• Classic - How to use dashboard (Jenkins) to build a CodeWarrior project?

    Classic - How to use dashboard (Jenkins) to build a CodeWarrior project?             Valid for all Classic IDE versions - CW for MCU V6.x, CW for PA V8.8, etc ......
    Pascal Irrle
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  • An unified GUI programmer for JN516x and JN5189

      JN51xx Flash Programmer可以支持NXP JN516x,JN518x全系列Zigbee SoC的程序烧写。通过多端口USB Hub,支持8路芯片同时烧写,可用于小规模量产烧写。这是一个绿色工具,无需安装即可运行。 JN51xx Flash Programmer只支持FT232 USB to UART串口转换接口芯片,具体信息可以参考JN-RM-2065文档。 使用时先选择芯片系列和需要烧写的F...
    S.z. Liang
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  • RT1064 use on-chip flash as NVM

    Introduction   The RT1064 is the only Crossover MCU from the RT family that comes with an on-chip flash, it has a 4MB Winbond W25Q32JV memory. It's important to remark that it's not an internal memory but an on-...
    Victor Jimenez
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  • 移植实时Linux方案Xenomai到i.MX ARM64平台 (Enable Xenomai on i.MX ARM64 Platform)

        Xenomai is real-time framework, which can run seamlessly side-by-side Linux as a co-kernel system, or natively over mainline Linux kernels (with or without PREEMPT-RT patch). The dual kernel nicknam...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • AppWizard:  Implementing a Real-Time Clock

    Introduction A common need for GUI applications is to implement a clock function.  Whether it be to create a clock interface for the end user's benefit, or just to time animations or other actions, implementing a...
    Chris Brown
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  • i.MX 8 Camera Use Cases

    This document describes all the i.MX 8 MIPI-CSI use cases, showing the available cameras and daughter cards supported by the boards, the compatible Device Trees (DTS) files, and how to enable these different camera op...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • Docker On i.MX8MM With Ubuntu

    Biyong Sun
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  • i.MX6 PLL spread spectrum support(i.MX6系列展频支持文档)

    Description       This doc explain how to enable the plugin boot on i.MX6Q/6DL and which used for change the pll2 clock and add the spread spectrum support to pass the EMI test. we still list ...
    John Li
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  • i.MX Development Miscellanea(i.MX 开发杂记)

      Just sharing some experiences during the development and studying.   Although, it appears some hardwares, it focuses on software to speed up your developing on your  hardware.  ...
    Biyong Sun
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  • parseIVT - a script to help i.MX6 Code Signing

    Products Product Category NXP Part Number URL MPU i.MX6 Family https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/i-mx-applications-processors/i-mx-6-processors:IMX6X_SERIES   Tools NX...
    Biyong Sun
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  • i.MX8X common bring up training collection(design resouce&hardware&software)

    Pre-Sales: i.MX8/8X applications in automotive(Chinese Version) https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-345825 i.MX8X website design resource guide: (Chinese Version) https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-345676 After-Sales: ...
    John Li
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  • i.MX8X_5.4.24_bootloader customization application notes: (Chinese Version) i.MX8X 5.4.24 bootloader定制文档

    i.MX8X 板级开发包镜像结构 ...................................... 3 2 创建 i.MX8QXP Linux 5.4.24 板级开发包编译环境 ..... 3 2.1 下载板级开发包 ....................................................... 3 2.2 创建yocto编译环境: ..............................
    John Li
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  • Enable Ethernet for Android Auto with mek_8q

    Default Ethernet feature is removed for Android Auto (both Android_Pie9.0 and Android10) Below are the patched to bring Ethernet feature back to Android Auto. Please try to apply the according patches if you want to e...
    Andy Tian
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  • Kdump + Crash in I.MX

    Here is a summary including kdump + crash porting in i.mx, the tool is very useful in crash issue. Overview What is Kdump + Crash Preconditions kernel kexec Step actions Crash tool Analysis of use cases ...
    Peter Liu
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  • Model-Based Design Toolbox four-part How-To series

    Four-Part How-To Series Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT) is an integrated development environment and toolchain for configuring and generating all the necessary software automatically to execute complex applications....
    Toño Hernández
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  • How to use your own C code in our Toolbox (Battery Management System example)

    Introduction The aim of this article is to help any user of Model-Based Design to enjoy his/her own custom C libraries or to call any C drivers or components that are not yet supported by NXP's toolbox....
    Marius-lucian Andrei
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  • S32K1xx Documents

    Documents: S32K Launched!  Solution for S32K14x which could be attached while couldn't be re-programmed  Fault handling on S32K144  FRDM-S32K144 EVB  some useful tips about S32DS for ARM v2018.R1 I...
    Diana Batrlova
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  • IEEE1588 Implementation in DPDK on DPAA2 Platforms

    The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a protocol used to synchronize clock throughout a computer network. PTP was originally defined in IEEE1588-2002 standard. To use PTP functionality in DPDK, users can use DPDK exa...
    Yiping Wang
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  • Example S32K_printf_implementation - S32DS_1.0

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * This example shows, how to use printf function in project. * Files uart_console_io.c, uart.c and uart.h was ad...
    Martin Kovar
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  • EXAMPLE: S32K144 .noinit section usage

    Example introduction:   After startup - uninitialized RAM is set to 0 by startup code (startup_S32K144.S). If you need access to data stored in the RAM after reset is performed, you can  add these variables...
    Jiri Kral
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