• Possible bug in pin configuration tool?

    Hello all,   I've noticed what may be a bug in the pin configuration tool in mcuxpresso.   I've been using it with a '824. After selecting a pin to configure the lower panel generates default options for t...
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  • LPC54618 and RTC Battery power consumption

    Good morning, I have a problem with power consumption of LPC54618 RTC. As illustrated in attached PDF I have a board with the configuration visible on the schematic. Battery is a rechargeable Panasonic VL-1220 with 7...
    Marco Di Biaggio
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  • DSPI Slave Mode with DMA in S32DS with NXP5744P

    Hi I am using DSPI slave mode with the drivers supplied with S32DS. The problem I have is that it takes quite long to set up the Slave transfer when DMA is used. I optimized the driver for my use as I am only us...
    Pierre Theron
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  • LCD and GPU on i.MX6Solox

    Hi NXP,  I need to understand differences between i.MX6Solox SoCs part no.  MCIMX6X1CVO08AC  and MCIMX6X3CVO08AC in terms of LCD interface. After reading information about LCD interface of the...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • Using ConfigTool to create USB Project From Start

    This article is about how to use MCUXpresso Config Tool to create a USB project from start. The method is the same to all MCUXpresso Config Tool supported MCUs Demo: Creating USB composite HID mouse + keyboard pr...
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  • LS1046A AER random errors - Corrected Errors

    Hi, When we run LS1046A custom board for long time, we see random errors. Mostly seen during overnight run. There is no impact on the performance.  pcieport 0002:00:00.0: AER: Multiple Corrected error received: i...
    sabir syed
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  • [MPC5746R] Inconsistent information between DSPI and IO Port in Reference Manual

    Hello,   I have a concern in Reference Manual from customers, which is a mismatch between supported DSPI CS pins and corresponding CS IO Port pins.   DSPI2 can support PCS0-3, however there is an av...
    Nam Nguyen Viet
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  • EB Tressos error

    Hi,   I try t configure and generate a module in EB Tresos but it returns error from attached picture. Can anyone give me a hint on how it could be solved and what the cause would be?  
    Bogdan Gavril
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  • FRDM-KW36 - unable to debug

    Hi,   I would like to start working with FRDM-KW36, but unfortunately I got stuck at the beginning ...   When I click "Debug" button, MCUExpressois showing me an error like in attachment. I use version v1...
    Adrian Chmiel
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  • Are there linux drivers source and Device Tree for imx8?

    Hello, We want to do an academic study Buy the Imx8 Toradex CoreBoard NXP i.MX 8 Computer on Module - Apalis iMX8(link) With Toradex Ixora Carrier Board(link) Nobody knows that Are there linux drivers and DTS source...
    hhami hhami
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  • IMX8MQ + DSI host controller support at U-boot

    Hi All, We are working product based on IMX8MQ (MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAA) processor.  We have LCD working fine at kernel level.  In our system LCD is driven by eLCDIF controller via MIPI DSI controller. Now we wan...
    Jemish Patel
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  • Read & write data to qspi

    In one of the project i am using imxrt1050 mcu with qspi flash. i need to store some configuration data in to qspi  runtime ,i can see sdk example that use RAM  to do this but how can i do with flash?if any ...
    venu gopal
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  • Bug in LPSPI_MasterTransferBlocking() if bytesPerFrame < 4

    There seems to be an issue in LPSPI_MasterTransferBlocking() (as found in fsl_lpspi.c / SDK 2.7, MKE14F512VLL16). A related issue existed in SDK v2.6. (see Bug in LPSPI_MasterTransferBlocking()?). A fix was ...
    Kevin Haake
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  • How can i update firmware OTA(Over the Air) in LPC1768?

    Hello everyone, I am using MCUXpresso tool id and MCU is LPC1768. I want to update my firmware over the air. So please tell me how can i update firmware over the air. I received new firmware via UART and write in ...
    md nasir
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  • Firmware Update in i.MX RT1060

    Hi Everyone,   We are trying to develop an UVC+HID camera using RT1060. This camera will be used in i.MX7 platform. We are trying to design a firmware update method.   High level design of Firmware Update Me...
    Arun Muthuganesh
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  • MBD uses custom C code

    Hello everyone:       I am going to develop a Battery Manage System. I will use MPC5744P and MC33771C and I want to use the MBD method. I have download the MC33771C driver from the NXP w...
    SHAO Jianbo
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  • Is possible to configure i2c sensor to the M4 in the A7

    Hello, Is possible to configure i2c sensor to to the M4 (freertos) in the A7 (linux)? I think the answer to the question is true. But I think that I must use the RDC like examples freeRtos. But in linux I...
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  • iMX8m EVK UART4 unavailable

    Hi, I'm working on a iMX8M Mini EVK (official NXP Android bsp) and I want to use the UART4 , formally used as debug port for M4 microcontroller .   Changed the DTS file to include the UART:   /*pin muxing...
    mario Sangalli
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  • White paper: High-Voltage Inverter Safety System Concept for ISO 26262

    Increasing market demand and legislation are driving the need for performance and functional safety in electric vehicles (EV). In particular, two new challenges need to be addressed to ensure the future of EVs: improv...
    Toño Hernández
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  • Dual camera & dual display working on MYIR's MYD-JX8MX Dev Board

    MYD-JX8MX development board (http://www.myirtech.com/list.asp?id=608) based on NXP i.MX8M quad processors provides powerful multi-media functions including dual displays, dual cameras, high-quality audio, etc. Th...
    Kiddy Xu
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