• QN908x OTAP_Clinet_ATT won't work

    Dear Sir            I can’t see NXP_OTAA in IOT Tool box after I follow API Guide based on newest QN9080 SDK.            Could yo...
    Li-Chin Wang
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  • NXP connectivity test tool self-shutdown

    NXP Connectivity Test Tool Self-shutdown   I would like to use NXP connectivity test tool with FRDM-KW36 development board. When I execute test tool, the program window appear for a few seconds and self-shutdown...
    Boonserm Hongtippayachat
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  • How to configure QN908x for the continuous SCAN mode? And to scan more than ten devices.

    How to configure QN908x for the continuous SCAN mode? And to scan more than ten devices. We tried to test this feature [always scan mode] using Wireless UART (freertos version) example code - where we commented...
    Kishan Saralaya
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  • QN9090 BLE SDK into debug fail with MCUXpresso

    Hi all,    I get QN9090-DK006 and download "SDK_2.6.0_QN9090DK6" to import into MCUXpresso. But after I build one project to into debug mode to get below status. it don't from main() like user guid...
    Ethan Chen
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  • How to use Differential A/D on KW41z?

    I see the user guide has this set of circuits, maybe it can test read differential A/D (ADC0_DM0 and ADC0_DP0). Does SDK have a corresponding example that can be used directly? I haven't found this example so far. &...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • What are the characteristics of the AN11180 antenna design?

    Hello, I implemented the SL3S4021FHK to my design using the EU reference antenna of "AN11180 UCODE I2C PCB antenna reference designs". Here's a picture of antenna design:   It doesn't reach the proposed distanc...
    Edwin Beller
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  • QN9080 UART Receive 

    In the example Private profile client (PPC), I want to add the function of a uart receiver. In short, after entering a string on the terminal, PPC can parse the data anytime, I try to refer to the example of  U...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • QN908X Stack Timer/RTC FR not waking MCU from Deep Sleep (0)

    I'm having trouble getting the RTC Free-Run interrupt to wake up the MCU when I go into DS0.   Seems to work ok when just sleeping.    Note:  I am using a digital clock as my XTAL32K source w...
    Jose Raffucci
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  • Zigbee Managment LQI Request usage

    Can someone explain the significance of ZPS_eAplZdpMgmtLqiRequest API and its response ? How can the co-ordinator use this information ?  Under what scenarios co-ordinator invoke this API ?  The ZPS_...
    Hariprasad Anumala
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  • JN5168 transmission and reception issue,how to set continuous wave??,Measure LQI in dBm??

    1. I am working on communication between 2 JN5168 modules. When i send    data from one module to another , receiver receives data successfully.    But after few days , receiver module stops re...
    shailesh korat
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  • RF High Power Model Kit 2020 Rev2.1 Installation Questions

    RF High Power Model Kit 2020 Rev2.1 Installation Questions URL: nxp.com/products/rf/rf-high-power-models/models-for-ads-keysight-advanced-design-system:RF_HIGH_POWER_MODELS_KEYSIGHT file name: RF-POWER-ADS2020v2p1-D...
    kim jinwoo
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  • QN9080dk take around 600uA current after 30-40sec in PD0

    Hello,   My end requirement is to run QN9080 in low power down mode PD0 with very high BLE advertising interval (~20 seconds). I am using the QN9080dk board and testing on "qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetoot...
    Bhavesh Shah
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  • LNA LTE3401H Supply Voltage Question

    Section 9. Limiting values Vcc   supply voltage   5V Max.   Section 10. Operating Conditions Vcc    supply voltage   3.1V Max ??   What kind of...
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  • QN908x device Bonded count

    Hi, I am using QN908x Development board and Qn908x_SDK2.2.0 . I am using HID device example code and I have enabled Pairing and Bonding. In app_preinclude header file, /*! Enable/disable use of bonding capability */ ...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth Roadmap

    Hi  Please help to provide Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth Roadmap.     Thanks for your support.
    join ren
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  • QN9080 - PWM problem

    Hello Team,   my customer has the following issue, could you please advise the below:   I am having a problem with using the SCTimer module on QN9080. The interrupts do not seem to work properly, the interru...
    Shai Berman
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  • QN9080 PCB RF validation with Non Signaling Test Using MT8872

           My customer asks if QN9080 can be tested with MT887x. We co-work with Anritsu Taiwan to integrate QN9080 and MT887x to perform 1M bps, 2M bps and Frame error rate test. This docume...
    Jason Chiang
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  • NXH3670- Couldn't find kl device

    When I use the NXH3670 flash tool, I could not connect to the dongle device, but I can connect to the headset device. The dongle device was debugged by the MCUXpresso IDE with the kl_dongle_sdk project successfully, I...
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  • Using a different pre-configured link key with JN-AN-1216 ControlBridge

    Hi,   I am trying to set a different pre-configured link key for the JN-AN-1216 ControlBridge using JN-SW-4170 version 1840 (the latest), but the control bridge's coordinator is using the '09 key no matter what ...
    Pierre-Luc Drouin
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  • KW36  multitask

    I try to add those sample code in frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_w_uart_freertos wireless_uart.c: void test_task(void* argument) {    while(1) {       Serial_Print(gApp...
    mo xinyu
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