• How to Create Custom Board MCUXpresso SDK

    This article introduces how to create a custom board MCUXpresso SDK and how to use it, mainly includes three parts: Part1: Generating a Board Support Configuration (.mex) Part2: Create a Custom Board SDK Using the B...
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  • i.MX6 serials (i.MX6S/DL/D/Q/Dp/Qp) audio card development guide:MX6X_ASOC_V5-20191115.pdf

    this doc is explain how to develop a audio card driver base on i.MX6 platform. which explain the ASOC architecture struction basic knowledage and then give some sample for the audio driver development like: 1:NXP SG...
    John Li
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  • Introduction of wayland simply

    Wayland:   Wayland is a display SERVER and COMPOSITION protocol. It is relatively new, as its first release was in 2012. The protocol enables applications to allocate their own off-screen buffers and render their...
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  • Support_DPAA_PCD_Under_Linux_Kernel

    LS104x DPAA Support PCD in Linux Kernel Products Product Category NXP Part Number URL MPU LS1043A https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/layerscape-communication-process/qoriq-l...
    Neo Feng
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  • Wireless “through-glass” demonstrator – power & data

    OverviewHome broadband access is undergoing the biggest change since the advent of low-cost fiber. Millimeter-wave (mmWave) radio technology is bringing fiber-like speeds without the cost of digging up consumers’...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • Invitation to WEBINAR SERIES: How to Control and Visualize Data from Your Embedded Application with FreeMASTER

      A FOUR-PART WEBINAR SERIES | 60 MINUTES EACH   FreeMASTER, from NXP, is a powerful real-time debugging and data visualization tool that can help you create engaging demo interfaces for your embe...
    Michal Hanak
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  • Recognition model for microcontroller use

    In the SDK_2.7.0_EVKB-IMXRT1050, it contains some eIQ machine learning demo projects, there's the tensorflow_lite_kws among them. It's a keyword spotting example that is based on Keyword spotting for Microcontrollers ...
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  • TSI轻量级应用算法 -- 基于KE1XZ64

    电容式感应触摸按键可以穿透绝缘材料外壳,准确无误地侦测到手指的有效触摸。并保证了产品的灵敏度、稳定性、可靠性等不会因环境条件的改变或长期使用而发生变化,并具有防水和强抗干扰能力,超强防护,超强适应温度范围 电容式触摸按键控制芯片通常广泛适用于遥控器、灯具调光、各类开关以及车载、小家电和家用电器控制界面等应用中。芯片内部集成高分辨率触摸检测模块和专用信号处理电路,以保证芯片对环境变化具有灵敏的自动识别和跟踪功能。芯片还必须满足用户在...
    K.h. Qin
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  • unable to connect to git.freescale.com

    Recently many customers faced the issue about connecting the git.freesacle .com failed when they built old bsp version like 4.1.15 or 3.14.52,  when the customer repo init according to the yocto user guide, they ...
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  • BSP Security Maintenance

    Best practices for vulnerability monitoring and remediation
    Kristina Tranchemontagne
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  • Full Life Cycle Security Maintenance of Embedded Linux BSPs

    Life Cycle Maintenance of your BSP
    Kristina Tranchemontagne
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  • Fixing git.freescale.com dependencies on older Android BSPs

    The decommission of the git.freescale.com has caused some problems to BSPs dependent on packages stored in this repository. All contents on git.freescale.com have been moved to one of three locations:   NXP ...
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  • Fixing the Direction field for GPIOs on the I.MX V7 Pins Tool

    Some processor’s GPIO settings on the i.MX Pins Tool version 7 may not show allow to select direction and just show an option “Input/Output” as shown. This will be fixed, but the settings can be chan...
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  • Win 10 IoT Unstable Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    When using Gigabit Ethernet on boards i.MX running Windows 10 IoT Core users may experience network unstability and low latency using build W1809_1_1_0_imx-iotcore. This was fixed by increasing the size of Rx/Tx ...
    Petr Kovar
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  • Patch to support uboot logo keep from uboot to kernel for NXP Linux and Android BSP (HDMI, LCD and LVDS)

    This patch made the display no interrupt from uboot to kernel to Android. The IPU and related hardware display interface will only be initialized once in Uboot, the kernel code will skip the IPU initialization.  ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design

    PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design
    W.h. Chen
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  • HOWTO: Build a Project and Setup a Debug Configuration for debugging in S32 Design Studio

    1. Build the project. a. Select the build configuration. (optional) b. Click on Build. c. Check there are no compiler errors. 2. Configure the debug configuration to start a debug session. a. Click down arrow n...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Creating HCI Custom Commands for KW36

    IntroductionHCI Application is a Host Controller Interface application which provides a serial communication to interface with the KW40/KW41/KW35/KW36/QN9080 BLE radio part. It enables the user to have a way to contro...
  • Example_MPC5777C-External_SRAM-test-S32DS.Power.2017.R1

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * Application performs basic initialization then it initializes EBI for external * SRAM connected to MPC5777C-51...
    David Tosenovjan
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  • i.MX Android Frequently Asked Questions

    i.MX_Android_FAQi.MX Android FAQ 1 Sync project and Build1.1 How can I download AOSP repo from mirror server?By default, all aosp repo in the Android project will be downloaded from google server directly. But some ma...
    G.Y. CHEN
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