• BLE project Beacon on kw36 development board

    Hi,I‘m eager  for help. In the process of learning ble development routines, many things are not clear due to the complexity I'd like to ask if anyone who uses kw36 to develop the beacon project can tell ...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • Qn908x HID Device Pairing

    I am using QN908x dev board and SDK2.2.0_QN908XCDK and MCUExpresso IDE for development purpose. I loaded HID device (bare metal) example code and when I connect to my Android App (nRF Connect), its getting connected ...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • vAppApiSetHighPowerMode and eAppApiPlmeSet with Micro Mac on JN5168-001-M05

    Hi   We are using the MicroMac (mmac.h) and our init is this:                   vMMAC_Enable   ();      ...
    David Pilcher
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  • How to send a multicast ping request from external network to Thread network via border router?

    Now,  I want to send a multicast packet to Thread network from external network. I build the environment through " Running Border Router Application Scenarios" of  " Kinetis Thread Stack Demo Applicatio...
    xin pan
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  • Network restore after reset on 802.15.4

    Hi,   I'm using SDK2.2.0 on MKW41Z. With the 802.15.4 examples in the SDK, a new network is created by the coordinator after every reset. Similarly, an end device always scans for all the networks in range aft...
    Alexandru Stefan
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  • The program of Bluetooth distance measurement by using TOF method and kw36

    Hi Now I am using the kw36 development board to participate in a Bluetooth Car project. I want to use Bluetooth to measure the distance between two boards. If I don't want to use the RSSI attenuation formula of field...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • Bug in Zigbee 3.0 (JN-SW-4170) - Does not compile in a certain config

    Hi, I've following problem with JN-SW-4170 (Zigbee 3.0 SDK for JN516x) latest version (1840). With following lines in my zlc_options.h #define CLD_DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CONFIGURATION #define DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CON...
    Witold Sowa
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  • JN5169:slave 2-wire serial interface

    The function  vAHI_SiRegisterCallback(PR_HWINT_APPCALLBACK prSiCallback)  in  "JN516x Integrated Peripherals API User Guide Revision 1.5" registers a user-defined callback function that will b...
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  • JN5168 - long RX periods before transmission

    Hi,   I run an application based on JN-AN-1220, a motion sensor (End device) on a JN5168 M00 module. I tried to examine the power consumption in a scenario when the device is woken up, sends an attribu...
    Witold Sowa
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  • JN5169 Crystal oscilator transconductance and ESR

    Hi, In the JN5168 Datasheet there's a chapter about Crystal ESR and transconductance requirements which allowed me to successfully choose crystal in smaller form factor fulfilling the requirements (Epson Q22FA12...
    Witold Sowa
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  • About JN5169 data wireless transmission

    JN5169 wireless transmission data rate is 250kbps,If I need to transfer 200kbits of data, can I think that it can be transferred within one second? I am a bit confused about it.   Thank you for your answer.
    hs q
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  • jn-5169 zigbee green power example

    Hi NXP We bought a jn516x-ek004 kit to evaluate green power,  We are new to zigbee 3.0 and green power, so it's beginner question,    Is there any ready example for green power? We had installed "bey...
    chris ww
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  • What is KE_FIRST_MSG(TASK_GAP) + 30 ?

    Hi,            In file gap_task.h, I do not see a GAP enum value for KE_FIRST_MSG(TASK_GAP) + 30. What is this value meant for? GAP_PARAM_UPDATE_REQ_IND = KE_FIRST_MSG(TASK_GAP) + ...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • Why won't 'wl ver' work in WLTEST mode?

    I am running a build of Linux 4.1.15-2.0.1 on a system with an NXP i.MX 6ULL processor. The system has a Murata LBEE5KL1DX WiFi / Bluetooth module. That module seems to work perfectly for my usual applications, b...
    Jason Peppers
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  • ZigBee Issue With FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello,   I just get two FRDM-KW41Z and tried the first examples, a Zc generic and a Zr generic     I run Zc to create nwk and permit join to let the Zc get in the nwk and works good, as packet sni...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • KW36: HID keyboard to iphone doesn't work

    Hello,   I changed the hid report map from hid mouse to hid keyboard in hid_device example of KW36 and tried to send the "volume up" via ble hid keyboard to Samsung A30 and iphone X(ios version : 12.4) , Sam...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • WLAN0 not listed

    I'm trying to establish  connection between imx8 and mobile using wpa_supplicant. but when i give ifconfig command it results l0 and eth0 and no wlan0. i have gone through imx reference manual, from conf...
    Fritha Janees
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  • NXH3670 Friendly name

    Hello,   I'm trying to develop an application including a multiple point to point system with the NXH3670. For this, i'd need to be able to change the device "firendly name", and i'll also need to be able to ch...
    Alassane GORY
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  • QN9020 Error: L6406E: No space in execution regions with....

    Hi Friend,   I compile my program, but I get a error message as Message-1. If I disable some program I think the code size that I disable less than 200 bytes. I got the message as Message-2. The code size is 392...
    Ted Wu
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  • How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps.

    How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps. I read the datasheet that ADC sampling rate can reach 32kbps. But I don't know how to set it.who can provide a example for me. or tall me how to c...
    zhongyi shen
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