Hello,   I just wanted to know if a CLI tool is available to use for the RFIDDISCOVER software? I would like to write a script that sends a set of fixed commands to the device instead of having to manually input...
    Wilmer Suarez
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  • KW36 required: RSA 1024 algorithm library support

    Hi,   The current nxp sdk of kw36 does not support RSA 1024 encryption/decryption algorithm.   Will nxp be able to add RSA-1024 code in our framework in the nxp sdk we have?    Regards Sai...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • QN9080 -- How to use ISP Command

    I checked Ch 7.5 UART ISP of UM11023 I shorted JP15 into ISP mode, 1. There is no response from UART input 0x33? 2. If 0x33 is OK, how to input clock,baud rate,and CRC?    (0x71 0x50 0x08 ? ? ? )   ...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • Gap_LoadEncryptionInformation will make chip crash when in secure connection mode

    Hi, about the API Gap_LoadEncryptionInformation, it is work fine while using the legacy pairing mode, but will make chip crash when in secure connection.   Regards, Ziv
    ziv wang
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  • JN5169 Control PA

    Hi all, I have a plan to design new USB dongle JN5169 with PA SE2431L. Because cost down, I don't want to use IC 74HC1G32 (file attach). That mean JN5169 must control PA directly. Is that possible???
    Giau Nguyen
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  • jn5169 an1218 transmit power

    Hi NXP:   As jn5169 datasheet mention, the tx power can be set 10, 8.5 or 3 dbm I'd want to ask how to set in the an1218 example?   Thanks a lot Chris
    chris ww
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  • KW36 : Pairing getting failed sometimes in huawei P8

    Hi,   I try to pair Huawei P8 with KW36. I have imported hid device example with security mode 1 and level 2. I use just works pairing. Sometimes i see pairing is getting failed , can you please let me know w...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: Pairing request not initiated by iphone to KW36 in some half paired scenario

    Hi,   I use KW36 with hid device example and my kw36 acts as a peripheral (slave) device. Mode 1 level 2 is security. I try the following usecase 1 :  (a) Pair ios with kw36.  (b)  Delete the ...
  • About output state in the OFF state

    Hi, all.   As BGU8007, BGU8009 and BGU8103 has ENABLE pin. ENABLE=Low means OFF state according to the datasheet. Does output become to Hi-Z when OFF state?   best regards, tomo
    Tomokazu Miyazaki
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  • How to enable QN9080 Coexistence?

    In the "connectivity Framework Reference" document, it is mentioned that MWS_CoexistenceEnable () can turn on the coexistence of QN9080.   1。I need to enable gMWS_UseCoexistence_d ,but MWS_coexistenceInit() i...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • QN9020 : What are the connection parameters stored in NVDS?

    Hi,             Can you please let me know what connection parameters are stored in the NVDS by the stack? From nvds.h file, I found an "enum NVDS_TAG" with values like "NVDS_TAG_BD_ADDR...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • Zigbee Task with KW41Z

    Hello,   I have this function, in the End Device SDK Example of MCUXpresso, to send a dummy write attribute command to a custom attributes arleady created in another node in the network with that Short Address: ...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • High CPU Utilization during BLE Scan caused by hsdk threads

    Hi, We are running a BLE scanning test process by using hsdk library to communicate with the NXP bluetooth chip to preform BLE scan. After this test process starts scanning by calling GAPStartScanningRequest function ...
    Tony Wang
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  • How to change ble device name (kw41z) with more of 8 characters?

    Hello, i need to change the ble device name in a firmware for kw41z. Into app_config.c file, there is an gapAdStructure_t array named advScanStruct[3]. The last element of this array contains:    .adType =...
    marco mangraviti
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  • Where the file ZigbeeControlBridge_JN5169.bin can be downloaded?

    I'm following the applicaiton note : JN-AN-1223.  On Page 2, we need to download the firmware : ZigbeeControlBridge_JN5168.bin Where should I download this file?
    Philippe Lucidarme
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  • KW36: "LL_FEATURE_RESP" not sent from KW36 when some phone request "LL_FEATURE_REQ"

    Hi,   I am using KW36. I use hid device example and try to pair vivo x25    I tried connecting 14 times, pairing 11 times with Vivo X25, second time connect req(FrameNo: 26951) , we see LL_FEATURE_RE...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW35 Bluetooth authentication modulation wave testing problem

    When we certified the MKW35A512, the wireless council required testing of single carrier and modulated waves at 2.402GHZ and 2.480GHZ transmission frequencies.The single carrier test can be passed, but the modulation ...
    Ren Lei
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  • CLRC663 Plus & HTRC110 CE Certified ?

    Do either of the following have CE Certification ? CLRC66303 HTRC110   Thanks in advance.
    James Goacher
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  • MKW41Z512-HT mass erase

    Hi expert, I was try to program and read the flash in MKW41Z512, when I program, I do mass erase first, and it could erase and program successful, but after that, I restart ( power off then power on)&#...
    li shirley
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  • Does KW41Z's HCI support TX power adjustment?

    Use example of hci_black_box on KW41Z SDK 2.2.1. Find #define gHciSetTxPowerCommand_c   0x012D "vendor_debug_commands.h" is no define any function. Does this TX power command feature allow custome...
    Daniel Tseng
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