• About QN9080 ADC

    QN908x's ADC is 16bit, but Output data format is 23 bit. what is the purpose of this setting?
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  • NXH3670- Couldn't find kl device

    When I use the NXH3670 flash tool, I could not connect to the dongle device, but I can connect to the headset device. The dongle device was debugged by the MCUXpresso IDE with the kl_dongle_sdk project successfully, I...
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  • MKW41Z ZigBee connection issues

    Hi,   I'm working on a solution with ZigBee connectivity features. Target platform - MKW41Z512. A role of a device - an end device with a router capabilities. Coordinator is based on other platform (CC2520). Sec...
    Bogdan Kostiv
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  • KW36: Can we use both Static and dynamic methods of adding service to gatt db

    Hello,   Totally as per requirement, there should be 5 gatt services added to Kw36 gatt db out of which 4 gatt services i need to add statically to gatt database and one service i need to add dynamically to gatt...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • How to make the gateway of other manufacturer unable to read one of my clusterID

    Hi everyone, I have a PHILPS measuring color temperature lamp, reading its active endpoint and endpoint descriptor through a coordinator. The result shows that it does not have the 0x0702 clusterID; however, when rea...
    Daniel li
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  • The 7th end device can not  join the network

    Question     There are 6 end devices that can join the network created by coordinator.The 7th end device can not join the network, though coordinator permits the device to join. For details, see as below: ...
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  • Issues about testing NXH3670 to android phones

    Hi, NXP support team, I have got an NXH3670 SDK suit recently, when testing USB audio, I got some issues. According to the doc AN12360, I tested the original application of the SDK suit, it worked fine with the PC ( w...
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  • Leave indication after long sleep problem

    Hello, we are developing a custom application based on the JN-AN-1229 template. After long sleep (>5 mins) through the PWRM_eScheduleActivity function we wake up the device and make a poll request ZPS_eAplZdoPoll a...
    Hernan Olave
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  • QN908x OTAP_Clinet_ATT won't work

    Dear Sir            I can’t see NXP_OTAA in IOT Tool box after I follow API Guide based on newest QN9080 SDK.            Could yo...
    Li-Chin Wang
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  • Zigbee Network Rejoin Issue while Zigbee Co-ordinator Reboot

    Hi Support Team,   Understand Below Scenario: 1) Zigbee Co-ordinator Create Network  2) Router Device Joined Network Successfully 3) Issue 1: If Zigbee Co-ordinator Rebooted then Router Device doesn't g...
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  • How can I modify MAC Address advertised by QN9020 running Quintic Private Profile?

    I expected two different boards to have different IDs, but they advertise same MAC Address (seen with Android app BLE Scanner) and I don't find any user configurable variable or #define to modify in provided IAR ...
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  • Need QN9020 documentation

    I am evaluating the QN902X BLE part from NXP, but I have not been able to find the Software Manual, or any indepth discussion on the stack etc. I am also a little wary due to it being a fairly new part, but have had v...
    Chris Darrow
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  • QN_LOCAL_NAME not honored on iOS

    For the QN9020, the device presents itself to the iPhone as the AppName sometimes, and Quintic BLE other times.   /// Application friendly name setting#define QN_LOCAL_NAME      ...
    Lucas Ramage
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  • How does a read command read multiple attributes

    Hi all, I want to read several properties of the device's Basic Cluster through the GUI, but I just want to call the read command once. How do I configure the parameters?   GUI Interface Functions called by ...
    Daniel li
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  • How to change file version of Ota file

    Hi  every one,    I compiled externalized ColorLight with JN-AN-1218. I want to change the version of Ota file and how to modify it.  
    Daniel li
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  • QN9080: functions from arm_math executed in Cortex core or FSP ?

    Hello,   I currently have a system with two microcontrollers. One handles BLE and the other handles the signal processing. I am looking for a new microcontroller that can do both.   The QN9080SIP ...
    Yorick Brunet
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  • Image Selection on JN5169

    I am coding a firmware update utility for the JN5169 and have a question about invalidating a resident code image in flash. My initial code image is running fine, based at Segment 0 (Flash Address 0x00080000).  ...
    Matt Ferrari
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  • undefined reference to ISR

    Hello, I successfully build the JN-AN-1171 demo to make an incandescent light bulb dimmer. In this project i used a secondary MCU (attiny85) to drive the dimmer circuit. This MCU uses the output signal of a JN51...
    Jacco Bezemer
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  • I2C JN5169 to Raspberry Pi

    Hello,      I am trying to use the Raspberry Pi to detect a PCB board that i have had made. The PCB as on it the JN5169 NXP Microcontroller and all the components to make it funtion. I have attach...
    Matthew Wood
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  • Can't rejoin the network after disconnecting the network!!

    Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez I am using JN-AN-1184 The steps I took 1 Coordinate open  route open ! (Open the router after the coordinator is turned on) 2 Router enters the network 3 Take the coor...
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