• SPI data length: Error description in LPC845.h

    In LPC845.h of SDK   The bit discription doesn't match the bit length. In the text it is correct, in the 'table' below not: 0b0001 does not code 1 bit in length. This made me busy for about 25 minutes until I...
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    Please ask questions about the RDDRONE-BMS772 board and software here
    Iain Galloway
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  • Part Classification

    Hello!!   I need to know if the attached list of parts are actually IC's, and if they are IC's, I need to what kind of IC's they are (i.e. monolithic, hybrid, multichip, or multi-component). Maybe these parts ar...
    Carolynne Ford
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  • PCF2129T  reset time register after power up

    Dear,   I am using your RTC, reference PCF2129T, in one board designed by us. I am connected VDD to 3V3 and VBAT to external battery.   After one power down of VDD and power up, I am reading the time regis...
    Fernando Alcaide
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  • Programming the LPC1857 using another microcontroller via SWD

    I need to program the LPC1857 via SWD using another microcontroller. I cannot use UART for this, it has to be via SWD.   I have no doubts about the SWD protocol, so much so that I can already reset JTAG-TO-SWD, ...
    Fabiano Junqueira
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  • IMX8MQ failed to run weston service

    log:[20:24:23.513] weston 5.0.0                https://wayland.freedesktop.org            &#...
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  • Kinetis K60 modifying example programs

    I am using MCUxpresso 11.1 with a Kinetis K60 in the 100 pin LQFP package in a bare metal project.  I want to test the SD interface, so I installed the example code from the K60 tower board SDK.  That codes ...
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  • Race condition in MCUXpresso USART Driver

    The code contained in fsl_usart.c driver contains a race condition on transmit.  The error will occur in systems that have non-blocking transmit and receive happening simultaneously.   Starting at line 588 ...
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  • Strange MK20 GPIO Receive Issue

    Hello,   I'm writing a built in self test and having issues with some very basic sending/receiving. On the MK20DN512 I have PTA17 (output) tied to PTA16(input), and I'm setting PTA17 high then checking PTA16 to ...
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  • How-to Directly Install CodeWarrior 6.3 Classic in Windows 10 or 7 x64 (Unofficial Method)

    CodeWarrior 6.3 is for most RS08, S08, ColdFire V1 Processors* *Not compatibile with (S08: RN, RNA, PA, PT, Kinetis (including Tower), ColdFire V2 ...)   This post describes installing CodeWarrior for Microcont...
    Rodney McGee
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  • KW35/36 to KW37/38/39 migration: flashloader UART0 pinning

    User will be concerned by this note in the following cases:  - migration from KW35/36_HVQFN48 Wettable Flank package version to KW37/38/39  - Flashloader is used via UART0 interface    So, ...
    Matthieu Baudry
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  • How to use MPC5748G ethernet switch ?

    There are three MCU on my board,  they are MPC5748G,  MPC5777M(MCU0)  and MPC5777M(MCU1) .  They are interconnected through MPC5748G ethernet switch module.   MPC5777M(MCU0)  an...
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  • Robot monitoring idea using #freemasterdash

    I've got a current project where I need to monitor the state of a number of industrial robots such as is the e-Stop has been triggered. I also need to stop and start them remotely.   I was initially going to hos...
    Fred Murphy
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  • ComAvail - Notification Icon App - shows COMx Added

    All that this simple app (attached) does is show a notification of a COM port just added or removed, with an updated list of COM ports.   It has been around nearly 20 years and recently updated for Windows10. &...
    Rob Seabrook
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  • Install KDS on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    Hi all,   I would like to help install KDS on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
    Evandro Teixeira
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  • Regaining debug after reconfiguration of SWD pins

    I just want to share a possible solution in case you have "bricked” an S32KxxxEVB by running a code that reconfigures the debug pins (SWD_CLK, SWD_DIO) to other functions.   All you need is an external pro...
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  • Module 5: V/F Scalar Control

        INTRODUCTION   In this module of the 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox , we are going to spin the PMSM for the first time with S32K and...
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  • Typo in flex-builder causes error: getopt: option requires an argument

    Hi! When I run this command from latest flexbuild_lsdk2004.tgz: flex-builder -i mkboot -m ls1012afrwy -a arm64 After a while I get following error: getopt: option requires an argument -- 'f'  This error is caus...
    Henryk Paluch
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  • Error in USB initialization PN7462.

    Hello. I found an error in init of USB of pn7462. I am working with library ver5.12, but it also exist in last version (5.22). In function VCom_Init(void) (cdc_main.c) there are such strings:     ...
    Dmitriy Nechaev
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  • SPI Details of MC33FS6521NAE

    Hello Team, This is regarding Part Number "MC33FS6521NAE". I am looking for the details about SPI like usage , timings , protocol etc. I could not find them in shorter datasheet. Could you please share the detailed...
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