• T1042 development tools without RTOS

    I am interested in incorporating T1042 in my new design for an airborne system.In this regard,i request the end of life support for these component from your office.Please advise the Development and Debugging tools wi...
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  • MPC5748 EOUT for FCCU

    Hello,      I'm working on FCCU development with MPC5748. I want to use EOUT with Bi-stable protocol to inform external IC. Now I can inject fake faults to trigger FCCU alarm, but nothing happen t...
    Yuehe Deng
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  • In MPC5746C controller CAN Bus off interrupt in triggering

    I am using MPC5746C controller for developing Front camera module application.   In that CAN BUS 1 if we simulate the Buss off interrupt triggers only 3-4 times after that is not triggering , Auto bus recov...
    shankar gowda
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  • Handling external interrupts on MPC5746CRM

    Hello, I need to receive an external interrupt using this Micro-controller MPC5746CRM. MPC5746CRM contains an internal module specified to handle the general external interrupt which is SIUL2 module. I made the req...
    ahmed saber
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  • Why CMU_1 Report FLL Event

    Hi:       I Use CMU_1 to monit the CHKR_CLK;       System clok Divider 0 is  1, so  CHKR_CLK is 100MHz;      ...
    Zhou Xx
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  • How to remap Interrupt Vector Offset for MPC5748G bootloader?

    I want to update firmware of MPC5748G with CANFD, but I don't know if remap interrupt vector offset or not. How to remap?   Thanks!
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  • How do I build a library with many (hundreds) files?

    I am getting the following error when trying to build a library with hundreds of files: make -r all Building target: libgx.a Invoking: MCU Archiver   make (e=87): The parameter is incorrect.   make: *** ...
    Scott Larson
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  • Build Ubuntu For i.MX8 Series Platform

    The Guide is how to use Ubuntu filesystem with i.MX8 series platform.At present, I had try it on i.MX8QXP with 4.14.98 kernel with ubuntu16.04.   The Document will be continuously updated with enable VPU, ubuntu...
    Gnar Fang
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  • Setup DMA for SPI to 1 Byte transfer

    Hey guys,   I'm Using a Kinetics K64 MCU. We are using a filesystem which is connected via SPI. There's a huge traffic going on in our filesystem therefore I'd like to use a DMA to transfer the data to the SPI p...
    Julian Heni
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  • Reduces the size of the yocto generated file system

    Hi ,    Firstly, thank you for coming here, please help solve the following problems.    Yocto version : fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga    Linux Kernel  Version:4.1.15 ...
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  • CMSIS-DAP and JLINK debuggers no longer working on IMXRT1050EVKB board

    Hi,   After a few days of debugging on my iMX1050EVKB board, CMSIS-DAP no longer recognizes that there is any processor there, nor does a JLINK debugger. I've also tried IAR tools and they don't recognize it eit...
    Scott Larson
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  • How can we disable the syntax checking of linker files

    Starting from MCUXpresso 11.0 a feature is added to do syntax highlighting in linker files and map files. Although this feature is nice, it generates incorrect errors.   Example: .flash : ALIGN(4) {  &#...
    Luc Vansteenkiste
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  • Convert decoder output byte stream to YUV raw image

    Dear NXP Media Team, I used imx8mqevk board, jpeg decode example on libimxvpuapi2 decode a jpeg image. This is a hardware encode/decode library. Command: ./jpeg-dec-example -i wall.jpg -o output.bin Output (deta...
    hai Hoang
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  • Watchdog on imx

    Hello, What do you think of using the imx internal watchdog timer with fsl,ext-reset-output dts property to output reset signal to PMIC ?   Is it safe enough, and guaranteed that the Low frequency ref...
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  • How to partition QSPI memory on iMX6ULL-EVK

    Hi, I am working with IMX6ULL-EVK. I want to create the QSPINOR partition but it not work. Following the step test : compile u-boot for quad-spi-nor I obtain u-boot.imx-qspi1 set the u-switch of EVK to start in Q...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • RT600 ROM API for w25q128fw

    RT600 ROM API example for w25q128fw support.
    Richy Ye
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  • iMX8MQ EVKB Can not Boot From SD Card

    hi all   I downloaded the BSP Linux demo Image and follow the Get Started Guide to setting up. but i can not boot it up use SD Card Boot,no any message from that two UART USB PORT. and i try to build flash.bin...
    Hanson Chung
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  • How to “invalidate” or “flush” a range of cpu cache in powerpc architecutre?

    I am working with an embedded device which communicates with my PowerPC CPU made by NXP (T1022) via PCIe. Due to the QorIQ SDK V2.0 constraints i have to use linux kernel version 4.1.8. This version doe...
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  • How to use const or enum in struct?

    Hi, How to use const in struct? struct SDCardState {    const uint16_t initTimeout=2000;      enum uint8_t CardType {       CardTypeSD1,  &#...
    Aaron Lee
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  • LPC55S69 keil编译问题

    在编译LPC55S69的SDK出现如下问题,pack都是安装的,不知道是什么问题,有遇到过吗 ArmClang: error: ARM Compiler does not support '-mcpu=cortex-m33'
    haifeng jin
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