• QN9080 internal OSC32M at 48 MHz?

    I have a QN9080 chip revision D (QN9080DHNE) and I believe the internal OSC32M is running at 48 MHz, not 32 MHz. Is this even possible?   Here are the experiments I ran, the board has a 32 MHz external XTAL, I c...
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  • QN908x - BD_ADDR byte order

    Hello! We're using the QN908x MCU on a project and we are having trouble determining how the BLE Stack interprets the BD_ADDR that is written into the NVDS. Essentially, we want to know which byte order is used by th...
    Harsha Kudoor
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  • JN-AN-1189 - smart Plug don't want to join the network

    Hi. I am trying to run the JN-AN-1189 app note and more specifically the Smart Plug app. I was not able to join my existing zigbee network and here is what I see when i look at the debugging output:   Set Chann...
    Tim Gros
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  • Advertisement for iBean

    Would you please let me know whether KW36 BLE library supports advertisement for iBean while it is connected to some device? In general, when the device is connected to the other device, it stops advertisement. Is it...
    Kojiro Kaizuka
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  • ATD Module in MC1321x

    The MC13211/212/213 Reference Manual states that the Analog to Digital (ATD) Module is part of MC1321x. Examining C/C+ CodeWarrior Development Studio, I find "ADC_Interface.h" in PLM -> Interface folder, but only ...
    Erwin Beck
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  • KW36 : "PREPARE QUEUE FULL" error response is received when trying to write long value in a characteristic

    Hi, I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with HID device example. I tried to test the Long Characteristic Value Write with KW36. MTU size has been set to 23.  And I tried to send a data of leng...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: Getting "gBleOutOfMemory_c" Internal Error when receiving an Handle Value Notification of PDU length 247

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with hid_device example. When the KW36 receives an Handle Value Notification with PDU_Length less than 247 there was no issue observed. But, when an Ha...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: changing gAttMaxMtu_c macro in ble_constants.h does not have any impact

    Hi,   I am using hid device example of KW36. I try changing the gAttMaxMtu_c  value from 247 to 23 for testing purpose. But still the negotiated MTU between KW36 and connected phone is 247. Does this val...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: Connection Interval query

    Hi,   I am using hid device example.   In my KW36 2.2.0 sdk provided by nxp, the LE PHY is configured as LE 1M PHY. Initially the sdk was having gap connection interval as : gGapDefaultMinConne...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36 : Why Prepare Write Request fails when the property of the Characteristic is Writable with no response

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with HID device example. I tried to write a long value of length more than the MTU size to a characteristic value with property writable with no response. ...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION event does not occur when the End Device leave.

    Coordinator changed from Zigbee 1.2(JN-AN-1223) to Zigbee 3.0(JN-AN-1216). ZigBee 3.0 does not receive leave event of the end device.   Environment When no event occurs (ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION ) - zigb...
    Seung Ho Kim
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  • Where are the release notes for the latest JN-SW-4168 SDK build v2162?

    Hi,   We are using the JN-SW-4168 SDK for our zigbee development. Our current sdk version build number is 1620. However, the current build version of the sdk on the NXP website is v2162: ZigB...
    Boris Blokland
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  • Request For Assembler Reference For JN5168

    Hi together....   where can I find an assembler reference for the JN5168 Chip? I haven't found sone on the web. An other option would be the hardware-reference of that chip.   Maybe someone would be so ki...
    Joerg Bernau
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  • WS2812B on JN5168

    Hi together,   I want to connect WS2812B to a JN5168 module. I never coded DMA, but I read that this migbt be the best solution for asymetric signal generation. Is it possible with JenOS?   What is the bes...
    Joerg Bernau
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  • Capturing GPIO edge change during PowerDown

    Hello,   On QN908x how can I capture a 'falling edge change' on PA6 in PowerDown0 mode without waking up the system? Wake up is periodically triggered by RTC, after wake up I'm interested if there was a level ch...
  • Howto join live Zigbee 3.0 Light network

    Hello   I have a question similar to How and where to set default link keys? from Warren Ashcroft and ZBPro Configuration JN-AN-1218 from @youpko.   I'm using JN-AN-1218 Zigbee 3.0...
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  • What would be behaviour of BGA6130 for RF receiving state ?

    Hello , We are using BGA6130 in our Lora trans-receive application for getting more gain at transmit side. We are using AI thinker RA01 module and it has common RF pin for In and out , so after that i have placed BGA...
    darshan panchal
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  • Flash mac address 88w8987

    Hello,   I want to flash new mac address in 88w8987. Using labtool I use the sequence: 2 => Use Bluetooth Successful connect to hci1 45 => Read MAC from OTP Get 46 aa.bb.cc.dd.ee.ff ...
    Eric Delanghe
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  • BLE Beacon <--> BLE Beacon (HCI) <--> PC

    I'm trying to quickly spin up an application where one KW41Z freedom board continuously transmits beacons to another KW41Z freedom that is connected to a PC. I want to be able to read and process the payload received ...
    Max Avula
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  • How to enable QN9080 Coexistence?

    In the "connectivity Framework Reference" document, it is mentioned that MWS_CoexistenceEnable () can turn on the coexistence of QN9080.   1。I need to enable gMWS_UseCoexistence_d ,but MWS_coexistenceInit() i...
    Daniel Tseng
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