflowed by 3874816 bytes   &...
    vinothkumar s
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  • May the MQX's "ARP Entries Issue" indirectly cause a BUS FAULT?

    Hello,   in the process of attempting to understand why a BUS FAULT on an MQX hosting board is occurring I would like to know if the "ARP Entries Issue" in the Known Issues and Limitations and which says &...
  • What is "Allowed Error" in the Timing Dialog in Kinetis Design Studio?

    We are using the MK10DX64VLH7 Kinetis micro-controller. (I am attaching a screenshot) When we configure the TU2 Timing Dialog for 7.8125 Hz, we get this setting called "ALLOWED ERROR" set to a default value of ...
    Bob Nayar
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  • I2S connections to ESAI0 or ESAI1

    Hi, I am trying to work out the pin mapping (if possible) to send I2S audio from ESAI0 or ESAI1 of the i.MX8QM. We currently have the I2S slave connected to SAI1, but need this for another audio codec: SAI1_TXC ----&g...
    Peter Bain
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  • Porting uboot 2016 to uboot 2018 imx6ull

    Hi,   As we are trying to port uboot to the latest version. after Doing the changes which are similar to that of the uboot 2016. The board doesnt boot.   Please help us to debug the uboot. Is there any cha...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • qn9080 otap sample code in mcuXpresso

    Hi all,   I'm a newbie developer in which i get first task to develop a code for on the air programming the qn9080. I got some sample codes from the sdk examples. but i'm not sure where to place the image file a...
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  • spidev test on ls1012a

    Hi,   I configured SDHC2 port as a spi port in RCW for ls1012a.   Now I am going to test the spi functionality, the plan is to use spidev.   enable spidev in menuconfig bind the driver wit...
    Kai Wu
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  • Is there a CRC sample project for KE04?

    Thank you for your help. I use kinetis ke04. I want to use it because there is a CRC module. Is there a driver? I would like to have a sample project. CRC wants to conform to CRC-16-CCITT. Thank you for your teachin...
    jun yamada
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  • How to use SPI 3 channer?

    Hi.  I have to use SPI 3 channels and I am using EB TRESOS.   - SPI 1 channel is activated well.(communicate with TLE9262) - I have to add SPI 2 channels as master   I think that I have to add SPI p...
    Kim JungHyun
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  • Get data from webpage to controller

    Hi Guys,  I am using twr - k70f120m board. The IDE I am using is keil uvision v5.28.0.0. I wanted to get a data from webpage and display it in the controller. In the http-srv example given in the rtcs, It is onl...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • Best evaluation board for QorIQ T1022 processor?

    Hi,   We are looking at QorIQ T1022 as our potential processor and would like to know the best evaluation board for it. We will be using DDR4 RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe interfaces, etc., so the evaluation ...
  • Can NFC tags be inserted into plastic injected parts?

    I would like to know if an NFC tag could withstand the temperatures of being inserted into plastic injection parts such as PP at 130c
    William Hill
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