• JN5168 PDM on external flash memory

    Hi, I try to compile ZigbeeNodeControlBridge with : PDM_BUILD_TYPE  ?= _EXTERNAL_FLASH   But I have an error : cannot find -lPDM_EXTERNAL_FLASH_NO_RTOS_JN516x   Indeed, in JN-SW-4170 stack, there i...
    fred dub
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  • Network steering is failing

    Hello, I am beginner and I am working on the code for a coordinator node now. For the second node (router) on the network, i am using a DR1174+DR1199+the deafult application-JN-AN-1219. During testing , when network ...
    raghunathan mohan
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  • wireless_uart demo example on NXP FRDM-KW36

    Hello, I'm developing a project on NXP FRDM-KW36 board. I'm using the wireless_uart demo example found in the reccomended SDK, however I would like to use my board as Central and connect it to a Peripheral one (a d...
    Ettore Masetti
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  • The program of Bluetooth distance measurement by using TOF method and kw36

    Hi Now I am using the kw36 development board to participate in a Bluetooth Car project. I want to use Bluetooth to measure the distance between two boards. If I don't want to use the RSSI attenuation formula of field...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • KW01 driver problems on Win10 x64

    Hello everybody. Anybody know, how can I connect KW01-Board to my PC.     When I tried to setup drivers from original BSP, I got a problem with digital sign of these drivers. I restarted my ...
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  • QN908x PB00 GPIO input with digital XTAL?

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting PB00 to behave as expected.  I'm trying to set it up as a wakeup interrupt that's pulled down by an external device.   It always shows .8V or so and not a solid high or l...
    Jose Raffucci
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  • part marking for NXQ1TXH5/101J Qi Wireless Xmtr

    Purchased NXQ1TXH5/101J that has markings: 5H101 15 02 ZSD9091.  Is this marking valid? How is this marking interpreted?
    Philip Tippens
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  • Zigbee coordinator backup

    Hi,   Please let us know, We are using Zigbee device JN5189. We wanted to take backup of the router devices which have been added in the Coordinator device to another coordinator device is this possible, will t...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • QN9080  reflow profile

    Hi, We are designing QN9080 board. We need QN9080 reflow profile data, but cannot find it from datasheet or AN11996_QN908x Hardware Design Considerations_v13.   We searched and found related data from section ...
    benjamin chang
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  • Is there any way to generate encrypted firmware for JN5169 ?

    Can anyone please let me know if is any way to generate encrypted firmware for JN5169.   -I just want to apply some user-specific security on plain firmware so I can assure that loaded firmware in JN5169 is...
    hiren virapara
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  • How to get rid of on/off transition time

    Hello,   I successfully used the JN-AN-1171 demo to make an incandescent light bulb dimmer for a Philips HUE system.   The HUE system is primarily used for Led lighting and when turning the light on or off i...
    Jacco Bezemer
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  • When  Child of Router  tries to take Leave, the coordinator wants to receive the Command

    Hi   I am working on ZHA 1.2 & JN-AN-1223_ZigBee IoT Gateway Control Bridge_V1014.   Gateway Control Bridge  is being used as a coordinator. The coordinator and two routers are connected as shown...
    Seung Ho Kim
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  • end_device rejoin

    Hello Can I close the rejoin request of the terminal device? The device is on the network all the time after entering the network, and does not rejoin, even when the power is on
    Abel Abel
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  • QN9021 failed to run BLE example  project

    I run the prj_bass project, but it can not work. I debug it with jlink, found that BLE stack APIs locate at the address around 0x01000000~0x0102000 (defined in  fw_func_addr.h), but the content of the chip ...
    whl tingyu
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  • Need Sample code for CAN protocol of FRDM-KW36 kit

    Hello, I am working on FRDM-KW36 on mcuxpresso ide. I was looking for sample codes for CAN protocol through which i can read the data of any car(PID value).There are some flexcan sample example available on the ide b...
    chandra mani
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  • BLE project Beacon on kw36 development board

    Hi,I‘m eager  for help. In the process of learning ble development routines, many things are not clear due to the complexity I'd like to ask if anyone who uses kw36 to develop the beacon project can tell ...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • WLAN0 not listed

    I'm trying to establish  connection between imx8 and mobile using wpa_supplicant. but when i give ifconfig command it results l0 and eth0 and no wlan0. i have gone through imx reference manual, from conf...
    Fritha Janees
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  • How to enable OTA feature on QN9021 via Custom Desktop PC Application

    Hello,    We've already developed the PC Application to flash the bin file for the QN9021.  We developed the application to enable us to flash multiple boards using one pc only.  The only issue is...
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  • KW36: Why Write Response not sent for Write request?

    Hi,   I am facing a issue in KW36 in sending Write response command. In my case is that my mobile app is trying to enable Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor(CCCD) for a characteristic in my gattdb, b...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • About the math function pow() running incorrectly on JN5169

    A bus error occurred when I ran this line of code. Why can't this pow() function run? What should I do?Run this code above the 1216 routine void hwLight_GammaCorrectRGB(float *R, float *G, float *B) { if ( *R > 0...
    Linklai kjd
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