• How to change ble device name (kw41z) with more of 8 characters?

    Hello, i need to change the ble device name in a firmware for kw41z. Into app_config.c file, there is an gapAdStructure_t array named advScanStruct[3]. The last element of this array contains:    .adType =...
    marco mangraviti
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  • KW41Z ZigBee Questions/msg transfer/code analysis

    Hi I am studying KW41Z control bridge code. and I understand how the 'control bridge' receives and parses serial data. but, I can't understand how the 'control bridge' sends and receives data using ZigBee. What I...
    JunTae Lee
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  • How to know the NwkAddr of EndDevice

    Hi, When the EndDevice leave zigbbee network,the Coordinator could know the u64ExtAddr of enddevice,but how to know its u16NwkAddr?
    德平 吕
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  • Unable to receive Read Attribute response for IAS Zone Status in JN5189 coordinator

    I am working with jn5189 as wireless connectivity zigbee coordinator (iot-control-bridge )and I am trying to read IAS zone status for an IAS device, but when ever I send a Read attribute request from the zgui too...
    Bharadwaj Kollepara
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  • MKW36A512 - Use FlexNvM as code memory

    Short Question: Can FlexNvM(D-Flash) contain a region defined as NvM Block and another region defined as program data? Is it perfectly equivalent to using P-Flash for program data?   Hi All, I develop an applic...
    Daniele Nava
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  • KW36 can’t open Config Tools(Pin)

    The environment I use is as follows: IDE:   SDK:   I want to use Pin config tool as follows: Step1: Select project, then click "Open Pins" Step2: The download progress bar of MKW36Z512xxx4 appears Step...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • How to bind Output ON/OFF cluster to JN5189 coordinator (IoT control bridge).

    I am working with jn5189 as ZigBee coordinatore. I am trying to bind a LUMI mini switch ON/OFF cluster (Output cluster) with the coordinator. I am using iot-control-bridge workspace, I am sending "BIND REQUEST" to the...
    Bharadwaj Kollepara
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  • iBeacon + Connectable Peripheral with QN9080?

    Hi,    I am wondering if I can use the QN9080 as an iBeacon as well as a peripheral to connect to from an iPhone. I am able to get the iBeacon working with the Beacon demo in the SDK -- but now I want to al...
    Michael Kalajian
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  • [JN-AN-1201]JN5169 CIE + WD

    Dear Sirs,   In order to run the examples of JN-AN-1201, I planned to build CIE (Coorinator) and WD (Device). Step 1. Build CIE and download to JN5169 USB dongle. Step 2. Build WD and download to JN5169 DR1174...
    alan lin
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  • Zigbee OTA application

    Hi,   We are using nxp Zigbee device as co-ordinator which is flashed with control bridge application.   Please let us know how to generate .ota file for the 3rd party sensor so that we can update the sens...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • Window Covering Server Cluster

    Hi all, I am developing a smart curtain device. It use Window Covering Server Cluster. But I see something wrong with this cluster in "ZigBee Cluster Library Specification". Window Covering Information Attribute Se...
    Giau Nguyen
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  • QN9080 - using ADC and CTIMER

    Hello Team, My customer has the following inquiries below:    We need to sample two analog channels with 12 bits at a sample rate of Fs (Fs is in the range of 500Hz to 10KHz). Our application needs to stor...
    Shai Berman
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  • JN516x : How to add an alarm cluster to a sensor device?

    Dear all,   How to add a different type of cluster (ex: alarm cluster) to an sensor device?   Please.
    topalan lin
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  • MTBF Data for BGA3023Y

    Hi,   We are using BGA3023Y-1.2GHz 20dB Gain CATV Amplifier in our design. What is the MTBF/Failure rate of that device?   Regards, Harshith
    Harshithram KV
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  • MTBF for BGA7204,115

    Hi,   We are using BGA 7204 VGA Amplifier in our design. What is the MTBF/Failure rate for the same ?   Regards, Harshith
    Harshithram KV
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  • How to get PCIe MSI running instead of LEGACY mode (LS1028A)

    Hi NXP team,   we are using a custom board based on LS1028A and linux(LSDK-19.09-update-311219-V4.14). The board uses a wifi modem(WLE600VX with Qualcomm-Atheros QCA9882 chipset) attached to PCIe. The drive...
    Yuvarajesh Valleru
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  • [JN-AN-1186] stuck in bAHI_PeriodicRecalInit()

    Dear Sirs,   According to the JN-AN-1186 (Temperature-Dependent Operating Guidelines), I modified the source code based on JN-AN-1172. After download the firmware to the  platform (DR1174+DR1175). the sys...
    alan lin
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  • [JN5169][JN-AN-1218] How to set the PA/LNA configurations?

    Dear Sirs,   I have a customized JN5169 board with SKY66111-11 as the front end module. I am planning to build the firmware of JN-AN-1218 for my JN5169 board. Where should I set the configurations for PA/LNA (...
    alan lin
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  • [JN-AN-1201] no debug message from JN5169 USB Dongle of CIE firmware?

    Dear Sirs,   I have built the CIE firmware [JN-AN-1201], and download to a JN5169 USB dongle. But, there is no debug message print out on the Virtual COM. Is there any extra setting?   Thanks! 
    alan lin
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  • How can I insert a NTAG in hardware? It the range damaged depending on the hardware's material?

    I am wondering how is functionality of the tag for it to be read with smartphones. Taking as an example smart POS systems, (contactless payments) I wonder where is the NFC tag located? I am guessing it is not a sticke...
    Camilo Aranguren
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