• MC9S08PT60  TSI Automatic Noise Mode

    MC9S08PT60  I am trying to configure TSI in auto noise mode to avoid EMI/EMC noise, but i am little bit confuse with parameters which need to be configure to avoid maximum noise. If there is any reference code o...
    Mehmet cosgun
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  • S32K144 firmware update via CAN

    Hi all, i have followed example in https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12323.pdf  to update firmware for S32K144 via CAN but when i implement that example,i stuck in some troubles. I created some ...
    Chu Thanh
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  • MPC5744P RevE CCP communication error

    Hi NXP team and fellow members,   I have recently ordered MPC5744P DevKit and received the Rev E DevKit. I tried to compile and download the code from Simulink model-based toolbox example by following the quick ...
    aung myat
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  • HoverGames NavQ Google Coral Camera Case on Thingiverse

    Hi everyone, The camera on the NavQ as shipped comes protected with heatshrink, and it can be affixed in a variety of locations on the drone with double sided tape or velcro. For those with access to a 3d printer, i j...
    Felix Böttjer
    created by Felix Böttjer
  • HoverGames NavQ Case on Thingiverse

    Hi everyone, I've just uploaded a case design to Thingiverse. It' got a number of fine details, so you will need to make sure your printer is working well. The camera mount i posted earlier can also mount on th...
    Felix Böttjer
    created by Felix Böttjer
  • SL3S1203_1213

    G2iL+ 这个系列的芯片,能实现类似硬件灭活RFID的功能吗, 我的需求是能重复使用,通过外部一个高低电平或者连接的通断控制电子标签的RF功能的启用和灭活。
    烨 李
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  • S32K148  lwip+freertos+phy

    Hello, I found that the phy used in the Lwip_S32K148 routine of SDK is TJA1011, but I want to use another PHY such as KSZ8041,. Which parts of the program should I modify to communicate, such as ping??
    王强 王
    created by 王强 王
  • i.MX 8M Nano DDR Tool

    I am working with a custom designed board that utilizes either the i.MX 8M Mini or i.MX 8M Nano processor with LPDDR4 (x32 or x16 per processor support).  Our last build of boards included I-Temp rated processor ...
    Nathan Kro
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  • Yocto zeus - cannot apply patch in u-boot (imx7ulp-evk)

    Hi everyone,   I currently made the update from sumo to the latest zeus (5.4.24_2.1.0)  and I have some issues. In my custom meta-layer I have a patch that was applying ok in ...
    Liviu Ene
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    Product: MCHC11F1CFNE4 Description: IC MCU 8BIT ROMLESS 68PLCC Product Packaging marking: MCHC11F1CFNE4 0M88Y QMZFY1920J   MCHC11F1CFNE4 1E63M QMZDT1107   Manufacturer: NXP/Freescale   Problem: MCU...
    Jonathan Alvarado
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  • Simulation tool for mpc5748G

    Hello, Is any simulation tool available for mpc5748G micro controller in S32 IDE?
    Mahendar Raju
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  • MCB1800 Eval Board Booting Issues

    Hello NXP,   I am using LPC1800 Eval board & tried to program simple blink example program the board with Jlink as well as Flash magic.   My Eval board is only booting up with sample Demo example given b...
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  • Changing Payload length in FlexRay config

    Hello Everyone,   Similar to the community post in FlexRay not starting after changing the Protocol settings , I'm trying to change the payload length to decimal '127' to transmit/receive 254 bytes (Ma...
    Rohit Ramakrishnan
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  • Real-time DSP using the LPC55S69 i2s Examples

    I currently experimenting with the LPC55S69 i2s examples i2s_interrupt_record_playback and i2s_dma_record_playback examples. My starting point has been the interrupt version example. I want low latency and the ability...
    Mark Wickert
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  • mcuxpresso debugging issues ...

    Sorry for ranting about some debugger issues, perhaps it might be useful to others... First, I had some strange installation-related issues under Windows. Installing the IDE (V11.1.1_3241) and drivers went well, and...
    frank meyer
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  • Azurewave CM276(88W8997) and Cinterion PHS8P conflict

    Hello,   we are using the 88W8997 chip and gsm modem PHS8P(both on USB) in our device. We noticed, when we use gsm modem(send some AT command), wifi chip will stop working. With lots of debuging(looking into EHC...
    Jan Mazura
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  • UBIFS: recovery needed

    Hello,   normaly the ubifs recovery prozess will be startet automaticly on mount, if nesessary. mount -o sync -t ubifs ubi0:data /mnt/data UBIFS: recovery needed UBIFS: recovery completed UBIFS: mounted UBI d...
    Birger Bauch
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  • Router example for KW40Z/KW20Z

    After so many choices we arrived at KW40Z/KW20Z for our product. When started development, we found that there are example projects for Coordinator and end device but not router. As  we are having product featur...
    kedari krishna
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  • K70 and DDR2 SDRAM unstable work

    Hi All, on our custom board ( based on MK70FX512VMJ15 and MT47H64M16HR-3 AAT:H TR) we have problems that appear randomly in the field. The device can work up to 20 days without any problems. Then one DDR byte lane can...
    Vitaliy Avramenko
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  • K70 DDR2 read failure with increasing temperature

    Hello everybody.   We are using K70 controller (MK70FN1M0VMJ15 rev. 3N96B). Architecture is the same as the tower TWRK70F120 supplied by NXP.   To reproduce the issue, we are running a simple test softwa...
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