• JN5168 I2C Can Not Initialize

    Hello guys! I have a problem with i2c interface on JN5168 module. I have a function to initialize I2C interface on module, but it completely blocks device (Look like hard fault)   Here is includes: /*-- Hardware...
    LeadeR LeadeR
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  • k32w power

    I have found the default value of power, but I cannot find the place where he finally registered. I want to understand the relationship between register and dbm.
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W CTUG

    Refer to K32WQN9090CTUG.pdf In RX test mode [ 1 ]  RX trigger mode test      What signal generator is used?     No DIO17 pins on the circuit?     When do I ne...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W AN12798 bug1

    < BLE test  on ch2 > 一。Ch2.3.2.3 of AN12798 requires unmodulate signal, but K32W_Certi_Tools does not have this option.   As follows, kw41 has provided it。
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W AN12798 bug2

    < BLE test on ch2 > 二。Ch2.3.2.1 of AN12798, Frequency measurement also requires "continuous signal" ,       As shown in the table, what kind of continuous signal can I choose? Mentioned by ...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • JN5169 Data transmit  request-confirm time

    Hi,  I am trying to measure the time interval between a data request and a data confirmation in a single transmitting device but I am not 100 %  sure my time class is correct or even if this can s...
    Alberto Gallegos
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  • KW36 + bluetooth_w_urt_freertos (SDK) + CAN (example_code) => Integration failure

    Hello All,   I try to integrate the CAN-interrupt-tx example code (frdmkw36_driver_examples_flexcan_interrupt_transfer) into my project, and I use the wireless-UART example code (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluet...
    sihan chen
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  • Methods to protect QN908x Code

    Hi , Would like to know how to keep the QN908x firmware secure from any unauthorized person updating. Is there any lock system to protect the firmware loading, let me know if there is any document explaining these....
    Kishan Saralaya
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  • Multi Channel Concurrent AP + STA support on 88MW320 / 88MW322

    Hi,    I am currently investigating several WiFi chips for a customer and am considering either the 88MW320 or 88MW322. One major requirement the customer has is the ability to concurrently run in AP a...
    Philip Emsley
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  • K32W pins

    Refer to JN-AN-1242-Customer-Module-Eval-Tool.pdf   Where are the pins of DIO10 and DIO17? I have searched for the carrier board and module board, but none of them on schematic.
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W Certi Tool bug

    When using 1M can receive packets, but using 2M can not receive any packets.  
    Daniel Tseng
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  • Lpuart and Gpio Drivers Error (MKW36Z512VHT4)

    Good morning, i have a problem with Drivers of LPUART and GPIO of MKW36z512vht4 Project write in C.   SDK (2.2.5) drivers and project drivers created by MCUXPRESSO cannot be aligned.   I believe that the ...
    Vanny Cecchinato
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  • QN9090 - Hardware Considerations

    Hello team,   My customer is planning to start drawing his schematics with QN9090 and got the inquiries below: 1a. What are the JTAG pins (for flashing and debug the device)?  1b. in case the customer wan...
    Shai Berman
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  • The FRDM-KW36 can't connect with smart phone

    Hello All ~              I have used the button to config the FRDM-KW36 as a peripheral device for to connect to the smart phone. Although the smart ph...
    sihan chen
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  • Wifi Chipset Firmware Loading

    Hi all, I am using a module with an 8987 wifi bt Chipset. To help me debug it not working in my Linux system I would like to gain a better understanding of how it works.   Does the module come with any firmware ...
    Eoin O&#39;Connell
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  • The route did not forward the command to the destination address

    Hi, We used JN5169 to make a light control system,but now I found a problem, sometimes, the button can not control the light.Packet capture found that the button sent the command to the route, but the route did not f...
    德平 吕
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  • Hardfault when using eeprom in KW36 BLE demo

    I want to use eeprom in KW36 BLE demo. In frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_hrs_freertos, I set gAppUseNvm_d and gNvUseFlexNVM_d to 1. In __NvModuleInit(), it configures eeprom and res...
    mo xinyu
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  • Creating a custom profile using NXP BLE stack server, how much characteristics can be added?

    Dear, I'm using a Kinetis KW41Z with NXP BLE stack and rtos. I read several documents especially NXP DOC-332703 and DOC-328287. Did someone know how much characteristics can be added?   Regards Lothar
    Lothar Schönfeld
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  • Any IRQ related limitations on using hardware triggers for ADC with BLE?

    I'm trying to configure the ADC to use a PWM output as trigger, in a BLE project.   Once the right IRQ was enabled, when I try to start the timer, the program hangs.   If I start the timer without enabling...
    sharon urban
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  • KW38 flexcan example not working

    Hi,   I am trying to get CAN comms working on KW38 kit. I tries two examples and on both I am facing same issue.    1. flexcan interrupt transfer 2. flexcan loopback transfer   In the loopback ...
    Ravindra Singh
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