• IEEE1588 Implementation in DPDK on DPAA2 Platforms

    The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a protocol used to synchronize clock throughout a computer network. PTP was originally defined in IEEE1588-2002 standard. To use PTP functionality in DPDK, users can use DPDK exa...
    Yiping Wang
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  • Example S32K_printf_implementation - S32DS_1.0

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * This example shows, how to use printf function in project. * Files uart_console_io.c, uart.c and uart.h was ad...
    Martin Kovar
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  • EXAMPLE: S32K144 .noinit section usage

    Example introduction:   After startup - uninitialized RAM is set to 0 by startup code (startup_S32K144.S). If you need access to data stored in the RAM after reset is performed, you can  add these variables...
    Jiri Kral
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  • ITE MIPI to HDMI bridge document & reference circuite

    This is ITE MIPI to HDMI/IT6161 video bridge already merge/verified with i.Mx8 series processor. attached is IT6161 MINISAS card user manuel and reference circuits.@
    Jimmy Lin
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  • Transfer Learning and the Importance of Datasets

    Transfer learning is one the most important techniques in machine learning. It gives machine learning models the ability to apply past experience to quickly and more accurately learn to solve new problems. This a...
    David Piskula
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  • Using a TensorFlow Lite Model to Perform Handwritten Digit Recognition on RT1060

    Convolutional Neural Networks are the most popular NN approach to image recognition. Image recognition can be used for a wide variety of tasks like facial recognition for monitoring and security, car vision for safety...
    David Piskula
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  • Handwritten Digit Recognition on MNIST dataset using eIQ

    About this demo Technical Introduction and Acknowledgment TensorFlow Lite CMSIS-NN using Caffee Framework Video Hardware setup Further Information       ...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • How to locate i.MX6Q pfd issue(ERR006282) without JTAG tools

    When a board is brought up and  the ddr test by link of "https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-96412' has been verified, some of boards will have pfd issue(ERR006282). It is suggested that below method could b...
    John Li
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  • iMX6DQ MAX9286 MIPI CSI2 720P camera surround view solution for Linux BSP

    For iMX6DQ, there are two IPUs, so they can support up to 4 cameras at the same time. But the default BSP can only support up to two cameras at the same time. The attached patch can make the BSP support up to 4 cam...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • Usage of "nop", "e_nop" and "se_nop" on MPC5xxx and S32R2xx

    Hello    If you want to do nothing on MCU, no-operation is used generally.     Additional mnemonics are provided for the preferred forms of no-op, like nop, e_nop, se_nop. (Where the semanti...
    Oliver Tian
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  • KE/KEA POR Sequence and ICS Module Investigation

    The 5V Kinetis E series MCUs are designed to maintain high robustness for complex electrical noise environments and high-reliability applications. Kinetis EA series MCUs using the same architecture with automotive lev...
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  • imx_builder --- standalone build without Yocto

    Mar 13, 2020: imx_builder_03122020.tgz  --- change the i.MX8MN  configuration.  Dec 11, 2019: imx_builder_12112019.tgz --- add support  L4.19.35_1.1.0 August 28, 2019:  imx_builder...
    Biyong Sun
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  • Example MPC5777C FCCU_FOSU_error_injection GHS714

    ******************************************************************************** * Detailed Description: * * Purpose of the example is to show how to intentionally generate FCCU fault * causing reset either directly o...
    David Tosenovjan
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  • KW37_38_39 Minimum BoM Presentation.pdf

    This guide describes the hardware for the KW38 minimum BoM development board. The KW38 Minimum BoM development board is configurable, low-power, and cost-effective evaluation and development board for application prot...
    Christophe Menard
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  • MPC5 software example list

    MPC55xx           MPC5554 MPC5566                     MPC56xx           MPC5602D MPC5604B MPC...
    David Tosenovjan
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  • FX12_catalog.pdf

    This is a test file post
    Brett Phagan
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  • Application Note (AN12562): Development of H.264 video decode on RT series

    This application note describes how to develop an H.264 video decoding application with the NXP i.MX RT1050 processor.   Click here to access the full application note. Click here to access the github repo of FFM...
    Xinyi Gao
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  • Functional Safety Concept of High-Voltage Traction Inverter

    This session will give an overview of a system safety concept for a high voltage traction inverter of Battery Electric Vehicle. Performance and functional safety requirements mean that we have to be able to monitor th...
    Elizabeth Hughes
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  • eIQ Sample Apps - Overview

       The eIQ Sample Apps repository hosts Machine Learning applications demos based on the eIQ™ ML Software Development Environment. The following examples were tested and used for training purposes...
    Diego Dorta
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  • End-to-end neural network-based speech interpreter for mobile platforms

    [Title CZ/SK] Interpret mluveného slova pomocí neuronových sítí pro mobilní platformy   Assignment Speech2text is one of the most popular machine learning applications on mo...
    Pavel Macenauer
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