• ADC problem

    I want to take samples from 3 ADC channels from QN9080DK board, but it seems that somehow their result are related to each other. I use the following codes and each time I recall these functions: ADC_CH_4, A...
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  • Documents regarding the AECQ-100 certification of S32K144HF

    Our automotive customers have designed several projects with S32K144, such as BCM, etc.; Now they can't find information about S32K144's automotive level certification, please help to provide it, thank you!
    yu Yang
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  • Trouble password protecting NTAG I²C plus

    I am trying to write a simple URL to an NFC chip (NT3H2111W0FHKH).  This is an NTAG I²C plus 1K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with I²C interface optimized for entry-level NFC applications.  ...
    Tyler HARNDEN
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  • BME280 connection problem

    BME280 chip init: ID read failed: -5  Connect BME280 to iMX RT1020 through I2C4 pins D14 and D15
    Florin Straton
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  • MBD Toolbox - Tip of the Day

    This topic is intended to offer tips and tricks about using Model-Based Design Toolbox, Matlab Simulink and/or any other tools used for loading and debugging the applications created with MBD Toolboxes.   If you...
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  • RS485 DIR PIN Ctrl

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by lba on Tue Nov 06 08:52:45 MST 2012 Hi I have made a auto dir ctrl in a 11U14 and has now move it to a 1225/321, but does work. My code is   LPC_IOCON->PIO2_0 &= ~...
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  • Raspberry Pi to MPC5744p over SPI

    Hello,   I am currently trying to get SPI data transfer between the MPC5744p and a Raspberry Pi 4 to work. I'm using the SPIdev python toolkit to send the value 26 over to the MPC, using the attached SPItest.py...
    Wouter Jacobin
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  • Module 6: Current Sensing (Part 2/2)

    This is the part 2 of Module 6: Current Sensing (Part 1/2)    PDB Configuration   We finally reached to the most important part of the whole module. You may say that we "saved the best ...
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  • MIMXRT1050 EVK Board RK043FN02H-CT(LCD Panel) Touch IC:FT5336

    MIMXRT1050 EVK Board RK043FN02H-CT(LCD Panel) Touch IC:FT5336 but SDK is fsl_ft5406_rt?There should be no driver. Is there a corresponding driver?
    jiangqiang lao
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  • BLOG POST: What’s the relationship between Product Security and Safety?

    Our lives are on-demand. Everything we do can be changed at the push of a button, and the world is changing with us—adapting and automating objects and things that we interact with, move with and use to live. &#...
    Toño Hernández
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  • WHITEPAPER: High-Voltage Inverter Safety System Concept for ISO 26262

    Increasing market demand and legislation are driving the need for performance and functional safety in electric vehicles (EV). In particular, two new challenges need to be addressed to ensure the future of EVs: improv...
    Toño Hernández
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  • How to mask tags having UID more than 4 bytes in ISO14443A protocol in NXP NFC reader library.

    I am using the "NXP NFC Reader Library" for reading HF(ISO14443A) tags like "Classic"/"Ultralight" etc. I can read tags using the below functions call. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ /*Symbol 6,7,8*/ st...
    Pallav Joshi
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  • Programming the LPC1857 using another microcontroller via SWD

    I need to program the LPC1857 via SWD using another microcontroller. I cannot use UART for this, it has to be via SWD.   I have no doubts about the SWD protocol, so much so that I can already reset JTAG-TO-SWD, ...
    Fabiano Junqueira
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  • Module 6: Current Sensing (Part 1/2)

          INTRODUCTION   In this module of the 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox , we are going to implement and test the most critical part of the...
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  • PN7462 temperature issues over 50°C

    Hi everybody, I developed a custom card reader for contact and contactless smart card, this card reader is expected to run in an outdoor environment and with a temperature up to 70°C I have issues when the ambi...
    Jean-Luc CHAILLAT
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  • Dual camera & dual display working on MYIR's MYD-JX8MX Dev Board

    MYD-JX8MX development board (http://www.myirtech.com/list.asp?id=608) based on NXP i.MX8M quad processors provides powerful multi-media functions including dual displays, dual cameras, high-quality audio, etc. Th...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • MW7IC915NT1 device input and output impedance

    Hi Team, I am planning to use MW7IC915NT1 device in one of my design and planning to operate in 1025 - 1150 MHz to replace obsolete MHVIC915R2 device.   I didn't find input and output impedance inform...
    Raveendra Reddy
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  • Real-time DSP using the LPC55S69 i2s Examples

    I currently experimenting with the LPC55S69 i2s examples i2s_interrupt_record_playback and i2s_dma_record_playback examples. My starting point has been the interrupt version example. I want low latency and the ability...
    Mark Wickert
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  • KSZ8041 PHY with K60

    I am using the Micrel KSZ8041NL PHY with a K60 tower based custom board. The PHY schematic matches that of the development boards. We are finding that with some boards we cant get onto the network when we connect it...
    Jonathan Whyatt
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  • How-to Add missing derivatives to CodeWarrior Classic HCS12(X) 5.2 (Unofficial Method)

    The Good and the Bad about CodeWarrior Development Studio for HCS12(X) Microcontrollers (Classic IDE) v5.2 Removed more than half of the supported chips for "market reasons" (see table below) Updated P&E drive...
    Rodney McGee
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