• KW36 can switch Central / peripheral?

    Continuing the previous question, KW36A OTA   Now there is an idea:     We want to integrate the two OTA updates as following           A. BLE Demo Applications User ...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • kw36 connection interval,slave latency supersiontimeout set

    hi, dear nxp fae     i am using a kw36 freedom board. used the SDK2.2.1 and run some examples. i want to change the three parameter connection interval, slave latency and superisontimeout. but i found there...
    yuan xiao
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  • JN-AN-1217-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device - UART1

    Hi suppor team! Now. I'm working with JN-AN-1217-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device Relate to end:  Enabling UART1 is Coordinator is JN-1217-AN-Zigbee-3-0-Base Device for JN5168   TB Coordinator project work well with ...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • Is there an example code for ThingMagic to read NXP G2iL tag

    Is there an example code for ThingMagic to read NXP G2iL tag?
    ping mei
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  • Interface CYW4343W WiFi/BLE with FRDM-K64F 

    Hi, I would like to interface LBEE5KL1DX-TEMP (CYW4343W) with FRDM-K64F. Is there any guide or link which is useful for interfacing CYW4343W with K64F?
    Darshan Shah
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  • Why did not call "ZPS_bAppAddBeaconFilter()" in "BDB_vSetRejoinFilter()"

    I am using JN5169 with JN-SW-4170 Zigbee 3.0 v1840. Does this mean the parameter sBeaconFilter will not work? BDB_vSetRejoinFilter() function code:   Is it OK If I change the code like this:
    qingshu zhuang
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  • Ble Kw41z multiple peripheral device at the same time

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to modify a device with Ble stack inside a kw41z that use wireless uart nxp demo. My fw is ok and it "speaks" with a smartphone app without problems. Now i need to program more of one devi...
    marco mangraviti
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  • QN9080 Flash Protection

    Hello. I am trying to protect the first several pages in the QN9080 flash and am running into trouble with erasing unprotected pages. In order to test the problem, I have reduced the protection to a single page and th...
    Rick Dickerson
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  • WiFi AP non linux platform

    Hi All,   We are looking at making a simple gateway router based on the IMX RT1060 with Ethernet + a 4G modem connected to the USB and Wifi AP.   We believe we have everything under control using uTasker /...
    Carl Norman
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  • Zigbee protocol information

    Hello, I would like to ask for some information to study.I am doing zigbee protocol communication now.I'd like to find some information between the levels.For example, physical layer, MAC layer, network layer, APS lay...
    震 孙
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  • About JN5189 SDK with out of box source code

    Hi All,   JN5189 SDK have be released now. But I check ZigBee example project no include "out of box demo" source code which have PN7150 to perform join ZigBee network through NFC. How can get this demo source co...
    Ethan Chen
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  • How to deal with "unclaimed interrupt with priority 0"?

    Environment: JN5169 Base on JNAN-1220-Zigbee-3.0-Sensor SDK:JN-SW-4170 Zigbee 3.0 v1840 Hi,I am making a single firewire switch,  a button controls a relay,And requires low power。 This device is a Sleep...
    qingshu zhuang
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    Hello, I have a problem.I used JN5169 and the SDK was 4170. After I woke up today with the sleep device, I used ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq() to unicast a piece of data to the coordinator.The result failed to be sent ...
    震 孙
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  • I can't bind new endpoint to the router base device example

    Hello.   I'm new developping ZigBee software and I have the FRDM-KW41Z microcontroller. I've started with de router base device example and the end sleeping base device and it works fine.   Then I've add ...
    Alvaro Velazquez Salas
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  • KW36A  Wireless Ranging Techniques

    1。Does KW36A's wireless ranging techniques support  RSSI, Phase, TOF ? 2。If there is support, which example of SDK and document for my reference ?  
    Daniel Tseng
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  • Get sleep time

    JN-AN-1219-Zigbee-3-0-Controller-and-Switch SDK:JN-SW-4170-v1840   1、For sleeping devices, if the device terminal wakes up interrupted, how do I get the actual sleeping time of the terminal device instead? 2、I...
    Linklai kjd
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  • Using Battery Monitor in QN9080

    Hello All, I am Using QN9080 and want to use the Battery Monitor to be able to get battery levels at any time I am trying to edit ADC Temperature senor Example  but I think it is not as simple as just changing ...
    Karim Osama
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  • kw36 multiple connection demo

    hi,dear NXP expert     i have a KW36 Freedom board. and i want to have a test to verify how many client(smartphone ble apps) can connect to the KW36 simutaneously. i have find some info from the nxp communi...
    yuan xiao
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  • KW36  FSCI bootloader form UART to CAN?

    I found the link below and mentioned that the bootloader supports the CAN interface https://community.nxp.com/thread/488445    Only the following information was found from the SDK Question: 1. I can't...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • How to get the Software development material about JN5189

    Such as  "JN518X Integrated Peripherals API User Guide"  And why can't  I download the "JN5189(T)/JN5188(T) User manual"
    德平 吕
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