• JN5169 ADC Problem

    I have written the following function to configure and enable the JN5169 ADC:   /***************************************************************************** * NAME: vConfigureADC() * DESCRIPTION: Calls the n...
    Matt Ferrari
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  • JN5169 - Global Interrupt Masking

    Using JN-SW-4163 (the IEEE 802.15.4 SDK for JN516x) with the JN5169, is there any provision for global interrupt masking?   I know that interrupts from individual entities can be masked individually, but is ther...
    Matt Ferrari
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  • QN9080DK BLE beacon example not working

    Hello,   I tried to generate BLE examples with MCUXpresso v4.1, MCUexpresso_SDK 2.2.0, IAR 8.32.1     wireless/beacon/baremetal   wireless/beacon/freertos   wireless/heartbeat/baremetal ...
  • Configuration for Unused Pins/GPIOs on Kinetis

    I got a question related to best practices to configure a GPIO if the pin is not used. To make it short, the recommendation is to leave the GPIO floating on the PCB and leave the GPIO in its "Default" state as shown i...
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  • QN9080 hci_black_box compilation error

    Hi,   I am facing an issue when compiling the hci_black_box example for the QN9080 DevKit, using USB as serial bus in the Serial Manager (compiler macro gSerialMgrUseUSB_c set to 1). I get the following error i...
    Emilien WINGERT
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  • Use QN9080 DK as HCI dongle

    Hi   I'm currently working on a project involving the QN9080 DevKit, which should behave as a BLE dongle (transceiver). The Host Stack would be running on a Linux based external processing unit, so the firmware ...
    Emilien WINGERT
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  • Get ADC and send through BLE qn9080-DK

    Hi, I want to use and change wireless uart program to get some data from ADC and send it through BLE to phone. Is there anyone to help me? I do not know what I should change in the program. Thanks qn9080-dk blut...
    Ashkan Rezaee
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  • BLE 5.0 stack documentation

    Hi,      I am working on KW36. I want documentation for BLE 5.0 . Let me know where can i find it.
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  • USB-KW41Z - FSCI - BLE Notifications not propagated / No NotificationCallback

    Hello,   I'm using the "ble_fsci_blackbox" image with the USB-KW41Z and have a problem with receiving gatt notifications.   The device which the USB-KW41Z is connected to have 2 characteristics, ...
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  • QN9080 program and debug pins.

    Hello friends,   What pins of QN9080 should I have in a connector in a PCB to program and debug?   I have here a QN9080-DK board and I would like to use it to program others QN9080's. So, I need to kn...
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  • [KW41Z] Implementing Beacon Scanner

    Bluetooth Low Energy offers the ability to broadcast data in format of non-connectable advertising packets while not being in a connection. This GAP Advertisement is widely known as a beacon and there are currently di...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • How to use connectivity tool with wuart using QN9080

    Hi,   I am trying to use the development board for qn9080 with the USB dongle. I am running the wuart example on the board, when I use the IoT Toolbox, I am able to read and write to the device. The problem beg...
    Asi Lazar
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  • QN908x GPIO PA14 voltage level

    Hi, I am using PA14 as a GPIO output pin. When, I am trying to make it low, it is not going till 0V, but to 2.0V. At high, the voltage is 3.3V but at low, voltage is 2.0V instead of 0V.. But, with the same configura...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • What is a BLE Beacon?

    What is a BLE Beacon? A BLE Beacon is a hardware including a MCU, a BLE radio, an antenna and a power source. Things like Freescale Beacon, iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystone are software protocols with their own charac...
    Alberto Vargas Rodriguez
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  • [QN9083 ]: To use ISO7816 with QN908x

    Hello.   I want to implement ISO7816 interface using QN9083 with smart card IC. According to UM11023, QN908x series can support ISO7816 interface. I had try to find ISO7816 driver example in SDK_2.2_QN...
    Wayne Jeong
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  • QN9080 Missing Last SPI Byte

    I have a QN9080 operating as a slave on a SPI bus controlled by an MK22 master device. The QN9080 is using SDK 2.2.0 and the MK22 is using SDK 2.3.1. The baud rate is 2 MHz. The QN9080 is using the same technique...
    Rick Dickerson
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  • Set Power Transmission JN5169 M00-02

    Hi all,   I need to increase the power transmission of JN5169. I used the function eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, PHY_PIB_TX_POWER_MAX) but not affected . I'm using JN-SW-4170 sdk.  ...
    Khac Trung
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  • WS2812B on JN5168

    Hi together,   I want to connect WS2812B to a JN5168 module. I never coded DMA, but I read that this migbt be the best solution for asymetric signal generation. Is it possible with JenOS?   What is the bes...
    Joerg Bernau
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  • Porting Guideline for Zigbee 3.0 application from JN516x to KW41Z

    This Application Note provides guidance on migrating ZigBee 3.0 Base device application designed for the NXP JN516x wireless microcontrollers to the KW41Z with the help of attached PDF.
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • ISSUE: unknown type name 'tsTxFrameFormat' in 'JN-SW-4168/Components/ZPSAPL/Include/zps_apl_af.h'

    Shalom togehter!   While trying to compile 'Common_Light/Source/app_buttons.c' from JN-AN-1171 on Linux I get the following error:   /usr/local/bin/ba-elf-gcc --sysroot=/usr/local/lib/jn516x-sdk/JN-SW-4168...
    Joerg Bernau
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