• BLDC Motor Control with Model Based Design

    This course explains how to design and prototype a Motor Control Application using Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P              Course Objectives 1 - Leverage MBD Toolbox...
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  • Teensy 4.0 Support

    Hi All   The uTasker project now supports also the popular Teensy 4.0 (i.MX RT 1062).   The following is a boot loader that can be installed on the Teensy 4.0: https://www.utasker.com/iMX/Teensy_4.html to ...
    Mark Butcher
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  • MCUXpresso 11.1.1 and LPC54608 USART issue

    Hello to everyone, I've just downloaded a new mcuxpresso version IDE, and imported SDK example "usart interrupt" but when I compiling the project I have an error as showed below:     it result that kCLOC...
    Marco Pazzi
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  • Motor Control Class: Lecture 5 - Hall Sensors

    In this fifth lecture of the motor control course we discuss about how can we read the hall sensors to obtain the rotor position in order to know how to apply the correct voltage sequence to the motor phases...
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  • Smart Energy support to JN5179

    We are using JN5179 ZigBee MCU and Using ZigBee 3.0 stack. Now, we want to support the Smart Energy profile on JN5179. But ZigBee 3.0 is not supporting all clusters of Smart Energy Profile.   NXP's Smart Energy ...
    Ravi Ramani
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  • MCUXpresso Config Tools V7.0 -- WDTT Configuration Bug

    Using LPC802M001JDH20   As configuring the WDTT, even though everything (including clocksource and frequency) in Config Tools software is specified;   Config Tools provides the following inside peripherals...
    Arda Otuz
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  • yocto fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs image dependencies

    Hello, I am working on a custom BSP for a board based on i.MX6 quad and I need a mfgtool image. I have a custum kernel and bootloader for my machine, correctly proposed as PREFERRED_PROVIDERS of virtual/kernel and vi...
    Luca Ronga
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  • Race condition in MCUXpresso USART Driver

    The code contained in fsl_usart.c driver contains a race condition on transmit.  The error will occur in systems that have non-blocking transmit and receive happening simultaneously.   Starting at line 588 ...
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  • Using MFGtool(UUU) on IMX6DL in Linux

    I am pretty new to this area so please bear with me.   I have an IMX6DL board and I want to flash a Linux image through USB. Originally, I flash my image using a windows version of mfgtool. This takes in a "ucl...
    Angelo Sison
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  • K10  Slow Power Application of VDD causes lockup

    Experiencing power lockup of K10 LQ12 part.   Over heats immensely.  Trying to make it clear to community, this is mature product in Alpha Beta production.  The strange problem surfaced after a PC...
    Howard Lehman
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  • i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit DDR4 SCH and PCB files imported into Altium Designer

    I've been trying to import the i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit DDR4 SCH and PCB files imported into Altium Designer however Altium keeps saying the files can't be imported. Do you have the SCH and PCB for the DDR4 an...
    William Dunkley
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  • ventilator and hardware

    we are using the DRM127 FOR VENTILATOR AND HARDWARE.  WE need the below help urgently. 1. How to program freescale board & interface the required peripherals? 2. Which IDE to use & SDK for the same if av...
  • IVOR4_Handler AND vPortISRHandler

    Hi, i am using mpc577c evk board. I developed drivers per our requirements and also Freertos integrated in my project. But i am facing issue that freertos is jumping to vPortISRHandler when a tick generates (which i...
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  • I have a problem with S12Z_AUTOSAR_OS_4_0_80_RTM_1_0_1P2

    Hello Guys,   I have installed Tresos V23.0.0 in order to use it to generate OS code sources for S12Z, I used sample project as example "Os_Sample_Sc1" provided with S12Z_AUTOSAR_OS_4_0_80_RTM_1_0_1P2 I al...
    Mohammed TAOUG
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  • Connecting LS1043ARDB through UART serial connection on CodeWarrior

    I have a 1043ARDB and I want to establish a connection with it through CodeWarrior using the serial connection with the RJ45 to DB9 cable on the UART1 port and I am having some issues with it. I can connect and commun...
    Franklin Turner
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  • IP header checksum

    Inside a MPC5748G project I am using the "Automatic IP-header checksum generation" feature. During init I have   // Acceleration functions Tx - checksum generate ENET.TFWR.B.STRFWD = 1; // Must be set...
    Yulian Matev
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  • How-to Directly Install CodeWarrior 6.3 Classic in Windows 10 or 7 x64 (Unofficial Method)

    CodeWarrior 6.3 is for most RS08, S08, ColdFire V1 Processors* *Not compatibile with (S08: RN, RNA, PA, PT, Kinetis (including Tower), ColdFire V2 ...)   This post describes installing CodeWarrior for Microcont...
    Rodney McGee
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  • PF3000 PMIC: SWBST coming up as 4.3V not 5V

    We are having an issue on our boards with the SWBST boost output is coming up initially as 4.3V and not 5V.  When the kernal boots; we program the PMIC to 5.15V and this seems to happen correctly, but the initial...
    Benjamin Blanton
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  • ventilator design

    we have downloaded the DRM127 Gerber for ventilator and respiration design files.  The L1, L2, L3 and L4 has two files with 1 as the file.  we need clarification as to are we supposed to fabricate both the f...
  • How to export Generated Code to S32 Design Studio IDE (applicable for MBDT for MPC5744P v2.0)

    In case you need to export the generated code to S32 Design Studio for PA IDE, now there is an easy way. No more painful job of reconstruction the project manually and setting all sort of compiler flags. Here is what ...
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