• FRDM-KW41Z d-flash read write (FlexNVM)

    I would like to know if in FRDM-KW41Z there is any other way than the flash_config_t flash driver to read and write in flash memory. Furthermore I was able to write on Pflash. Is there any example of FlexNVM...
    kostas nomikos
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  • How to use the on-chip flash memory of JN5169 chip

    Hello, I want to store a lot of infrared parameters into the on-chip flash memory of JN5169 chip, but I don't know how to operate it.Do you have any routines or instructions?For example, I want to write data to the se...
    震 孙
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  • Is Gap_SaveCustomPeerInformation required when bonding is not in use?

    In the Location and Navigation Client example code (FRDM-KW36, SDK version 2.2.1) the call to Gap_LoadCustomPeerInformation is conditionally compiled with the gAppUseBonding_d macro, whereas the call to Gap_SaveCustom...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • How to use JN5169 flash on chip

    Hello, I now want to use 512Kb of JN5169 on-chip flash memory. I have read the API function of flash memory, but it is not clear how to use this on-chip flash memory.This is mainly about the address parameters of the ...
    震 孙
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  • Is there a clash between the connectivity framework and FlexNVM?

    I'm looking at using the connectivity framework for some development on KW36, with FlexNVM used for some EEPROM emulation.   It appears from the KW36 reference manual that when the memory is partitioned for Flex...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • Help me  Using SDK JN-SW-4163

    I want to use JN-SW-4163. I tried to use sample program Jn-AN-1174. But there is not much information to follow it. Anyway, I had a test that is doing Energy Scan. But Compiler said cannot find a Liabrary that may ...
    Hyunchul Kang
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  • How to operate JN5169 flash memory on chip

    Hello, I want to use the 512kb flash memory of JN5169, but I still don't know how to operate this address after reading the API, could you please share a reference routine or some guidance?
    震 孙
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  • Disable NTAG in router application JN-AN-1217

    I am setting the following in the Router application Makefile  APP_NTAG_ICODE ?= 0 APP_NTAG_AES ?= 0   I am still getting undefined references when attempting to build. What am I missing here?   ``` ...
    Jonathan Witthoeft
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  • KW36 Pairing&Bond with Link Encryption issue

    Hi someone,   the problem is: while the Pairing and bonding are succeed, but if set the Char & Char value ACCESS level to gPermissionFlagReadWithEncryption_c or gPermissionFlagWriteWithEncryption_c...
    Ziv Wang
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  • How to send attribute reporting to Coodinator?

    Hi Suport team!  Now I'm working with : JN-AN-1217-Router , JN-AN-1220-LightSensor As i know. After binding note with Coodinator. LightSensor will send atribute report to update data with interval time ...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • How to set the transmit power in JN5169-001-M06

    I am using JN-AN-1184, but when I put the routing device or terminal device to 5 meters away, the device is unstable and will be dropped. I saw a lot of posts about the launch power on the Internet, but they have not ...
    心有余悸 周
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  • Customize beacon fields

    Hi,    It is possible to customize the fields in beacons(I am working with kw41z). I looked into ibeacon and it has an array of 25 bytes. In my case, i want to send one more additional value from my program...
    Niranjan ravi
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  • test

    created by pavla.hajna
  • How to send Coordinator data to SED

    Hello Sir,              I am using NXP JN5168-001-M00 module, application Note-JN-AN-1229-ZBPro-Application-Template-v1002.   I can send SED data to Coordinator. but i need to...
    Loganathan A
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  • Bug in Zigbee 3.0 (JN-SW-4170) - Does not compile in a certain config

    Hi, I've following problem with JN-SW-4170 (Zigbee 3.0 SDK for JN516x) latest version (1840). With following lines in my zlc_options.h #define CLD_DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CONFIGURATION #define DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CON...
    Witold Sowa
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  • Enable I2C Serial Interface in Bluetooth KW41Z Heart Rate Sensor Demo Application

    Serial communication protocols are a very convenient way to transfer information between MCUs and other types of electronic devices; this guide will show a way to setup and enable an I2C Serial Interface instance usin...
    Sebastian Delrio
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  • BUS ERROR of JN5169

    Hi , I want to add cluster GROUP SERVER with AN-1217 END DEVICE. here is the process that I followed.   add the following in zcl_options.h #define CLD_GROUPS #define GROUPS_SERVER #define CLD...
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  • HW emulated EEPROM on FlexRAM

    I am using “frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_hid_device_freertos” sample project from KW36 SDK. In this sample project, NVM interface provided in framework is using P Flash for NVM region. I want to ut...
    Ashish Dargad
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  • PC cannot identify USB-KW41Z

    Dears:           PC  cannot  identify USB-KW41Z, how to recover, thanks.     br liu
    liu cheng
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  • Chip JN5169 hanging in Runing

    We find that JN5169 is hanging under some unknown circumstances. We control JN5169 reboot every 1min, after rebooting about 5hours, JN5169 board report ERROR: Extended status 82 and ERROR...
    Xuanpu Gu
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