• How to factory reset the QN9080SIP-DK board

    Hi, I am using NXP QN9080SIP-DK board and I was able to flash this example for NFC tag update from this link https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note-software/AN12319SW.zip and it was working fine and e...
    Aslam Mohamed
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  • Reference design pcb file for 1800MHz band for A2T27S007NT1

    Hello, Could you please share the reference design pcb file for 1800MHz band for A2T27S007NT1? I am referring to "Figure 8. A2T27S007NT1 Test Circuit Component Layout — 1805–1880 MHz" in the datashe...
    Ramarao Bitra
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  • Firmware Upgrade of JN5169 at Gateway End

           Hello, we intend to use JN5169 to develop a ZIGBEE gateway, but our embedded LINUX system hardware has no USB port, only UART port, so we can not upgrade JN5169 firmware completely...
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  • Show log to UART DimmableLight

    Hi Support team! 1.JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb 2.JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge I have run this application on 2 JN5169 modules.USB Dongle as a Coordinator. DR1174 board as an End. => It works well H...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • Add GreenPower on JN-AN-1217 Coordinate

    I have configuration app.zpscfg according ZigBee 3.0 Adding cluster on KW41Z and added function related with GreenPower according JN-UG-3019.Some  undefined error occured at linking when compile code. The d...
    wang sunli
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  • how to send data with jn5169

    HI,     I am working with   JN-SW-4168 SDK    and  JN5169.   My work is based on JN-AN-1201. When device attributes change is how the data is sent, how do I know if the d...
    liang fang
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  • Re: QN9080 DK board: Confirm QN9080 USB I/F work well when Vcc=1.8V for on-board QN9080

    Hello,      The USB module can work at 1.8V, but the problem is that the data lines at this voltage level are out of the USB electrical specification, so the USB host may not be able to communicate pro...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • ADC with UART FSK

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate ADC reading functionality with UART FSK demo. I have setup the ADC Basic example and once I confirmed I copied the code with the same order to my project. The issue is that after ADC read,...
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  • I used the coordinator to send data to the END node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this?

    I used the coordinator to send data to the terminal node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this? The data displayed by the serial port is as follows: What do...
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • JN-AN-1069 Serial Cable Relacement

    Hi Support team!  I tried to run this application on 2 JN5169 modules.USB Dongle as a Coordinator. DR1174 board as an End. Step base on: JN-AN-1069-IEEE-802.15.4-Serial-Cable-Replacement The LED0,1 flas...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • Qn908x HID Device Pairing

    I am using QN908x dev board and SDK2.2.0_QN908XCDK and MCUExpresso IDE for development purpose. I loaded HID device (bare metal) example code and when I connect to my Android App (nRF Connect), its getting connected ...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • compile failed about zigbee3.0 iot control bridge

    Hi everyone:     I have failed to compile JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge note code, as below:     For this, do you have any good Suggestions?     Thanks in advance.
    zhang zhaoge
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  • JN5169  JN-AN-1201how to send data

    Hi    I'm developing a door sensor,a sleeping device.     I'm working with JN-SW-4168 SDK  and JN5169.    I'm using a JN-AN-1201 ZigBee Intruder Alarm System application ...
    liang fang
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  • How to add custom(private) profile support on JN5179 ZigBee Coordinator?

    We want to add private profile support on JN5179 based gateway in order to support one of the ZigBee end node having a private profile. We tried to add support by updating a .zpscfg file with the use of ZBPro configur...
    Gaurang K
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  • How many CPU cycles does it takes to fully execute u32AHI_DioReadInput();

    Hello, We are developing an Ultrasonic sensor in which we need to read data from a parallel ADC. We are currently using the following code to read data from DIO: PinsReadOut[i] = u32AHI_DioReadInput(); We managed to m...
    Hernan Olave
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  • Define and add custom cluster

    Hello Everyone:                 I am new to Zigbee and I've been trying define and add my own cluster,in which I can define custom attribute...
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  • Coordinator can not read attribute of thermostat cluster ID 0x0202

    I have a thermostat that receives a read response when the coordinator reads the attribute whose cluster ID is 0x0201, but when I read the attribute whose cluster ID is 0x0202, I can't receive a read response, but the...
    Daniel li
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  • BLE Adaptive Frequency Hopping

    Hi,   Does NXP have a BLE 5 stack that implements Adaptive Frequency Hopping? 
    Bhaskar Trivedi
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  • QN9080 with CMSIS+OpenOCD

    Hello,   Do you have OpenOCD configuration file or full tutorial for QN908x? OpenOCD for CMSIS doesn't support that CPU.   Thank you,
  • QN9080DK BLE library prevents MCU PowerDown0

    Hello,   The "lib_ble_5-0_host_peripheral_cm4.a" library doesn't allow to enter PowerDown0 mode for the second time.   Please see attachment.   Overview: BLE init Prepare for sleep POWER_EnterPowe...