• Can not Read/Write long attributes on GATT Client in KW41Z BLE Stack

    Hi,   I need to program a BLE Central using GATT Client API to read and write a characteristic with 255 bytes. After connection, getting MTU is 247. In the BLE Application Developer's Guide saying The GATT Cli...
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  • AFLP5G25641   maximum CW output power

    I find the AFLP5G25641 very interesting.   I would like to find somehow what would be the maximum output power in CW mode (no pulsed)  for this device.   Thank you very much, Cristian
    Tanase Cristian
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  • KW36 IOT Toolbox (APP)

    KW36 OTA update from mobile phone to peripheral that use IOT Toolbox(APP) on the mobile phone side. If we want to develop our own APP on phone, What information can NXP provide (e.g. flow chat、PDF ...) for our refer...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • [JN-SW-4170] Which API is for "Read Attributes" Response?

    Dear Sirs,   According to Chapter of JN-UG-3103 ("Reading a Set of Attributes of a Remote Cluster"), the Destination Node will send "Read Attributes" response to the Source Node. Where can I find the .c...
    alan lin
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  • Setting CLK_OSC32M_DIV to 0 results in runtime error

    Hello team, My customer is trying to maximize the throughput of the processor, by minimizing the clock's divisions. please find his inquires below:   1) My specific question is: how to change the CLK_OSC3...
    Shai Berman
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  • [JN5169 with DR1174 carrier board] The usage of SPI interface?

    Dear Sirs,   I tried to Read the Status Register (RDSR) of the SPI flash on DR1174 carrier board. (In order to try the SPI interface, I did not use the flash memory API) However, I can not get the correct resp...
    alan lin
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  • PPP connection with GPRS modem and FRDM-K64F

    Hi,   Is there any guide or example for establishing ppp connection with FRDM-K64F and GPRS modem (BG96). I have read some of posts GPRS demo - FRDM-K64F vs MQX 4.2 vs BGS2T modem - working now  yet I...
    Darshan Shah
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  • QN908x wakeup from PD0 leaves XTAL running

    I am running into a situation where my boards are waking up from PD0 and then begin to draw additional current (approx 1.5mA in my case).  I am not actively using the BLE stack in this case.  The stack is in...
    Jose Raffucci
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  • Can we have both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x Chip simultaneously

    I want to try both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x development board. Individually, I am able to run HID mouse example code for USB as well as BLE from SDK2.2.1. But, I want to have both the functionality in the s...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • About switch image for JN518x

    I can switch to inactive image, but this image must program to address 0x48000.(288KB) My project does not need such a large reserved space (e.g. 123KB). Therefore, I want to configuration the flash layout for less ...
    Teddy Zheng
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  • KW36 Bluetooth Address

    Hello,   sorry that I am asking that question again. I know it was discussed in other Post in this Forum, but I never seen an answer that answers my question to 100%.   So, my question is. Do I have to purch...
    Lukas Berger
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  • The FRDM-KW36 can't connect with smart phone

    Hello All ~              I have used the button to config the FRDM-KW36 as a peripheral device for to connect to the smart phone. Although the smart ph...
    sihan chen
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  • How to use push button of FRDM-KW36 to connect with peripheral device

    Hello ~            I am working on FRDM-KW36 development board and use (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_w_uart_freerots) SDK to build code by MCUXpresso IDE.    I have...
    sihan chen
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  • Software Migration Guide from MKW36Z512VHT4 to MKW36A512VFT4

    Introduction This post guides you on migrating from MKW36Z512VHT4 to MKW36A512VFT4 MCUs. This example will make use of the "beacon" SDK example. SDK Download and Install 1- Go to MCUXpresso web page: MCUXpresso W...
  • How to modify gatt_bd.h for UART read service

    HI All,           I would like to add a service for UART read and I have modified the characteristic values that show as red word. but I don't know how to setting the data size, co...
    sihan chen
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  • How to get frequency register of KW41Z

       Using KW41's GenFsk in MCUXpresso IDE environment.     Research program can't find the last place to write register.       Question:    1. Channel range 0 ~ 127, wh...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • QN908x in FIDO2 USB Token

    Would like to know whether anybody used QN908x Controller as a FIDO2 USB/BLE  MCU. Kindly let me know if there is any limitation with respect to the FIDO Use case implementation perspective. 
    Kishan Saralaya
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  • Schematic for MHT1008N reference circuit?

    Hi NXP Team!   I am trying to design an RF amplifier using your MHT1008N.   However, since I want to do the simulation on ADS,  is there any reference where I could see and analyze the schematic ...
  • QN9090 validation with  Non Signaling Test Using IQxel-MW

    Customer is designing QN9090 module. They have IQxel non-signaling equipment and ask if QN9090 can be tested with IQxel-MW. We co-work with ACE Solution Taiwan Co.Ltd. to Integrate QN9090 and IQxel to perform 1M ...
    Jason Chiang
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  • [ZGWUI tool] Usage of Read Attrib of General Tab?

    Dear Sirs,   About GUI tool of "ZigBee Gateway User Interface", how to set the parameters for "Read Attrib"?   Thanks!
    alan lin
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