• getting Instruction error when build JN5168 zigbee endpoint application

    Dear Sir,   I am facing a typical problem while working on JN5168 module. I a using NXP base device examples for testing ZIGBEE, i have build applications one as coordinator and other as Endpoint. First i have ...
    Ravi Kumar V
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  • k32w power

    I have found the default value of power, but I cannot find the place where he finally registered. I want to understand the relationship between register and dbm.
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W Xtal

    Before, we can adjust the xtal of the connectivity test of KW41's smac, but I don't know how to achieve the frequency offset of K32W.   If the frequency of the customized board is shifted, how can I adjust K32W ...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W AN12798 bug1

    < BLE test  on ch2 > 一。Ch2.3.2.3 of AN12798 requires unmodulate signal, but K32W_Certi_Tools does not have this option.   As follows, kw41 has provided it。
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W AN12798 bug2

    < BLE test on ch2 > 二。Ch2.3.2.1 of AN12798, Frequency measurement also requires "continuous signal" ,       As shown in the table, what kind of continuous signal can I choose? Mentioned by ...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • K32W CTUG

    Refer to K32WQN9090CTUG.pdf In RX test mode [ 1 ]  RX trigger mode test      What signal generator is used?     No DIO17 pins on the circuit?     When do I ne...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • QN902x and CLRC663 +  read/write S50?

    Hello! The solution I use is the following link: https://www.nxp.com.cn/design/development-boards/freedom-development-boards/mcu-boards/clev6630ard-nfc-frontend-clrc663-iplus-i-arduino-interface-board:BLE-NFC The ...
    qq2_2ww qq2_2ww
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  • BeyondStudio for NXP installation problem

    When I install the software BeyondStudio for NXP (JN-SW-4141) to the third step, Installing the ZigBee Plug-ins, the error shown in the figure below will appear, causing the installation to fail. I tried many times bu...
    hs q
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  • 88W8977/8987/8997 support STAR topology?

    According to Connected IoT Roadmap, 88W8977/8987/8997 features BLE Mesh. They supports STAR topology as well? or only support BLE Mesh?   Thanks,
    Andy Kim
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  • Does JN5169 support dynamic storage?

    JN5169 does not support dynamic storage(compilation error with malloc function), but why is the minimum heap set to 2000 in JN-AN-1217  Makefile?     STACK_SIZE = 5000 MINIMUM_HEAP_SIZE = 2000   ...
    hs q
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  • How can I use flashloader.exe for KW36A?

    C:\nxp\Test Tool\FlashLoader.exe  Can I download Firmware using flashloader.exe?How should I use it?Do you have a manual?   If you have a manual, please send it to me. Thank you.
    ayden hong
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  • Stack dump in sdk when create an attribute new from cluster basic 

    Dear All,   I want create an attribute contain 100 byte data of cluster basic from router. I user router is module chip jn5169, JN-AN-1217 sofware and sdk JN-SW-4170. The step are described below: 1...
    Dang Thanh Nha
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  • How to bind Output ON/OFF cluster to JN5189 coordinator (IoT control bridge).

    I am working with jn5189 as ZigBee coordinatore. I am trying to bind a LUMI mini switch ON/OFF cluster (Output cluster) with the coordinator. I am using iot-control-bridge workspace, I am sending "BIND REQUEST" to the...
    Bharadwaj Kollepara
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  • How can we handle "Data Request" packet in JN5189 Zigbee ?

    What is the API/function to receive "#Data Request" packets form a sleepy device in swd jn5189 chip for a  zigbee 3 network ?
    Bharadwaj Kollepara
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  • Unable to receive 802.15.4 beacon frame when coordinator in beacon mode

    I'm unable to receive 802.15.4 beacon frame when using beacon mode.   I have imported frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_ieee_802_15_4_mwa_coordinator_freertos as a coordinator and frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_ieee...
    Paweł Górski
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  • How to view APS_ACK packet

    How can I get the acknowledgement on a control bridge if I send data to a remote node using ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq( ). I tried the step in the Zigbee 3.0 user guide, but can’t seem to figure it out.
    Daniel Emehinola
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  • How to check number of nodes (router and end device) joined and leave from coordinator when run program

    Hi All,   I use module JN5169-001-M06 is coordinator, sofeware JN-AN-1217 and sdk JN-SW-4170. I config default size of the Routing table is 70 #define ZNC_MAX_TCLK_DEVICES  &...
    Dang Thanh Nha
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  • jn5169

    BeyondStudio for NXP更新插件出问题: An error occurred while collecting items to be installed session context was:(profile=profile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=). No reposito...
    张 俊
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  • JN5161 can't control actuator with security level 2

    Hi Sir:   Now I am using JN5161, and using AN1219 (v1007) to develop a Zigbee green power switch.. I found a strange problem..  When i using security level 3, means  "GPD_SECURITY_LEVEL_FC_4B_MIC_4B_...
    Zero Zero
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  • JN5168 not receiving 802.15.4 data from coordinator after a Data Request.

    Hi All,   My JN5168 based endpoint is not seeing the data returned from a beaconed coordinator after a Data Request. There is no ACK either. Looking at the current being drawn by my endpoint it appears to be s...
    Liam Hayes
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