• NTAG 5 iOS Development Code

    I could compile the NTAG 5 iOS development source code without any error. I could run the app and NFC card detection without any problem. However, the GetAccelXI2CMaster function is always return 0 byte length as...
    Kevin Chia
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  • How to figure out the boot failure for secure boot

    I'm having some problems with setting up secure boot.  I've configured the CFPA and CMPA pages and programmed a signed image, but the chip becomes bricked afterwords.  Also the bootrom is no longer accessibl...
    Conor Patrick
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  • How to get PCIe MSI running instead of LEGACY mode (LS1028A)

    Hi NXP team,   we are using a custom board based on LS1028A and linux(LSDK-19.09-update-311219-V4.14). The board uses a wifi modem(WLE600VX with Qualcomm-Atheros QCA9882 chipset) attached to PCIe. The drive...
    Yuvarajesh Valleru
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  • LPC2294HBD144/01

    We are using this part (LPC2294HBD144/01) for our old designs from 2009 onwards. whether this part can be used for New designs.If this part is NRND,Please provide the similar part for our New Design which will be avai...
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  • MX RT1064 EVK use internal Flash as NVM

    Hi there, I'm using a MX RT1064 EVK board. Are there any examples on how to use the internal Flash of the RT1064 as non-volatile memory that can be written to/read from at runtime? I know for example that for the KW4...
    Pascal Häfliger
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  • Can the FRC in the ENET block be clocked from an external reference clock?

    I am working on a design with the iMX RT1060. I would like to be able to clock the ENET block's free-running counter (FRC) from an external 10 MHz reference clock that is generated from a precision lab clock source, s...
    Phil Vachon
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  • Software about MPC5748G

    Hello, recently,I am learning to use mpc5748g development board functions, D1 version , but I am not very familiar with the software. For example, do you have a simple program about this development board, including...
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  • SLN-VIZN-IOT  how to use the wireless connection ?

    I'm Working on the SLN-VIZN-IOT and in one of the video of presentation : https://www.mouser.fr/new/nxp-semiconductors/nxp-sln-vizn-iot/#Image-6  In this video we can see that it is possible to use the kit ...
    Kévin Hector
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  • Control SLN-VIZN-IOT with Riverdi and FT80x

    I'm working on the SLN-VIZN-IOT face recognition kit, I want to add a riverdi and a FT80x on the kit to have a video output. But my question is it possible to use the riverdi like an input and to control the SLN-...
    Kévin Hector
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  • SLN-VIZN-IOT driver

    我使用你們的SLN-VIZN-IOT ,可是serial portㄧ直連接不起來,我安裝了 MCUXpressoIDE_11.1.1_3241.exe 也找過 SLN-VIZN-IOT Software Collateral v1.0.3 SLN-VIZN-IOT Hardware Package v1.0 這裡都沒有driver,想請問ㄧ下這塊版子的driver要去哪下載? 或是可以直接提供給我
    last modified by YI HUA WANG
  • Mass Storage Device (MSD) Update for SLN-VIZN-IOT

    你們的手冊上寫著按住 SW1 鍵直到閃紅、藍、紫燈就可以進入MSD mode,不過我按了很久都沒辦法進MSD mode,是不是產品的缺陷?
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  • flexspi  flash读写失败

    硬件:mcu:rt1010       flash:w25q32fvzpig           我的板子外接了一个nor flash w25q32 ,但是我通过flexspi操作flash读写,运行FLEXSPI_SoftwareReset时,会进入硬件错误。可能的原因是什么?          ...
    志成 项
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  • LPC51U68 current consumption too high in Deep Sleep

    We are aiming to use the LPC51U68 for a product that will be battery powered and on 24/7, and in deep sleep when quiescent.   At the moment we are developing on the LPCXpresso51U68 development board and for thes...
    Tim Janes
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  • U-boot DDR init files to FreeRTOS sdk

    Hello I am a student at Grand Valley State University. Me and 2 other students are trying to work with the nxp i.mx8m nano evaluation board. We are currently only using the base SDK and FreeRTOS. Currently we are tryi...
    William Mckeever
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  • imx6q yocto环境搭建

    我选择$ DISTRO=fsl-imx-x11 MACHINE=imx6qsabresd source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build 然后 $ bitbake fsl-image-qt5 在编译中途出错,就停止了   试过取消,再编译,还是这样子,不知道怎么解决
    jin zou
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  • TSN Qbu test on switch of nxp-ls1028

    Hi experts,   When I test the Qbu feature of swtich on ls1028ardb board, it says sending two streams from testcenter, and one of PCP 0 and another of PCP 1.   I want to query about the mean of PCP0 and 1,...
    Tang zhantao
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  • p4080ds rcw,srio,sgmii,rgmii work together

    hello,we need use SRIO,SGMII,RGMII working at the same time,i modify the RCW,at SerDes Lane Multiplexing/Configuration segment,i choose 0x16: 0x16 sRIO2 (3.125G) bank1 a-d sRIO1 (3.125G) bank1 e-h Debug (3.125G) ban...
    lixing gao
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  • EDMA Incomplete Transfer using QTMR on the RT-1050

    I have an LED light ring that I'm driving via Pwm setup using the QTMR timer DMA and the "EDMA" component on the RT-1050.   I am setting up the DMA using the EDMA component and the QTMR component shown below....
    Gregory Nowak
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  • Adding support for QSPI flash on LS1043ARDB

    Hi, We are building a customized hardware based on LS1043ARDB. We replaces IFC NOR with QSPI.    I followed the code in LS1043AQDS and LS1046ARDB. And made changes to the u-boot code to add support for QSP...
    Palak Shah
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  • Low Power MCU with space grade qualification

    Hello team, My customer has a new design that needs Low power MCU, prefers ARM-Cortex M based to meet the conditions of a Spacecraft and a Space Hazards Environmental. Please advise if NXP has such an MCU/...
    Shai Berman
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