• gAttErrCodeInsufficientEncryption_c error in client mode

    Hello members, I have 2 boards in my architecture one in client central and one in the server peripheral configuration. These are my pairing parameters of both side gapPairingParameters_t gPairingParamete...
    rahul singh
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  • Question on the QN908x series

    1. I want to know if an external 32 Mhz and 32 kHz oscillator is required 2. the datasheet for the QN908x series says the peak power is 10mW but the tranmist at 0dB consumes 3.5 mA which corresponds to 10.5 mW power s...
    Alex Conan
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  • Datasheet for PQJ7981?

    Where can I find the technical Data sheet for NXP LoPSTer (PQJ7981)? All I am able to find so far is a product brochure: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/brochure/75017268.pdf    Is this still an active suppor...
    Joel Krawczyk
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  • How to get PCIe MSI running instead of LEGACY mode (LS1028A)

    Hi NXP team,   we are using a custom board based on LS1028A and linux(LSDK-19.09-update-311219-V4.14). The board uses a wifi modem(WLE600VX with Qualcomm-Atheros QCA9882 chipset) attached to PCIe. The drive...
    Yuvarajesh Valleru
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  • KW36 - HeartRate_PowerDownMode_Switch??

    Hi,   I'm testing an example of heart rate. (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_hrs_freertos)  The Switch is different when power down mode is set and not set. 1. The SW3 operate as gKBD_Event...
    ayden hong
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  • QN9090 BLE SDK into debug fail with MCUXpresso

    Hi all,    I get QN9090-DK006 and download "SDK_2.6.0_QN9090DK6" to import into MCUXpresso. But after I build one project to into debug mode to get below status. it don't from main() like user guid...
    Ethan Chen
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  • KW39, Requirements for crystal calibration in production line

    Hello,  are there any requirements from nxp regarding crystal calibration in the end producation line? Which Xtal parameters have to be modified and in which order? I know there is a XTAL_TRIM parameter for the...
    mahmoud.swaidan Swaidan
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  • Zigbee Security issue with FRDM-KW41Z

    We are trying to get the FRDM-KW41Z eval board with  frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_zigbee_3_0_end_device_freertos example(SDK version: 2.2.1) connect with our zigbee network. After our ZC device replied a successfu...
    Jason Jiang
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  • KW36 FSCI bootloader

    I want to use FSCI bootloader to update KW36 and I flow this: Reprogramming a KW36 device using the FSCI bootloader . It look like success: But I press the sw, it does not start advertising. Doe...
    mo xinyu
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  • QN9080 - Voice Over BLE

    Hello team,   My customer is looking for ultra-low power Voice Over BLE solutions? Could you please advise if our QN9080 supports VoBLE/VoGT or there are other NXP BLE device which supports Voice over BLE? ...
    Shai Berman
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  • QN9090 - QTool WUART profile is not working

    Hello team, My customer working with our QN9090-DK006 and OM15080-QN9090 (dongle) and he tries to use WUART communicate with the QTool WUART service. but when he tries to bond the BLE disconnect, I underst...
    Shai Berman
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  • PWM Timer on the Wireless UART example not working

    Hi,   I am usgin the QN9090DK.   I have followed the code in the pwn_output sample project to define my own PWM timer in the wireless_uart sample project. While the timer is operational in the pwn_output p...
    sharon urban
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  • KW38 HardFault

    Hello,   Request your kind support for solving HardFault issue on FRDM KW38 board during BLE operations of a custom app (GAP central) with a mobile app (peripheral). Target hardware: FRDM KW38 SDK: MKW38A512xx...
    Prince John
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  • FRDM-KW36 - Extended Advertising

    Hi, NXP expert.   I am testing beacon(extended Advertising) using KW36 Board. The Gap_SetExtAdvertisingParameters function returns an error while testing an extended Advertising using the beacon ...
    ayden hong
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  • KW35/36 to KW37/38/39 migration: flashloader UART0 pinning

    User will be concerned by this note in the following cases:  - migration from KW35/36_HVQFN48 Wettable Flank package version to KW37/38/39  - Flashloader is used via UART0 interface    So, ...
    Matthieu Baudry
    created by Matthieu Baudry
  • FRDMKW38UG.pdf

    This guide describes the hardware for the FRDM-KW38 Freedom development board. The FRDM-KW38 Freedom development board is highly configurable, low-power, and cost-effective evaluation and development board for ap...
    Christophe Menard
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  • KW38 KW39 KW37 Hardware board PCB design in check list

    In addition of the Design Guideline, PCB hardware package find here the design in check list to build sucessfully your own PCB
    Matthieu Baudry
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  • The FRDM-KW36 can't connect with smart phone

    Hello All ~              I have used the button to config the FRDM-KW36 as a peripheral device for to connect to the smart phone. Although the smart ph...
    sihan chen
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  • KW41:How to print out CFSR and HFSR?

    We use KW41's "SMAC connectivity test" as the base to develop the program. Because the current self-written program crashes during execution. I want to use HardFault to debug. Just like the following URL that  re...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • BAP64Q - Quad PIN diode attenuator

    Dear Team,   In datasheet of BAP64Q Application circuit states that shunt diodes are biased with 0.75 Vdc.  But if i try to simulate that circuit i get very poor return loss and attenuation is around 2...
    Rohith K
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