• KW41Z BLE Scan

    Hi,   All the iBeacon sources are close the the KW41Z (ble_fsci_black_box received  rssi ~65dBm) and all the sources  transmit iBeacons at 100ms transmit interval.   When we have  ...
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  • How does 5168 001 m06 enable high power in 1229?

    Is it possible to enable high power modules normally by adding only two functions to the main function? vAppApiSetHighPowerMode(APP_API_MODULE_HPM06,TRUE); while(eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, (uint32)(13))!=...
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  • KW36 Pairing&Bond with Link Encryption issue

    Hi someone,   the problem is: while the Pairing and bonding are succeed, but if set the Char & Char value ACCESS level to gPermissionFlagReadWithEncryption_c or gPermissionFlagWriteWithEncryption_c...
    ziv wang
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  • PC cannot install the driver of USB-KW41Z

    I encountered the following problems when connecting to sniffer My computer seems to be unable to recognize the device and install the driver.   User’s Guide told me that The KW40Z, KW24 and KW41 dongle is...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • FRDM-KW36: How do I get an interrupt for each received BLE packet?

    I am using a FRDM-KW36 and have modified the "hid_host bm" example for a BLE application. I need a counter for all received packets from all connected servers and must be able to associate them with each server.  ...
    Paul Matthis de mol
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  • About QN9080 ADC

    QN908x's ADC is 16bit, but Output data format is 23 bit. what is the purpose of this setting?
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  • Looking for IoT Toolbox iOS app source code

    I am looking for the IoT Toolbox iOS and Android app source code.  Where can I download this?  If this is not available, where is the BLE documentation on what is returned from the chip?  Each BLE devic...
    Daniel Dhillon
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  • How to Control White Light in RGBW Lamp

    hello everyone,    I have a RGBW lamp. I want to control R, G, B and W with four PWMs respectively. I use JN-AN-1218 project. But your DeMeo algorithm only provides R, G, B, not W. When I adjust the co...
    Daniel li
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  • NXH3670- Couldn't find kl device

    When I use the NXH3670 flash tool, I could not connect to the dongle device, but I can connect to the headset device. The dongle device was debugged by the MCUXpresso IDE with the kl_dongle_sdk project successfully, I...
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  • MKW41Z ZigBee connection issues

    Hi,   I'm working on a solution with ZigBee connectivity features. Target platform - MKW41Z512. A role of a device - an end device with a router capabilities. Coordinator is based on other platform (CC2520). Sec...
    Bogdan Kostiv
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  • KW36: Can we use both Static and dynamic methods of adding service to gatt db

    Hello,   Totally as per requirement, there should be 5 gatt services added to Kw36 gatt db out of which 4 gatt services i need to add statically to gatt database and one service i need to add dynamically to gatt...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • How to make the gateway of other manufacturer unable to read one of my clusterID

    Hi everyone, I have a PHILPS measuring color temperature lamp, reading its active endpoint and endpoint descriptor through a coordinator. The result shows that it does not have the 0x0702 clusterID; however, when rea...
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  • The 7th end device can not  join the network

    Question     There are 6 end devices that can join the network created by coordinator.The 7th end device can not join the network, though coordinator permits the device to join. For details, see as below: ...
    k cx
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  • Issues about testing NXH3670 to android phones

    Hi, NXP support team, I have got an NXH3670 SDK suit recently, when testing USB audio, I got some issues. According to the doc AN12360, I tested the original application of the SDK suit, it worked fine with the PC ( w...
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  • Leave indication after long sleep problem

    Hello, we are developing a custom application based on the JN-AN-1229 template. After long sleep (>5 mins) through the PWRM_eScheduleActivity function we wake up the device and make a poll request ZPS_eAplZdoPoll a...
    Hernan Olave
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  • QN908x OTAP_Clinet_ATT won't work

    Dear Sir            I can’t see NXP_OTAA in IOT Tool box after I follow API Guide based on newest QN9080 SDK.            Could yo...
    Li-Chin Wang
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  • Zigbee Network Rejoin Issue while Zigbee Co-ordinator Reboot

    Hi Support Team,   Understand Below Scenario: 1) Zigbee Co-ordinator Create Network  2) Router Device Joined Network Successfully 3) Issue 1: If Zigbee Co-ordinator Rebooted then Router Device doesn't g...
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  • How can I modify MAC Address advertised by QN9020 running Quintic Private Profile?

    I expected two different boards to have different IDs, but they advertise same MAC Address (seen with Android app BLE Scanner) and I don't find any user configurable variable or #define to modify in provided IAR ...
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  • Need QN9020 documentation

    I am evaluating the QN902X BLE part from NXP, but I have not been able to find the Software Manual, or any indepth discussion on the stack etc. I am also a little wary due to it being a fairly new part, but have had v...
    Chris Darrow
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  • QN_LOCAL_NAME not honored on iOS

    For the QN9020, the device presents itself to the iPhone as the AppName sometimes, and Quintic BLE other times.   /// Application friendly name setting#define QN_LOCAL_NAME      ...
    Lucas Ramage
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