• Add audio record driver in i.MX8MQ/8MM

    In i.MX8MQ and i.MX8M Mini, the codec used is WM8524, which only supports audio playback. Although 8M Mini does have PDM microphone interface (MICFIL), there is no support for audio record via I2S. This guide will sho...
    Xiaocong Fu
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  • Example MPC5604P ADC setting for scan mode on TRK board CW210

    This simple example shows the ADC setting for the scan mode and usage of Trimmer on TRK-MPC5604P board. Use Trimmer to dim the LED1.   Regards, Petr     *********************************************...
    Petr Stancik
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  • Adding u-boot-fw-utils for i.MX to yocto project

             In recent months, some I.MX customers hope to compile u-boot-fw-utils in yocto and get fw_printenv & fw_setenv tools.        ...
    Wigros Sun
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  • FRDMKW38UG.pdf

    This guide describes the hardware for the FRDM-KW38 Freedom development board. The FRDM-KW38 Freedom development board is highly configurable, low-power, and cost-effective evaluation and development board for ap...
    Christophe Menard
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  • KW38 KW39 KW37 Hardware board PCB design in check list

    In addition of the Design Guideline, PCB hardware package find here the design in check list to build sucessfully your own PCB
    Matthieu Baudry
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  • Porting SE050 example to RT1060 MCU

    Introduction This is an exercise porting one of the SE050 examples from the NXP Secure Element Host library (se_hostlib) to another NXP MCU.  Appnote AN12448 EdgeLockTM SE050 Plug & Trust middleware porting g...
    Derek Snell
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  • iMX8QXP: Use RPMSG to wake up M4 and A35

    The reference code is based on L4.14.78 GA1.0.0 BSP and M4 SDK 2.5.1.  It is tested on iMX8QXP MEK board, and it should also work for iMX8QM board.   In L4.14.78 GA1.0.0 BSP, MU_5 is used for RPMSG between...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • Example MPC5748G FlexCAN FD simple TX/RX GHS614

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * * Configures the FlexCANs to transmit and receive a CAN FD message with or without * bit rate switching for da...
    Petr Stancik
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  • PCA9450A+I.MX8M MINI LPDDR4 Reference Design Materials

    Please see attached for the PCA9450A+I.MX8M MINI Reference Design Board Materials: Including: 1. Schematic; 2. Layout; 3. Software Patch, unzip password is "NXP"; 4. Software Patch Userguide;
    Allan An
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  • S32 Design Studio - Releases & Updates

    S32 Design Studio Versions    S32DS IDE for S32 Platform S32DS IDE for Arm S32DS IDE for Power Architecture S32DS IDE for Vision Devices Supported S32V23x S32K1xx MPC56xx S32V234 S32S247TV KE...
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  • S32 Design Studio 3.1 - Update 2 available!

          Product Release Announcement Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors S32 Design Studio 3.1  Update 2          What is new? S32 SDK for S32S247TV EAR 0...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Low Power Support on OTAP Client Software

    IntroductionThis document is to guide how to modify the OTAP Client software to the Low Power module. The starting point of this document is the OTAP Client example in the FRDM-KW36 SDK v2.2.2. Deep Sleep Modes This ...
  • Example S32K116 WDOG Fast Test

    ************************************************************************************************ Detailed Description: WDOG tested in SystemInit() function (system_S32K116.c) after POR. For debugging purposes: - WDOG ...
    Daniel Martynek
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  • KW37_38_39 Minimum BoM Presentation.pdf

    This guide describes the hardware for the KW38 minimum BoM development board. The KW38 Minimum BoM development board is configurable, low-power, and cost-effective evaluation and development board for application prot...
    Christophe Menard
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  • NFC active pairing for audio devices

    This post entry provides a detailed description of how to develop an NFC pairing solution for audio devices. For that, we will describe in detail an audio speaker prototype made by NXP. This post entry has been struct...
    Jordi Jofre Mk
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  • Watch FreeMASTER Four-Part Webinar Series - On-Demand Now

     A FOUR-PART WEBINAR SERIES | 60 MINUTES EACH FreeMASTER, from NXP, is a powerful real-time debugging and data visualization tool that can help you create engaging demo interfaces for your embedded appl...
    Iulian Stan
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  • Rapid IoT Kit Out Of Box Demo (Deployed) firmware.bin

    Hello,   please find attached an updated version of the Out of the Box application.  This version is 'public' meaning that once falshed on a kit any one can connect to it.   Key changes com...
    Eric Maurice
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  • Aktivní ochrana a monitoring nabíjecích zařízení

    [Title CZ/SK] Aktivní ochrana a monitoring nabíjecích zařízení     Assignment This thesis deals with the design of monitoring device, which should serve for measurement and rec...
    Pavel Sustek
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  • User Guide of Spread Spectrum Support for i.MX 8QuadMax and i.MX 8QuadXPlus Display

    Introduction     This document describes the Spread Spectrum support for displays on i.MX 8QuadMax and i.MX 8QuadXPlus, specific for LVDS display. It describes the underlying HW function, how to enable it...
    D.w. Luo
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  • Understanding LPC55S6x Revisions and Tools

    At the time of the LPC55S6x launch, the latest silicon revision of the LPC55S6x is revision 1B. Since Nov,2019, all the LPCXpresso55S69 EVK boards marked as Revision A2 are equipped with revision 1B silicon.  &#...
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