• How does the DSPI driver of the R41Z work?

    Hello community, I am trying to communicate a R41Z-TA-A to a Serial Flash device (SST25VF040B) which uses the SPI. I've got an example library for the Serial Flash and I want to do my own driver for the flash but wit...
    Cristina Alvarez
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  • KW36  multitask

    I try to add those sample code in frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_w_uart_freertos wireless_uart.c: void test_task(void* argument) {    while(1) {       Serial_Print(gApp...
    mo xinyu
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  • Network restore after reset on 802.15.4

    Hi,   I'm using SDK2.2.0 on MKW41Z. With the 802.15.4 examples in the SDK, a new network is created by the coordinator after every reset. Similarly, an end device always scans for all the networks in range aft...
    Alexandru Stefan
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  • ATD Module in MC1321x

    The MC13211/212/213 Reference Manual states that the Analog to Digital (ATD) Module is part of MC1321x. Examining C/C+ CodeWarrior Development Studio, I find ACC_Interface.h in PLM -> Interface folder, but only an...
    Erwin Beck
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  • KW36: Insufficient Authentication error response is sent to iPhone when Report Map Characteristic value is read

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as a peripheral device and working with hid_device example. I tried to pair the KW36 with the iPhone using nrf connect. i use just works pairing in my project with security mode 1 level 2....
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: "Connection Failed to establish" error received when trying to connect KW36

    Hi,   I am using KW36 hid device example with security mode 1 level 2. KW36 is configured as peripheral device and i use it as a advertiser. I am using MCuXpresso KW36 SDK 2.2.2. I am using just works pairing. ...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: Connection Interval query

    Hi,   I am using hid device example.   In my KW36 2.2.0 sdk provided by nxp, the LE PHY is configured as LE 1M PHY. Initially the sdk was having gap connection interval as : gGapDefaultMinConne...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • Where are the release notes for the latest JN-SW-4168 SDK build v2162?

    Hi,   We are using the JN-SW-4168 SDK for our zigbee development. Our current sdk version build number is 1620. However, the current build version of the sdk on the NXP website is v2162: ZigB...
    Boris Blokland
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  • NXH3670- Couldn't find kl device

    When I use the NXH3670 flash tool, I could not connect to the dongle device, but I can connect to the headset device. The dongle device was debugged by the MCUXpresso IDE with the kl_dongle_sdk project successfully, I...
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  • KW36 : Why Prepare Write Request fails when the property of the Characteristic is Writable with no response

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with HID device example. I tried to write a long value of length more than the MTU size to a characteristic value with property writable with no response. ...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION event does not occur when the End Device leave.

    Coordinator changed from Zigbee 1.2(JN-AN-1223) to Zigbee 3.0(JN-AN-1216). ZigBee 3.0 does not receive leave event of the end device.   Environment When no event occurs (ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION ) - zigb...
    Seung Ho Kim
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  • KW41Z Pairing Bonding Process

    Hi all,   My prototype uses Rigado R41Z.   I'm able to connect, list all my services, sleep, wake up, connect etc without issue.   I started from HRS into, i integrate Otap functionnality ( may be it...
    Florian Lebrun
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  • disconnect after the connection

    Hello,    i use the QN908X device.    I modify the private_profile_client_project for my project and i want to connect at an other ble device.   i success to scan and connect to the server ...
    Romain Auber
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  • 88W8978 datasheet

    Wenhai Liao
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  • KW36 : "PREPARE QUEUE FULL" error response is received when trying to write long value in a characteristic

    Hi, I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with HID device example. I tried to test the Long Characteristic Value Write with KW36. MTU size has been set to 23.  And I tried to send a data of leng...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • pcie8997 wifi module Firmware Init Failed  in imx8mmevk

    I had a problem about pcie8997 driver loading issue(Firmware Init Failed). I had downloaded pcie8997 driver code form NXP web site and we build pcie8997 driver by yocto cross compiler. we put associated files to targe...
    JS Wang
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  • eHA_RegisterSmartPlugEndPoint() ERROR

    Hello everybody,    When i use the function eHA_RegisterSmartPlugEndPoint() to register device,   console display some message: ccsbRm5s.ltrans0.o:(.text+0x1692): undefined reference to...
    xiaopeng chen
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  • QN9080 UART Receive 

    In the example Private profile client (PPC), I want to add the function of a uart receiver. In short, after entering a string on the terminal, PPC can parse the data anytime, I try to refer to the example of  U...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • QN908x: Configuration setting for QN and WLCSP package

    Hi, We have designed a product using QN908x chip, by taking into consideration provided in "Hardware Design Considerations document(AN11996)". We have two dev boards one of which uses (QN9080CHN) i.e. QFN package wher...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • KW36: changing gAttMaxMtu_c macro in ble_constants.h does not have any impact

    Hi,   I am using hid device example of KW36. I try changing the gAttMaxMtu_c  value from 247 to 23 for testing purpose. But still the negotiated MTU between KW36 and connected phone is 247. Does this val...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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