• Implement RF Communication between Two JN5168 Module

    Hello Friends,    i just familiar with JN5168-001-M00 module.  i have learn how to compile and build a code and create binary files. credit goes to NXP community.    Now i have come to my ...
    Dheeraj Sawant
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  • Commissioning Thread sensors

    Q1. If we have different Thread sensors from various vendors, What are the minimal parameters need to be configured at commissioner for joining? Thread Short Eui / Long EUI / All FFF... & Pskd   Q2. How ...
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  • RAM usage on Kinetis Design Studio

    Hi everyone.   I'm using Thread protocol with a KW41Z kinetis. I'm trying to watch the RAM memory usage of one kinetis connected to the mesh but I can't. I would like to know how many memory a router is was...
    Miguel González
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  • CC1110 as FXTH87 434Mhz Reciever

    Hello Everyone,   I am using fxth870911d to transmit sensor data at 434 Mhz,  I am initializing the fxth87 chip as follow,   void Init_RF(void) {      /* Turn module on in...
    Sumir Jha
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  • Eclipse update site with plug-ins for ZigBee PRO is not availabe

    I'm a JN5148 user, and recently I was facing re-install the "JN5148 Software Developer’s Kit" by following the instruction from "JN-UG-3064-JN5148-SDK-2v0.pdf", everything went right except when I was trying to ...
    Li Vivian
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  • Comparison between Wireless Protocols

    In the attached document, information about which is the best wireless protocol depending on your application can be found.    To find this document useful is important to know precisely what is needed on y...
  • Decrypting ZigBee packets with Wireshark

          Short video that demonstrates how to decrypt ZigBee packets using the Transport Key on Wireshark. Using ZigBee's default Trust Center link key“ZigBeeAlliance09” = 5A:69:67:42:65:65:41:...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • NXP connectivity FCC/ETSI Certification Software

    I would like to start this discussion to talk about FCC/ETSI certification software we use to provide for connectivity customer boards. FCC/ETSI are mandatory certifications we need to pass in order to be able to...
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  • MKW30Z OTAP demo gUseBootloaderLink_d=1 issue

    IAR 7.50;  KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1 (KSDK_1.3.0) The issue is generated when gUseBootloaderLink_d=1 is present in Linker section. The leds don't flash; callback functions on timers are not executed (on...
    Lucian Firan
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  • KDS source filename case problems

    Hey everyone,     I'm using KDS under Linux Manjaro, and I stumbled on a filename case problems with the provided examples.   For example, it seems like the FSCI source files are all named 'FsciModule...
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  • Any body with a solution ?

    sam khaukha
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  • Bluetooth 5.0

    Is there a BLE chipset available that supports bluetooth 5.0 ? If not, can you provide us a timeline when that may be available?   Thanks,
    Kalyan V
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  • How to Enable JN516x SPI master mode :JN-SW-4170/4168?

    I'm using the JN5169 with the JN-SW-4170, I want to use the SPI port on the JN516x in master mode to interface to a slave device (via CS SPISEL1 : DIO0). But my SPI read access are returning always 0xffff because the...
    Jean Bony
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  • JN516X的IO只能配置一种边缘模式,好郁闷.....

    JN516X的IO只能配置一种边缘模式,好郁闷.....    这个保护模式怎么做到的,居然读不出来,我们的产品可以读出来...尴尬
    Leo xie
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  • QN9020 ADC example and datasheet ambiguity

    Hi,   I am now working on ADC module of QN9020. I started from the example provided by QBlue.  Here is what the datasheet says, 9.5.4 General-purpose ADC QN902x integrates a general-purpose 8-bit or 10-b...
    Girisha S
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  • Use KW24D512 as Sniffer in Wireshark

    Enabling KW2xD platform to be used as sniffer with Wireshark Packet Analyzer with the Kinetis Protocol Analyzer Adapter.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Req...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • Implementing a Kinetis Connectivity Framework Serial Communication Interface (FSCI) Host Module

    In most cases, a narrowband wireless connectivity application and a the wireless connectivity stack(s) run together on the same processor. However, there are scenarios where a split solution is required so that a more...
    Sorin Bora
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  • Is JN5179-001-M13 "No Longer Manufactured"?

    Hi:   Is JN5179-001-M13 "No Longer Manufactured"? Is there any replacement? thx.   ZigBee 3.0 and IEEE802.15.4 Module|NXP 
    Dawei You
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  • QN9020 SPI library issues faced

    Hi,   I had been trying to use SPI 0 port of QN9020 to interface with AD7793 ADC. I tried to use the drivers and spi example provided in QBLUE package.   I had issues in reading and writing into the slave ...
    Girisha S
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  • Trouble with FlashCli

    I'm using the following command using the FlashCli command line utility to program JN5168 devices and the the MAC address to a specific value:   C:\>\Tools\flashprogrammer\FlashCLI -s -a -c COM10 -m 00:15:8D:...
    Mario Costa
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