• IVOR4_Handler AND vPortISRHandler

    Hi, i am using mpc577c evk board. I developed drivers per our requirements and also Freertos integrated in my project. But i am facing issue that freertos is jumping to vPortISRHandler when a tick generates (which i...
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  • Guide to Porting MCUBOOT v2 to MCUXpresso

    README: MCUboot is now available from the SDK builder. This guide is no longer relevant. Introduction This post will describe the process for building and using the NXP Kinetis Bootloader version 2.0.0 with the MCUXpr...
    Wilkins White
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  • failed to initialize flash driver LPC540xx_SPIFI_SFDP.cfx

    Just received a lpc54018 eval board with LCD (OM40003).  It powers up with the LCD color draw demo - which works fine.  Have installed latest MCUxpresso and verified that it works by debugging code on a LPC...
    Chuck McParland
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  • Bug Report - CADC Peripheral Configuration

    Project is for the KV46 device.  SDK version 2.8.0 (366 2020-07-21).    Two typos found...   #1 There appears to be a typo in the fsl_cadc.h file for the zero crossing enumerations.  The 'C...
    Patrick Johnson
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  • Are the following camera options feasible?

    Are the following camera options feasible? In this scheme, the sensor signal is transmitted to the Mipi CSI interface of imx8qm through one lane LVDS of data, one lane LVDS of clock and one lane LVDS...
    qing peng
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  • reading and writing to multiple tags (ntag213) with pn7150

    Hello   I am working with the pn1750 nfc controller    I am trying to read one tag and write to the other like in the duplicate example.   It does not work !   I can see that I read the tag's ...
    ziv hershkovitch
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  • Changing Payload length in FlexRay config

    Hello Everyone,   Similar to the community post in FlexRay not starting after changing the Protocol settings , I'm trying to change the payload length to decimal '127' to transmit/receive 254 bytes (Ma...
    Rohit Ramakrishnan
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  • How to remap FlexRAM into a single data RAM area

    I'd like to share my struggles and eventual success on putting the fragmented default FlexRAM layout of the i.MX RT1010 together on to a single block.   The reason for doing this is that there's large third part...
    Benedek Kupper
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  • LPCxxxx flash programmer 'mxli' with Raspberry Pi support

    Hello Guys,   I'd like to announce the update of my open-source command-line flash programmer 'mxli' . I know, that many programmers don't appreciate using command-line tools these days, so skip this, if you're ...
    Marc Prager
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  • Totally broken Motor Control Application Tuning (MCAT) tool

    The MCAT part generated by wizard shown in the following screenshot is totally broken. The generated project files are attached. It seems no one has ever tested/used it.     Here are problems: 1) Totally...
    Robert Fu
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  • UART TX interrupt: should I put at least one byte in the TX FIFO?

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by giusloq on Thu Feb 12 04:16:12 MST 2015 I'm trying to use the UART peripheral in LPC4350 MCU in interrupt mode, but I failed. With other MCUs (AVR and SAMD20 from Atmel), I usu...
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  • U-BOOT hang after LPDDR4 calibration timing update

    Hi,   I'm working on a custom design with the i.MX8M Mini processor. I successfully completed the RAM calibration process on many boards, and I'm working to integrate the new values on U-Boot lpddr4_timing.c sou...
    Matteo Silotto
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  • Functional Safety featured event: Design Automation Conference

    Join Franck Galtie (Director of Automotive Functional Safety) and other semiconductor industry experts in this virtual lunch break to discuss functional safety standardization to improve automation, interoperabil...
    Toño Hernández
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  • IoT devices of tomorrow with Toradex Verdin and Crank Software

    Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 11 AM (EDT) to learn how to create rich, interactive user interfaces that are optimized for power consumption efficiency for the Verdin i.MX 8M Mini and i.MX ...
    scott Snider
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  • PTN3460 - Backlight power sequence

    Hello, There is a delay of approximately 250 ms between the activation of the backlight via an I2C command (Backlight control: 0x95) and the change of BKLTEN output.   You can see in the screenshot below, the d...
    Sylvain PASTOR
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  • KW36 + bluetooth_w_urt_freertos (SDK) + CAN (example_code) => integrate fail

    Hello All,          I try to integrate the CAN-interrupt-tx example code (frdmkw36_driver_examples_flexcan_interrupt_transfer) into my project, and I use the wireless-UART example c...
    sihan chen
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  • LPC1766 LPCOpen lwIP EMAC driver bug locks up RX

    I'm using lwIP 2.1.2 on an LPC1766. I adapted the lwIP EMAC driver code from lpcopen_2_10_keil_iar_nxp_lpcxpresso_1769.   I've been having an issue where sometimes the Ethernet RX locks up — the processor'...
    Craig McQueen
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  • How to use S32K144 and MPC5744P Side-by-Side Controller

    in an S32K144 or MPC5744P Development Kits. Do you want to know how? Follow this topic for the next weeks and you'll find out more details.  - it is a big event -it has to do with Model-Based Design - it is ...
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  • S32K - How To

    This page summarizes all Model-Based Design Toolbox topics related to S32K1xx Product Family.   Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx - Release Notes: REV4.2.0: Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Autom...
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  • LPC17xx-40xx emac driver memory leak on TX (found and fixed)

    Hello,   I have found and fixed a memory leak in the EMAC driver, in file lpc17xx_40xx_emac.c. Note: I have NO_SYS=1 and LPC_NUM_BUFF_TXDESCS=4   The memory leak happens when 4 calls of the lpc_low_level_o...
    Sebastien Baron
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