• eIQ TensorFlow Lite Handwriting Demo

    Description Application demo uses a model trained off the MNIST dataset to recognize individual handwritten digits written on the touch sensitive LCD screen. Thie model conversion can be found here: https://community...
    Juan Rodarte
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  • Get GPS Coordinates and send them through Sigfox

    About the demo components Video Limitations: Useful Links Required Items: Hardware Diagram: Step-by-Step Guide Results: About the demo components For this demo, we are using the Sigfox...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • AI and Machine Learning Course #1: Hardware and Software Setup

    1. INTRODUCTION   In this article we are going to discuss about the HW and SW prerequisites needed to complete this course successful. At the end of this session the hardware setup and software environment s...
    Vlad Dascau
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  • imx_builder --- standalone build without Yocto

     Dec 11, 2019: imx_builder_12112019.tgz --- add support  L4.19.35_1.1.0 August 28, 2019:  imx_builder_08282019.tgz   --- add i.MX8MM July 03, 2019:  imx_builder_07032019.tgz --- add i.M...
    Biyong Sun
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  • FreeMASTER 3.0 Release Announcement

    Release Description FreeMASTER is a powerful data visualizer tool developed and provided by NXP to help users monitor and control embedded applications running on NXP’s targets. It works with almost all NXP Cort...
    Michal Hanak
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  • Crossover Code Challenge webinar - Dec 10.pdf

    Slides from webinar hosted by NXP on Dec 10, 2019.
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • Using NFC Reader Library with LPC845 (With Reduced Size)

    This post contains a guide of how to use the NFC Reader Library with LPC845 using the Basic Discovery Loop example. The vanilla Basic Discovery Loop example is larger than the flash size of LPC845 (64KB), so the proje...
    Ali Khan
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  • Build Ubuntu For i.MX8 Series Platform

    The Guide is how to use Ubuntu filesystem with i.MX8 series platform.At present, I had try it on i.MX8QXP with 4.14.98 kernel with ubuntu16.04.   The Document will be continuously updated with enable VPU, ubuntu...
    Gnar Fang
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  • HOWTO: Use SDK based example code as standalone (usable for GIT, SVN...)

    By defalut is SDK code in examples linked into project. Unfortunately there is no GUI config option, but this settings can be changed in ProcessorExpert.pe file - located in project's root folder.    First ...
    Jiri Kral
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  • Enable GmSSL which supports OSCCA Algorithm Toolbox on i.MX (updating for C-V2X)

    GmSSL is an open source cryptographic toolbox that supports SM2 / SM3 / SM4 / SM9 and other national secret (national commercial password) algorithm, SM2 digital certificate and SM2 certificate based on SSL / TLS secu...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • S32DS for Power - list of HOWTOs

    Installation & Activation HOWTO: Install Wind River compiler Eclipse plug-in into S32 Design Studio  HOWTO: Install Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio  HOWTO: Install PLS UDE d...
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  • Troubleshooting: Issue opening documents from Getting Started page

    On some versions of Windows 10, there is an issue which could impact your ability to open documents from the Getting Started page in S32 Design Studio. While we have resolved this issue in some of the newer releases, ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • i.MX8 MSCALE SERIES DDR Tool Release (V3.00)

    Important: For any comment/questions related with this document, create your question here https://community.nxp.com/community/imx Private messages will be ignored.          i.MX8MS...
    Oliver Chen
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  • Automotive CAN Networking: How New Innovations in CAN Will Keep It Relevant for Today and The Next-Generation of Networks_Paris

    Review of NXP’s current CAN portfolio and CAN functions, our support for CAN FD and an overview of the breakthrough products keeping CAN highly relevant for the new generation of vehicles.
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • eIQ Sample Apps - Object Recognition using OpenCV DNN

    This Lab 3 explains how to get started with OpenCV DNN applications demos on i.MX8 board using eIQ ML Software Development Environment. eIQ Sample Apps - Overview eIQ Sample Apps - Introduction Get the source ...
    Diego Dorta
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  • BLE HCI Black Box Quick Start Guide

    This document describes a simple process for enabling the user controls the radio through the serial commands. Hardware requirements: • FRDM-KW41Z/QN902x board or a board programmed with HCI black box applicatio...
  • Communication Driver

    This article will focus on the embedded side of the FreeMASTER tool - the communication driver. Currently there are three sources you can get the embedded library from: Driver Package MCUXpresso SDK S32 Design...
    Iulian Stan
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  • Meet the i.MX 8M Nano Webinar 05Dec2019.pdf

    In case you missed our recent webinar, you can check out the slides and comment below with any questions.
    Amanda Mcgregor
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  • eIQ Transfer Learning Lab with i.MX 8

    This lab will take an existing TensorFlow image classification model and re-train it to categorize images of flowers. This is known as transfer learning. This updated model will then be converted into a TensorFlow Lit...
    Vanessa Maegima
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  • Power Management Solutions Made for Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

    Low-power wearable/IoT applications are becoming more and more popular. In this session, we will go over some of the key aspects when considering the system-level power management solution for these application, pros ...
    Renee Fortenberry
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