• How to Control White Light in RGBW Lamp

    hello everyone,    I have a RGBW lamp. I want to control R, G, B and W with four PWMs respectively. I use JN-AN-1218 project. But your DeMeo algorithm only provides R, G, B, not W. When I adjust the co...
    Daniel li
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  • KW36A getting disconnect from phone during EMC test

    Hi,   We are using KW36A in our project. this product suppose to be used in 2W and 4W, and hence electromagnetic testing is been performed. one such test is call BCI test.  with the following condition i...
    Kuldeep Chaturvedi
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  • printf() in qn908xcdk sample

    I try to add printf() in qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetooth_otap_client_att_freertos. I just copy some code from qn908xcdk_rtso_examples_freertos_hello. But I always get compile error "undefined reference t...
    toru ishihara
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  • How can i set JN-AN-1223 working in end device mode

    hi, thanks for your help   In my project, i need my device worked in end device mode with JN-AN-1223. I can send the command from "ZGWUI",but i find JN-AN-1223 only support Router or Coordinator mode. Can you te...
    xu bovey
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  • About QN908x SPI slave

    Test environment: - spi slave: QN9080-DK board - spi master: ti cc2640r2 development kit SPI Settings - data length: 8bit - clock hz: 400kHz to 4MHz - source code: modified qn908xcdk_driver_examples_spi_interrupt_tra...
    jinjee seo
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  • GAP_Connect does nothing. Why?

    GAP_Connect doesn't do anything when used to connect to a scanned bonded device. The function returns success but there is no response from the stack and no callback of any type and thus no connection. How do I debug ...
    Brian Dodge
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  • KW36: Multiple connection timing

    Hallo all,   I am running a FRDM-KW36 with SDK 2.2.1 as BLE central (without low power mode, module is always on) in an environment with multiple peripherals.   The overall data exchange and battery life r...
    Finn Schmitz
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  • Looking for IoT Toolbox iOS app source code

    I am looking for the IoT Toolbox iOS and Android app source code.  Where can I download this?  If this is not available, where is the BLE documentation on what is returned from the chip?  Each BLE devic...
    Daniel Dhillon
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  • QN9080 - Low Power FreeRtos

    I'm trying to use the QN9080 to :   At times Beacon rapidly At times not Beacon at all ( Device dormant )  Wake upon GPIO interrupt or timebase to server sensors Sleep at the lowest power in between...
    Carl Matthews
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  • USB-KW41 cannot be detected as MCU VIRTUAL COM

    Hi, It's my first time to use a sniffer. Now there are thorny problems.   1. Before the USB pre burn program was erased, I found that there was no problem in the front according to the entry prompt on the offic...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • Zigbee Network Rejoin Issue while Zigbee Co-ordinator Reboot

    Hi Support Team,   Understand Below Scenario: 1) Zigbee Co-ordinator Create Network  2) Router Device Joined Network Successfully 3) Issue 1: If Zigbee Co-ordinator Rebooted then Router Device doesn't g...
    kanji viroja
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  • KW36: Changing connection parameters by central

    Hallo all,   I am running a FRDM-KW36 with SDK 2.2.1 as BLE central. Chaning the connection parameters by peripheral request works fine. However, I have not found how to change the connection parameters by the ce...
    Finn Schmitz
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  • Unable to build JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb

    Hello,   I imported JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb (version 1008) but I am unable to build the project. I'm getting the error: make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop. When I check the ...
    Jacco Bezemer
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  • WLAN0 not listed

    I'm trying to establish  connection between imx8 and mobile using wpa_supplicant. but when i give ifconfig command it results l0 and eth0 and no wlan0. i have gone through imx reference manual, from conf...
    Fritha Janees
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  • docstore Requesting Higher Access... ISSUE

    Company already signed NDA for TJA1101 and have an access to docstore,but have not rights level to down documents,when Request Higher Access Rights,It stays Request(Requesting Higher Access...)
    jooph liu
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  • where can i find the right version of Zig Bee stack user guide ?

    I am working with the zigbee lightbulbs application example - JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb. I see that the function ZPS_vNwkNibSetPanId is used in the code (funciton declaration is also present in the SDK - JN-SW-...
    raghunathan mohan
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  • How to configure a DIO port of jn5169 to be low when powered on

    HI all; I want to configure the low level of jn5169 when a DIO port is powered on, without any delay;Can this be configured??
    Daniel li
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  • Open Thread Stack for MKW24D512

    Is there an SDK with examples containing an OpenThread or Thread certified stack for the MKW2xD512?    Thanks
    Jon Ledwith
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  • MKW24D512 ECC

    Does the MKW24D512 have hardware ECC elliptical curve cryptography support?
    Jon Ledwith
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  • KW41Z BLE Scan

    Hi,   All the iBeacon sources are close the the KW41Z (ble_fsci_black_box received  rssi ~65dBm) and all the sources  transmit iBeacons at 100ms transmit interval.   When we have  ...
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