• The FRDM-KW36 can't connect with smart phone

    Hello All ~              I have used the button to config the FRDM-KW36 as a peripheral device for to connect to the smart phone. Although the smart ph...
    sihan chen
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  • Can I setting "Route Record Table Size" to more than 255?

    It is not allowed in "ZPS Configuration Editor". but in the generated source(zps_gen.c), the ZPS_tsNwkNibTblSize.u16Rct(nwkRouteRecordTable size) is type of uint16. Should I ignore the limit of "ZPS Configuration...
    Teddy Zheng
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  • Can we have both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x Chip simultaneously

    I want to try both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x development board. Individually, I am able to run HID mouse example code for USB as well as BLE from SDK2.2.1. But, I want to have both the functionality in the s...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • How to configure QN908x for the continuous SCAN mode? And to scan more than ten devices.

    How to configure QN908x for the continuous SCAN mode? And to scan more than ten devices. We tried to test this feature [always scan mode] using Wireless UART (freertos version) example code - where we commented...
    Kishan Saralaya
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  • [ZGWUI tool] Usage of Read Attrib of General Tab?

    Dear Sirs,   About GUI tool of "ZigBee Gateway User Interface", how to set the parameters for "Read Attrib"?   Thanks!
    alan lin
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  • [JN-AN-1218] [Light Bulb] response for On/Off?

    Dear Sirs,   Using the ZGWUI to send On/Off/Toggle command to a Light-Bulb device, we can see the response message (ex: Type:0x8000 and others) showing on ZGWUI.  My questions are: 1. In which API of the ...
    alan lin
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  • simultaneous  connecctions of BLE

    Hi, I want to use KW36 as central to connect several BLE keys. And I have referred the DOC "Multiple Connections in Bluetooth LE Central Device ". This demo looks like, each time only one BLE temp sensor can be ...
    yanpo li
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  • support wifi iwinfo

    Hi Support,   We search Internet for a while, but cannot find iwinfo support on yocto/i.mx. Do you know anyone has ever pull iwinfo into yocto/i.mx? Thanks.   Regards, Stephen 
    Steven Yu
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  • APS confirm fail with distance Router to Coordinator is 15m-20m

    Dear all,   Currently, I got a routing problem occurs when I tested a Zigbee network between a Coordinator and a Router. The test's steps are described below: Coordinator is module chip Jn5169 and code is use J...
    Dang Thanh Nha
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  • BLE Border Router with FRDMKW41Z(radio)

    Hi Team, Currently i'm working on Openthread Border router(Rasberrypi) with FRDMKW41Z as a radio. I have gone through IOT SDK(Nrf5) for enabling the 6lowpan BLE Border router using raspbeery pi. But they are connect...
    Ramya Venkatesha
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  • How to get frequency register of KW41Z

       Using KW41's GenFsk in MCUXpresso IDE environment.     Research program can't find the last place to write register.       Question:    1. Channel range 0 ~ 127, wh...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • Schematic for MHT1008N reference circuit?

    Hi NXP Team!   I am trying to design an RF amplifier using your MHT1008N.   However, since I want to do the simulation on ADS,  is there any reference where I could see and analyze the schematic ...
  • How to use push button of FRDM-KW36 to connect with peripheral device

    Hello ~            I am working on FRDM-KW36 development board and use (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_w_uart_freerots) SDK to build code by MCUXpresso IDE.    I have...
    sihan chen
    created by sihan chen
  • How to modify gatt_bd.h for UART read service

    HI All,           I would like to add a service for UART read and I have modified the characteristic values that show as red word. but I don't know how to setting the data size, co...
    sihan chen
    created by sihan chen
  • JN516x - OTP read API and how to block JTAG

    Dear all:   Now I am using JN5161 to develop a Green power switch(using MicroMAC Stack). and I have some questions about JN516x: 1. By default, every JN516x have a 64bit pre-programmed MAC address, but i can't ...
    Zero Zero
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  • MKW41z BLE  not working after enabling random address and pairing.

    I am using MKW41Z with connectivity software. I created a custom application based on the provided examples and able to run it successfully with a custom android application acting as a client. But the issue I am fac...
    Rahul Singh
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  • The multi-communication feature of the KW36

    I would like to a ask a question about the multi-communication feature of the KW36.  In our design, The KW36 will use BLE's SSP (serial port profile) and without using FreeRtos to communicate with 4 periphe...
    sihan chen
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  • QN9080 - Devkit stoped working

    Hello team, I have been working with QN9080 a few weeks back and everything was working properly, but when I have tried to work with the devkit once again and I got the following error: 'Wire Ack Fault'. Could you p...
    Shai Berman
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  • Model of MBC13720

    Hi,   I am trying to use the MBC13720 low noise transistor to design an LNA. But I have not found its model.   To build a circuit using the transistor in ADS, what else I can do?   Thanks.
    Yuanzhi Liu
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  • [JN-AN-1220] Is it possible for Light-Sensor to join Control-Bridge without NFC?

    Dear all,   I am confused if it is necessary to use NFC for Light-Sensor (node) to join Control-Bridge (Coordinator). Is it possible to let Light-Sensor (node) to directly join Control-Bridge (Coordinator)...
    alan lin
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