• hab_auth_img problem

    Hello, I am using imx8mm-evk. I am trying to sign a Kernel image and verify its signature from u-boot with command hab_auth_img. I followed the instruction at mx8m_mx8mm_secure_boot.txt\guides\habv4\imx\doc - ...
  • S32DS can't find OpenSDA debug port

    I want to use S32DS to debug [S32K144 Evaluation Board], but [P&E Connection Assisant] tells me [No device Available],  please look at the attachment [PE-Err.PNG], I also uploaded an attachment [Dev-info...
    jiachun li
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    I have made nominal changes to the SCFW and would like to have some debug output to the terminal. I need to use the same USB-to-Serial port which is used by U-Boot and Linux for their terminals ("USB Debug", J18,...
    Stuart Rubin
    created by Stuart Rubin
  • Input capture: Measure 100% Duty

    Hi together   In a project I use the FTM_IC component to measure the duty cycle of a signal. All works fine except the duty cycle changes to 0% or 100%. Then the last measured value stays until the duty cycle ...
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  • problem about adc_pal_MPC5744P

    Excuse me, what should I do to make this example run successful. I need to print string in console. Does it need any inputs or just need to connect to the PC and debug? Is there any settings need to do? Thanks.  ...
    Wen Ji Ting
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  • NTS0104 internal pull-up resistor, output voltage accuracy

    1. Please tell me the tolerance of 10kΩ internal pull-up resistor of B port. 2. If the current source of B port is only 10kΩ internal pull-up resistor, which does output voltage tolerance depend on VCC or 0...
    Akihiro Yamada
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  • why S32K146: different can_id data can't send withhe same mailbox ,the code is below

    while(txnum<5&&result1==STATUS_ERROR) //20200327 { result1 = CAN0SendData(16, 0x1a, canCom0_recvBuff14.data, 8UL); //220200326 txnum++; } // if(result1==!STATUS_SUCCESS) // { // FLEXCAN_DRV_AbortTransfe...
    chen xiao
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  • S32K146 : FREERTOS+LSPI,but SPI dones't work

    I used freertos in the project and creat a task , in the task i used  LPSPI_DRV_MasterTransferBlocking() and LPSPI_DRV_SlaveTransfer(), the SPI is transfed by DMA,the same code can work without FREERTOS...
    chen xiao
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  • According Operation of EBI BUS - MPC5674 MCU

    Dear sir of madam.   Hello.   I'm Juntae Kim in Korea of republic.   I've used the MPC5674 MCU.   I wondering about the operation of EBI BUS's read cycle.   When I read the data using the...
    juntae kim
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  • Problem setting up Trace and ethernet pins in S32K148 ( ETM )

    I would like to set up the TPIU pins for trace but i have a problem that the pin PTD11 for Trace Data out 2 is already configured by ENET RMII Transmit Clock.   ( PTC2 pin is also set up for RMII Transmit da...
    nader khamess
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  • Flexcan     RX       FIFO  problem

    Hello,   I an use  mpc5744(144) ,    I want to  use Flexcan to  receive all can messages,but the   RXIMR   is  not work , see the attachment
    zhou shen
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  • S32K148 QSPI

    Hello, Can you explain the DQS meaning?
    wang lijun
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  • MPC5xxx inconsistencies in I2C peripheral documentation and driver example code

    I am trying to implement an MPC5xxx I2C driver for usage in multiple projects based on the available documentation of the I2C peripheral in the MPC5xxx reference manuals and the I2C driver code from NXP which I found ...
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  • IMX8 MQ and OV 5640 ErrSotSync errors

    We are grabbing images over the MIPI CSI2 interface using 'mxc-mipi-csi2_yav'.  We see ErrSotSync errors during normal capture but they clear automatically as the software goes through the process to begin c...
    Rod Stabile
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  • How to remove USB Type C support for linux?

    Hi, we do not have USB Type C hardware support, so we do not need software support. Removing the driver and the related device tree entry ends in a non-bootable kernel. What else changed have to be done to successful...
  • Errors creating a LIN Description file through S32DS

    Hi.   I have the following question:   I'm trying to configure a Lin_Stack application project, I'm configuring it to use LIN J2602. In the component inspector window, when I configure the frames that will...
    Jose Ponce
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  • LPUART RX callback doesn't work

    Hi   I try to use UART Communication together with an RS-485 IC (SN65HVD72DGKR). Sending Text to an PC work correctly.   But I'm not able to receive some Text from the PC. I checked out the lpuart exampl...
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  • HABv4 CST size of encripted data

    Hello, I am trying to sign and encrypt imx6`s linux + initramfs image by cst. cst crashes during data encryption. I also tried to play with len of encrypted data, it worked till some kind of limit:   cfs script...
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  • LS1043A - Flashing SD Card

    Hi,   Currently I have a script that flashes the SD Card as follows:      dd if=u.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=8 && sync    dd if=fsl_fman_ucode_t2080_r1.1_108_4_5.bin of=/de...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • Ethernet in External SDRAM Help

    Hello,   I am working on a project which involves using the Ethernet in external SDRAM. I am using Keilv5 Pro edition with a custom board based off the MIMXRT1050 demo board.    I used the Keil networ...
    Kamal Nasif
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