• MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 Segger-LPC Debug Hotfix

    Problem  An issue has been identified that impacts the debugging of older LPC devices using SEGGER Jlink via the version of MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 released on 4th September 2019.   This issue will be seen ...
  • MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 (build 2563) is now available.   This is a maintenance release that builds upon the previous MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 release, and we recommend that all e...
  • eIQ Sample Apps - TFLite Quantization

    This tutorial demonstrates how to convert a Tensorflow model to TensorFlow Lite using quantization and run the inference on an i.MX8 board using the eIQ™ ML Software Development Environment. It us...
    Raluca Popa
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  • Getting Started with eIQ Software for i.MX Applications Processors

    Machine Learning at the Edge: eIQ Software for i.MX Applications Processors Developing machine learning (ML) applications for embedded devices can be a daunting task. For the traditional embedded developer, th...
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  • Updating a SEGGER J-Link installation on Windows

    The Windows installer for SEGGER J-Link has changed behaviour for version after V6.44 i.e. after the version installed with V11.0.0 of the IDE. Previously each SEGGER installation was located in a versioned directory ...
    LPCX presso support
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  • Over 100,000 Downloads of the MCUXpresso SDK

    In March of 2017, NXP released the debut version of the MCUXpresso SDK along with an IDE and set of Config Tools under the same MCUXpresso name.  Since that time we have seen an amazing response from developers d...
    Clark Jarvis
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  • MCUXpresso Config Tools v6 Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso Config Tools v6 are now available.   MCUXpresso Configuration Tools is a product with set of tools that help users of all levels with a Cortex-M-based MCU solution. Fea...
    Petr Struzka
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  • 移植开源的密码工具箱GmSSL到i.MX平台

    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • New MCUXpresso Software Releases Now Available

    New versions of MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and Configuration Tools are now available. In addition to new product support, you will find these updates and enhanced features in the new releases:   MCUXpresso SDK v2.6.0 ...
    Miguel Hernandez
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  • LPC845 Breakout Board now has an SDK package!

    LPC845 Breakout Board now has an SDK package available! We are working on updating our getting started information to show how to use this rather than starting from the LPC845 chip SDK. The board is called LPC845BREAK...
    Brendon Slade
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  • SPDK_on_Layerscape

    SPDK on Layerscape SPDK (Storage Performance Development Kit) is an optimized storage reference architecture. It is initiated and developed by Intel. SPDK provides a set of tools and libraries for writing high p...
    Nipun Gupta
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  • Using LPC55S69 SDK Trustzone examples with MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0

    This article discusses the use of SDK Trustzone example (Hello World) for the LPC55S69 MCU within MCUXpresso IDE.   The following are required to follow this blog post:   MCUXpresso IDE Version 11.0.x LPC...
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  • MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 (build 2516) is now available.   This is a major new version of the IDE, and contains many new features and enhancements over the previous MCUXpresso IDE v10...
  • Linker errors with QN9080 SDK examples under MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0

    When using the QN9080 with SDK v2.2 2019-01-29, or earlier, there is an issue in the SDK internal data which can lead to MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 failing to set consistent floating point options when importing...
  • DPDK Performance on Layerscape devices

    Disable hw_prefetch (u-boot): setenv hwconfig 'fsl_ddr:bank_intlv=auto;core_prefetch:disable=0xFE' qixis reset altbank (reset the board - in case using bank 0 run 'qixis reset' only)   bootargs or othbootargs - a...
    Hemant Agrawal
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  • SWO with NXP i.MX RT1064-EVK Board

    With the cost of an single pin, many ARM Cortex-M boards including the NXP i.MX RT1064 can produde SWO data: think about a pin able to stream data out of the chip in realtime. For example interrupt activity which othe...
    Erich Styger
    created by Erich Styger
  • Enable GmSSL which supports OSCCA Algorithm Toolbox on i.MX

    GmSSL is an open source cryptographic toolbox that supports SM2 / SM3 / SM4 / SM9 and other national secret (national commercial password) algorithm, SM2 digital certificate and SM2 certificate based on SSL / TLS secu...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • Tutorial: MCUXpresso SDK with Linux, Part 3: RAM and XiP Code on i.MX RT1064

    In my previous articles I have used the command line on Linux to build and debug NXP MCUXpresso SDK applications. In this article I'm running code on NXP i.MX RT1064 in RAM or FLASH. i.MXRT1064 board with LPC845-BRK...
    Erich Styger
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  • FreeRTOS with Preconfigured Example for NXP’s LPC55xx MCU

    Amazon Web Services has released a preconfigured FreeRTOS example for Armv8-M and the NXP LPCXpresso55S69 board. With the addition of board- and device-specific examples, it is even easier to start and use the Arm...
    Erich Styger
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  • TrustZone with ARMv8-M and the NXP LPC55S69-EVK

    The ARM TrustZone is an optional secu=rity feature for Cortex-M33 which shall improve the security for embedded applications running on microcontroller as the NXP LPC55S69 (dual-core M33) on the LPC55S69-EVK. NXP LPC...
    Erich Styger
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