• Zigbee IOT gateway with FRDMKW41Z

    Hi Team,   I am working on Openthread Border Router (on linux Host) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. Now I want to implement Zigbee IOT gateway on the same Border Router Host(lets say RPI3B) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. I...
    Sudhamani Bijivemula
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  • Drivers for 88W8964

    Hey everyone!   I'm one of may OpenWRT contributors and I'm also a owner of a Linksys WRT3200ACM witch has a NXP 88W8964 wifi chip. Before being NXP bought all the wireless solutions from Marvell, they were dev...
    Tiago Gaspar
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  • E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_SetReportableFlag and eZCL_ReportAttribute

    Hi,   I am trying to report an attribute through a function call of eZCL_ReportAttribute as described in JN-UG-3115, but I am stuck with an E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_ReportAttribute and (eZCL_S...
    Pierre-Luc Drouin
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  • TEF68XX收音问题

                CheckIfStep = NO_STATION;                   ...
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  • JN-UG-3115  has mistake

    page of 171 it said "u8AlarmMaskis an optional bitmap indicating the general alarms that can be generated (Bit 0 - general software alarm, Bit 1 - general hardware alarm)",but in ZigBee Cluster Library Specificat...
    chenyk chen
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  • 小技巧:如何便捷测试JN5169 AN中ZCL命令的有效传输距离

    如果有两块JN5169的DK开发板(一块为DR1174+DR1199,一块为DR1174+DR1175),可以仅用这两块DK板测试Zigbee ZCL命令的通讯距离。   方法如下: 1) 在DR1174+DR1199上烧录AN1219的DimmerSwitch,在DR1174+DR1175上烧录AN1218的DimmableLight,将        DimmerSwit...
    Patrick Pan
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  • Set up system demo

    Hello Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez, I want to set up a system as below.  Include: 1 Coordinator, 1 router and 5 SED. PC <- UART -> COORDINATOR<- WIRELESS -> ROUTER: Send data control motor and get...
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  • How to use zps configuration in Beyond Studio(guidance req)

    Hello Friends, David Ashraf , Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez I am using JN5168-001-M00 Module   i am reading Document like JN-AN-3113 and 3116.   I have create communication between Sleeping...
    Dheeraj Sawant
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  • Enabling UART1 on Coordinator on JN-AN-1217-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device for JN5168

    Since ZB3.0 stack no longer able to use u32AHI_Init() due to RTOS, here is a way to enable UART1.       1.   First, to build application on JN5168 module: Menu Bar > P...
    Lim CB
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  • SDK for JN5139

    Just got some old code for the JN5139 and have been asked to modify.  The original firmware engineers were contractors and have been long gone.  From there docs it looks like I need JN-SW-4026 with updates/p...
    Jeff Reh
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  • ZCL Reporting Interval threshold question

    Hi nxp:     The path is:         C: \ NXP \ bstudio_nxp \ SDK \ \ Jacqueline Nottingham - SW - 4170 Components \ ZCIF \ Source     and the file is:      ...
    zhang zhaoge
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  • NO Bluetooth connection once again!!

    Rapid-IoT:   Yesterday I was at least getting prompted for a password now a P6E9D devic eis seen but I do not get prompted for a password connection string.   Seems like someone programed this device and ...
    Ralph Hulslander
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  • JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo Build Error

    I am trying to get the ZigBee Home Application Demo (JN-AN-1189) running on the JN516x-EK004 Evaluation Kit.   I downloaded BeyondStudio (JN-SW-4141) and the ZigBee HA SDK (JN-SW-4168) and followed the instructi...
    Jerome Oehninger
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  • 小贴士:如何降低ZED唤醒后到Polling前的时间

    JN5169的ZED在唤醒后(Rx处于工作状态)到Polling(Tx进入工作状态)前的等待时间比较长,如下图中橙色区域所示:   使用下面的方法降低该前肩时间: 在应用中添加 1)头文件 #include "mac_pib.h" 2)初始化代码中增加:  MAC_vPibSetMinBe(NULL, 1);   可以尝试增减函数MAC_vPibSetMinBe中第二个参数为2,...
    Patrick Pan
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  • Tips: how to decrease front-porch period of polling after ZED wakes up

    It is reported that ZED of JN5169 has long front-porch period (RX is enabled) before polling (TX becomes activated) after ZED wakes up . Please refer to following snapshot in which the front-porch period is selec...
    Patrick Pan
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  • Tips:How to measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK board in an easy way

    Customer can measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK boards when one DR1174+DR1175 and  one DR1174+DR1199 available .   1) Flash DimmableLight on DR1174+DR1175 and DimmerSwitch ...
    Patrick Pan
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  • 小技巧:如何解决JN5169 ZED设备Rejoin距离小于正常操作距离的问题

    现在NXP官网上的SDK4170-v1840在使用时会出现JN5169 ZED设备Rejoin距离小于(约减少20~25%)正常操作距离的问题(其实根据Zigbee标准这是正确的行为,只是由于别的厂商没有按照标准去做而导致NXP方案的行为与之不一致)。 可从Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue 中下载SDK4170-v2007,并将SDK中下列代码注释掉: 1)注释掉Bdb_ns...
    Patrick Pan
    created by Patrick Pan
  • Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue

    Some customers found that the rejoin distance of JN5169 ZED is much shorter (almost 20~25% ) than its normal operation distance. This issue has been fixed by SDK4170-v2007 and code in the SDK need to be...
    Patrick Pan
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  • Solving Problems in Reading/Flashing JN516x Modules

    I've noticed that many members here specially those who are new to dealing with JN516x modules ,are having difficulties reading and programming modules during first time usage. So I thought of writing this document as...
    David Ashraf
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  • MKW41Z GENFSK Connectivity Framework: implementing tickless FreeRTOS

    Hello, the Connectivity Framework doesn't support the FreeRTOS tickless mode. I want to enable it remaining in the Connectivity Framework flow and using the PWR Lib to manage the power modes. In this case I want to u...
    Gerardo Catena
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