• Error related to Route

    When i test a router, i get error ZPS_NWK_ENUM_ROUTE_DISCOVERY_FAILED. Currently, I used JN5169, SW4170 built 1840. Any solution to solve this error.
    trung trinh
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    Hi,   I am working with the ZigBee HA Intruder Alarm System.  I am working with JN-AN-1201. I need to communicate with another MCU through uart1. Where do I need to configure and modify...
    liang fang
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  • NFC CLEV6630A(red) Cockpit ERROR

    After the connection with the NFC Cockipt I've found the VCOM R6630\\COM  I'm unable at open the port. I'm using the button open port  but the cockpit give me back just a signal of error:  <<ERROR...
    Niccolo Tesi
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  • How to add custom(private) profile support on JN5179 ZigBee Coordinator?

    We want to add private profile support on JN5179 based gateway in order to support one of the ZigBee end node having a private profile. We tried to add support by updating a .zpscfg file with the use of ZBPro configur...
    Gaurang K
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  • SL3S4011_4021 RFID chip

    Hello, everyone! Ask a few questions: 1. What is the IIC address of SL3S4011_4021? Is it A2? There is no relevant IIC driver c language program available to us as a reference. 2. Can the SCL INT enable parameter in ...
    张 鋆
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  • 关于SL3S4011_4021芯片的问题

    向各位请教几个问题 1.SL3S4011_4021的IIC地址是多少?是A2吗?有没有相关的IIC驱动c语言程序提供给我们作为参考。 2.Configuration Word中的SCL INT enable参数只能通过读写器由射频配置吗?通过IIC通信不能设置? 3.SL3S4011的SCL INT enable中断开启之后,影响不影响正常的IIC通讯?正常通过iic和MCU通讯时候需要把SCL INT enable关闭吗?...
    张 鋆
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  • Add GreenPower on JN-AN-1217 Coordinate

    I have configuration app.zpscfg according ZigBee 3.0 Adding cluster on KW41Z and added function related with GreenPower according JN-UG-3019.Some  undefined error occured at linking when compile code. The d...
    wang sunli
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    Relate to :  https://community.nxp.com/message/943998 https://community.nxp.com/message/1138312 For test timer, I have added function App_vInitTimer0(); Add the service interrupt in theIn the irq_JN5...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • What is the difference between "lib_zps_zcp_cm0.a", "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a" and "lib_zps_cm0.a". Kw41z.

    Hello!  I use Zigbee Stack in my project. I have a problem with zigbee size. I tried to use different files "lib_zps_zcp_cm0.a", "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a" and "lib_zps_cm0.a". And when I used "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a", I got ...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • KW36, without radio

    Have a new version of a board using KW36Z, but this one will not be using the radio aspects of the chip at all. And yes, we do wish to use the KW36Z for this board.   Obviously there are things that can be done...
    R Oleksuk
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  • JN5169 How to change the port for LED??

    Hello sir, I have a question.   Environment =============== - JN-AN-1189-Zigbee-Ha-Demo code - test code : Common_Light with DimmableLightOpenHome    Using : DriverBulb_DR1175.c  ======...
    choi sanghyun
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  • JN-AN-1069 Serial Cable Relacement

    Hi Support team!  I tried to run this application on 2 JN5169 modules.USB Dongle as a Coordinator. DR1174 board as an End. Step base on: JN-AN-1069-IEEE-802.15.4-Serial-Cable-Replacement The LED0,1 flas...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • Any JN5179 SDK for Install Code?

    We are planning to use JN5179 in one of our project. Can anyone please suggest which SDK should we refer as reference for Install code Implementation. Do NXP provide any SDK for Install Code Implementation?
    Palak Patel
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  • AFM907 ADS Model file missing

    The FET2 model file is missing from the ADS Design Kit. Please advise when this error will be fixed.   ADS will not work with NXP AFM907 library.
    Don Laturell
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  • QN902x example takes >20 seconds to bond with iOS 12.3

    SETUP: NXP QN902x_SDK_1.4.0 on a QN9020_MINIDK_V8 board. BLPS example program that comes with the SDK nRF Connect application running on an iPhone with iOS 12.3   PROBLEM: I am seeing the following two probl...
    Hugh O&#39;Keeffe
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  • I used the coordinator to send data to the END node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this?

    I used the coordinator to send data to the terminal node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this? The data displayed by the serial port is as follows: What do...
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • JN5169 serial port download firmware protocol

    Hi everyone,          As we know, JN5169 supports serial port download firmware working mode and there have a communication protocol between PC and JN5169 borad.The description in ...
    zhang zhaoge
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  • The max supported UART baud rate of KW41Z

    Dear Sir,   What is the max UART baud rage that KW41z could support? I tried 230400, and it works, and if KW41Z could support the baud rate exceed 230400?   Thanks. BR, Sean Wu. Weikeng.
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  • Error:AppBuildMac_JN5168.ld:55: undefined symbol `_TSV_eOpen' referenced in expression

    Hi,Sir: The code compiling software we used before is " Eclipse Platform Version: 3.4.2 ",  Now the updated code compiling software is " BeyondStudio for NXP  Eclipse Version 4v3v1 ". Now we want to update...
    menglong li
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  • How to increase MTU size b/w qn9080 and Android

    Hello,    I am connecting qn9080 with Android using Web Bluetooth, and I am not able to send more than 20 Byte at a single packet. while if I connect using a Desktop browser I can send more than 20 Bytes. ...
    Aslam Mohamed
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